Sunday, October 9, 2011

TSS: Fall Break

It's fall break. The house is full, activities galore are planned, and the kitchen is a hive of activity. My college-aged daughters are home until Tuesday and my husband has taken the week off. There wasn't much reading last week, but it was a good one nonetheless.

The girls came home on Wednesday. One drove herself but, since the other doesn't have a car, I spent 7 hours on the road. Time passed quickly as I listened to Jitters: A Quirky Little Audiobook for the first part of the journey and got caught up with my daughter on the way home. Although the humor may not be for everyone, I'm enjoying this audio production. The audio "book" designation puzzles me since it was never actually published in print form. More on this after I've finished.  I am also thoroughly enjoying 97 Orchard by Jane Zeigelman.

Sports took center stage for much of the week. First, baseball is over. It was a disappointing series for the Yankees, but the Tigers definitely deserved to win that final game. It's time to move on to college basketball...

Yesterday was all about football. It was Homecoming Weekend at the local high school, and they won big! In the evening, we went to my nephew's Homecoming Game. That one was a defensive struggle, but he scored a touchdown with 10 seconds remaining to send the game into overtime. Unfortunately, they ended with a loss. We got home in time to see the last half of the SU game on TV. A field goal in the final second broke a tie and gave Syracuse the win.

Today we're off to the pumpkin farm. I also need to take a new header photo. With beautiful sunshine and leaves at their peak, today is the day! Hope you enjoy your Sunday.


  1. This past week was fall break for my stepdaughter too, so we had her home. We had planned to go apple picking today but will be helping my sister move instead!

  2. Pumpkin farms are so fun! Hope you have a good time, and can't wait to see the fall header!

  3. I showed Scott the picture of your view and he wants to know when we can come visit. ;) So gorgeous JoAnn--I'm truly envious of the fall y'all have in the Northeast. LOVE this time of year. And yes, lived in Toronto until I was 10 (though was born in Utah).

    Hope you find a great pumpkin! Drink some hot apple cider for me!

  4. The pumpkin farm sounds intriguing - I hope you might share some pictures of it.

  5. JoAnn, your pictures doesn't even look real - more like a painting. So very beautiful! I'm like Trish's Scott - when can we come?? LOL

    Know you enjoyed your girls being home. Have fun these couple of days. We got a lot of rain overnight!!! I'm so thrilled. Almost didn't know what that sound was. Such a blessing!

  6. I think your blog has the best headers ever.

    It's gotta be nice to see your girls again and take a break to be with them.

  7. It sounds like you're having a fun and busy week! Just enough to get your fill of them and then get your peace and quiet back1 lol (my mom used to tease my sister and I by saying that!)

    Beautiful photo of the pumpkin farm...they scream Autumn for me and I love visiting them!

    The Yankees didn't do too well and my Jets Football team isn't fulfilling the promises made by its big-mouth coach. I'm partly afraid to watch today's game but I'll definitely peek!

    Have a great long weekend!

  8. Such a pretty shot peak foliage here yet. Glad u get to spend sometime with the girls.

  9. Reviewsbylola - The apples will still be there next week... I'd help my sister move, too!

    Rhapsodyinbooks - There is a farm in the area that I went to as a kid. It recently much nostalgia!

    Trish - There is nothing like fall in the northeast. If only we didn't have to deal with such long winters! Come and visit anytime... there is plenty of room :-)

    Verity - I'll get some photos of the pumpkin patch up soon!

    Kay - LOL! Like I told Trish, come anytime... but you might not like winter very much ;-) The pictures I took in Colorado look like paintings to me, too. Not sure why that happens. Hurray for your rain. At long last!!

    Lisa - Aw, thanks! Love your new ID picture, too.

    Amy - We are having a great week with the girls home. I think I was just starting to get used to the quiet though, lol! The Yankees were a disappointment, but I'm looking forward to SU basketball soon. And oh, those Jets...

    Diane - Columbus Day and peak foliage usually coincide here. Hope to spend more time outside with the camera this week. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

  10. Yay for Fall and pumpkin farms! This is my favorite time of year.

  11. Sounds like a fabulous weekend.

    Too funny about your header photo -- Today was the first day this season that I thought to myself, JoAnn will be changing her header soon.

  12. Kathleen - My favorite time of year, too. Impending winter is the only downside;-)

    Beth F - I've got a couple of header possibilities now. Just need to spend some time cropping before I get them up.

  13. I love when I've got all of my kids back in the nest! It just feels like everything is 'right," doesn't it?

  14. I'll bet it feels great to have all your girls back home, even if it is for a few days. Enjoy. I like the picture at the end of your post.

  15. Lisa - Yes, all is right when everybody is home! Sent two of the girls back last night. Glad Twin B goes to a local college.

    Margot - We had a great time with everyone home! I love that picture, too... may just crop it a bit and use it as my fall header.

  16. The colors of the trees are stunning! The quintessential fall shot! Hope you enjoyed the weekend with your girls - I am sure it went by too quickly.

  17. Stefanie - Thanks!

    Booksnyc - We had a wonderful weekend with all the girls home...bright sunshine and beautiful fall weather, too!

  18. Sounds like a perfect weekend and that photo is gorgeous!

  19. Stacybuckeye - Thanks, it was!


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