Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Sunday Salon: October 18, 2020

Hello again from Florida. We're so glad to be home! Our six weeks along the Connecticut coast were wonderful... we were reminded of how much we enjoyed living there back in the 80s. The only downside was a broken ankle. My mid-September ankle injury turned out to be a break, so morning walks, along with audiobook consumption, came to an abrupt halt. 

Toward the end of of the month, we all got rapid COVID tests and headed to central NY. The time with family, crisp fall air, and gorgeous colors (especially the pronounced vibrant reds) made for a glorious visit.

Now we're back in Florida, encouraging the contractor to finish up the punch list leftover from July so we can start living at the house. It's kind of crazy going between two places every day... good thing they're only a few miles apart!

With all that's been happening, and all the news to keep up with, I've only finished one book in the past two weeks...

 Listen to the Marriage: A Novel by John Jay Osborn

This unusual novel features three characters (wife, husband, and marriage counselor) in one room with no action whatsoever. The reader basically observes their marriage counseling sessions. For obvious reasons, it will not appeal to everyone.

There were several instances where it seemed I was actually eavesdropping on this stressed couple.... an oddly voyeuristic feeling, yet I kept right on reading. The way in which the couple gradually came to articulate their feelings, find the true meaning in words being spoken, and examine underlying issues with the guidance of a skilled therapist was fascinating.

After finishing, I realized Osborn is also the author of The Paper Chase, the novel behind the television show of the same name...which I loved back in the day. I've downloaded a sample to my kindle. Note to self: remember to read about the author before beginning a book! 

My rating:

Current reading//

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman 

Since starting this book yesterday, I've already read half of it. It's filled with quirky characters in an odd situation - they're accidental hostages following a foiled bank robbery attempt. In all honesty, I considered setting it aside around 20%, but so many 5-star ratings from friends convinced me to stick with it a little longer. I'm fully invested now and can't wait to see how it all plays out.

I'm mostly listening to this book, narrated by the author, but progress is painfully slow. As I mentioned, my morning walks haven't resumed since breaking my ankle, so audio time has been limited... I am enjoying it though.

Coming soon//

It's almost time for Nonfiction November, my favorite blogging event of the year! Get all the details here.

A Virtual Book Launch//

Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten

I know I'm not be the only one missing book club meetings and author events. My sister-in-law recently convinced me to give virtual events a try, so upon receiving an email from RJ Julia Booksellers announcing Ina Garten's virtual book launch, I purchased a ticket. It included a signed copy of her new book plus access to her live interview with Sam Sifton, NYTimes food editor. I enjoyed the event, though it felt like I was watching someone else's Zoom conversation. Audience members could type questions and Sifton selected a few to pose to Ina... who was delightful. Have you tried virtual bookish events?

In other news//  

We filled out our mail-in ballots last week and hand-delivered them to the county Board of Elections. They had traffic cones and multiple signs leading to a drive-up tent, where two poll workers checked ballot envelopes for signatures, handed out "I VOTED" stickers, and deposited ballots in the secure box. I was shocked to find a steady stream of vehicles both ahead of and behind me! The next day I was able to check on-line and see that my vote had indeed been counted.  Do you have a plan to vote?

How are things going for you this fall? What have you been reading lately?

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