Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sunday Salon: TBR Double Dare Strike Out, New NOOK, and Zelda Update

Not one strike, but three. Twenty-nine days ago, I took up James' dare to read from my shelves for three months. Today, I admit defeat.

Strike #1:  My library hold of The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright arrived. The plan was to read a few pages, send it back, and check it out again after the dare. I read the whole book.

Strike #2:  The Odds by Stewart O'Nan, pre-ordered months ago, appeared in my mailbox. I will start reading it this afternoon.

Strike #3:  I bought a NOOK Simple Touch and downloaded Clarissa for our group read (not technically a strike since the book is already on my shelf). Then, at Sandy's suggestion, I impulsively downloaded a sample of 11/22/63 by Stephen King... it's only a matter of time before I click 'buy now'.

So much for the TBR Double Dare. But, early dropout status notwithstanding, I will still continue to read from my shelves as much as possible.

The new NOOK:
On the plus side, I love my NOOK Simple Touch! It's very lightweight and easy on the eyes. I'll never try to read a book on my iPad again. Just looking at the pink case makes me happy, but will I need a 'wardrobe' of them?  Kate Spade has some very attractive, albeit pricey, offerings.

I've had great fun exploring the Girlebooks link Audrey sent. Lady Audley's Secret  by Mary Elizabeth Braddon was my 'practice download' and there are several others that caught my eye, including Selected Stories by Katherine Mansfield.

Are there any other websites I need to know about? Or NOOK tips in general?

Zelda update:
Zelda is not happy wearing the dreaded Elizabethan collar, but her paw is finally beginning to heal. This week she started to put a little weight on it... very tentatively, of course, but a good sign. The vet has prescribed another two weeks of antibiotics and we'll reassess the collar in another week. It looks like Zelda is going to make it!

I finally decided to visit the doctor this week, too. Antibiotics are helping some with the sinus infection and bronchitis, but the killer cough lingers. It looks like another day on the couch for me - reading, blogging, and drinking tea.  Are you up to anything exciting today?


  1. What is going on? I have the same lingering cough. Sixteen days and counting. I am tired of it! Hope you feel better.

  2. I'm glad to hear that Zelda is doing better, and I hope you will be soon as well!

    As I understand the TBR dare, if you had those books on your library list on 12/31, they're still OK even if they arrive much later. But you sound OK either way :)

  3. You lasted longer than I would have! I have been tempted by the NOOK Simple Touch too.

  4. Glad to hear that Zelda is doing better. Too bad a collar can't help you, too!

    Now two people I follow have gotten Nooks this week. Damn, I've never been more tempted! Hmm, March I get three paychecks - think I might have to use that extra income to buy me one!

  5. The library is the sole reason I never signed up for the TBR Dare! Congrats on the Nook purchase, I love my e-reader.

    I'm glad Zelda is getting better. Pets really are a part of the family.

  6. I am glad to hear Zelda seems to be on the mend, but sorry to hear you are struggling with that cold. I hope you are well soon. Thank goodness for those days you can sit on the couch, read and drink tea. Therapeutic!

    Congrats on the NOOK! And with a pink case.

    I think you are still OK for the TBR Double Dare. Minor glitch. Keep reading TBR. We've got 2 more months to make progress :)

  7. Bad Sandy! But I swear, that cheat will be worth it because 11/22/63 is so awesome. You won't even remember you blew the Dare once you get into that book.

  8. I have not done well with the Double Dare challenge either. I have a fascination with photography books now and have read all the ones on my shelf.

    Glad to hear that Zelda is on the mend - and hopefully you are too.

    A good friend of mine purchased a Nook a year ago and absolutely LOVES it! Sounds like you have some great reading material downloaded already.

  9. Oh well. 29 days is good. I'm not doing much today. Reading some, writing some, watching a little T.V.

    Glad to hear Zelda is doing well. Dakota was in a collar a few months ago and didn't mind it at all. It was kind of strange, actually.

  10. Brenda - Oh, no!! This is the worst cough I've had in years... hope you're better soon, too.

    Lisa May - Thanks, Zelda and I will both be fine. My first two offenses could probably slide, but 11/22/63 is definitely a slip. Oh well...

    Nise' - 29 days isn't so bad :-)

    Lisa - Do you have a B&N membership card? The simple touch was $89 with the discount - I love it!

    Sam - My library is the greatest, but I really need to concentrate on reading books already on my shelves. I'm pretty sure I'll love almost all of them.

    Terri B. - Yes, I'm just going to accept this little glitch and keep reading from my shelves. So many gems to discover!

