Sunday, October 16, 2022

Ian Recovery and a Blogging Break

Sanibel Lighthouse, pre-Ian
 photo from

Sanibel Lighthouse, post-Ian
image from

Hello, friends. I'm here with another update before taking a blogging break. As you all know, the devastation on Sanibel Island following Hurricane Ian is staggering. Our beloved lighthouse, easily the island's most recognizable landmark, gives you an idea of the current situation.

Initial photos from our home are shocking, but I still believe we have been relatively lucky. Our main living area on the second level sustained only minor damage as far as I can tell. The ground level, where the water line was 55",  is completely destroyed. We lost an exterior wall of the garage and some interior walls are gone, too. 

A remediation crew is on the scene. We'll begin the drive down soon. 
I'll check in again when I can...


Sunday, October 2, 2022

We are okay. Sanibel is not...

Hello, friends. I'm popping in with a quick update to let you know we are safe, though far from our Sanibel home. You have undoubtedly seen the devastating images of our island and the collapsed causeway.

Satellite images from NOAA show our house standing with an intact roof. I am so thankful... and amazed. Our house and neighborhood are also pictured in this Wall Street Journal article

Search and rescue continues, and remains the top priority. One couple from our neighborhood was airlifted off the island yesterday. We anxiously await word from others. 

Eventually we will be allowed in to assess water damage, remove important possessions, and begin mold remediation/repairs.

Finally, I want to thank my online friends for checking in over the last few days... it's meant a lot to me.


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