    Sandy - I'm almost at the end of the sample...just know I'll buy it. Haven't read King since college.

    Molly - Even with a slip-up or two, we still have a couple more months. I'm sure we'll find some treasures on the shelf.

    C.B .James - It's surprising how much harder this was than last year. Oh well, most of my reading will still come from the tbr pile. We're hoping Zelda's paw will heal enough in the next week or two so she can lose the collar.

  11. I'm happy that you love your Nook so much! I love my Kindle and the ease of getting books..(almost too easy!!) Sounds like you had a great week of reading and hey, you'll pull some books from your shelves sometime!

    So glad that Zelda is healing!!

  12. I've been dreaming about buying a Nook. I'm hoping to have one in my hands in a few weeks.

    Too bad about the TBR Double Dare. I did end up reading a new book but I'm still in.

    I hope you feel 100% soon.

  13. A one-book slip does not a failure make. Get back on that TBR horse.

  14. So many people have been sick around these parts as well. Take care JoAnn. I'm glad to hear the Zelda update is positive as well.

  15. I heard Anne Enright speak last year at Symphony Space - it was interesting to hear where the story in Forgotten Waltz came from and the type of woman she endeavored to write about. I am looking forward to reading the book soon.

    I just got a Simple Touch too! I haven't read anything on it yet but also got it as an alternative to my iPad - i find it tiring to read on that screen.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  16. I'm so glad to hear Zelda is doing better. Fingers crossed that she recovers completely soon.

  17. Regardless of the purchase I think you can still move on with the TBR Double Dare...

  18. After reading a book using the e-ink technology, I could never read a book on the iPad or Kindle Fire. It's just too hard on my eyes after working on a computer all day long.

    I am so glad Zelda is doing better. Yay!

  19. I hope you get rid of that cough and feel better soon, JoAnn. In the meantimne, you and Zelda can keep each other company on the couch :o)

    I wouldn't be able to keep to the TBR Double Dare rules if The Forgotten Waltz and The Odds tempted me, too!

    I cannot decide if I want to read 11/22/63 but I hope you enjoy it!

    I have been contemplating e-readers, trying to figure out which one sounds the best for like the NOOK Simple Touch? (obviously!)I'm going to look it up. I adore the Kate Spade cases but they are a bit pricey, but, then again, they'll be in use for a long time!

  20. I'm sorry about your challenge. You gave it a good shot. So glad to hear about the Stewart O'Nan book. I look forward to hearing what you think. I started reading Wish You Were Here last week. I'm reading it a little bit every day because I have some other books I have to read. So far, very good. Thank you so much.

  21. Staci - The NOOK is definitely growing on me... don't know why I waited so long to get one!

    Vasilly - I hope you can get a Nook soon - I'm enjoying it more than I ever thought I would.

    Thomas - I will, I will...

    Diane - This cold/bronchitis has made its way through the whole house. I'm the one that held out the longest, but feeling even better today.

    Booksnyc - Oh, I would have loved to hear Enright's talk! Love my iPad, but not for reading books... the nook rules in that department.

    Nymeth - Thanks so much. We actually discussed putting her down two weeks ago - this seems like a miracle to me!

    Nana - I will still continue with the TBR Dare.

    Ti - That e-ink technology is amazing! I do love my iPad, but will never read a book on it again.

    Amy - The funny thing about 11/22/63 is that I haven't read King since college, yet this immediately drew me in. Still just on the sample, but have a feeling I'll end up buying. The NOOK simple touch is a very basic e-reader. I love that it isn't backlit (like the iPad or nook color or kindle fire). It's much better for reading books.

    Margot - I'm glad you're reading Wish You Were Here! It's not as good as Emily, Alone but provides the background needed to appreciate it fully.

  22. I'm glad you like your Nook; I really want a Nook tablet. My husband has an iPad & I've been coveting it but I think a Nook would work better for me!

  23. Don't feel bad. All of us bibliophiles understand the need to buy more books!

  24. My library has just ordered The Odds, and will save it for me when it comes in!! SO psyched.

  25. Oh I'm so glad that Zelda is feeling better.

    And maybe I can help you look on the bright side? At least you read the books that you buy within a reasonable amount of time. I'm TERRIBLE at buying books and then not reading them for YEARS. I've been better lately but still not great... So I say Kudos to you for ordering those books and then reading them rather soon! ;)

  26. So glad to hear about Poor Zelda. But happy to hear you like your new Nook. When I eventually break down and buy an e-reader it will be a Nook.

  27. Stacybuckeye - You'd love this Nook!


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