Monday, September 5, 2011

My Life as a Book - 2011 Edition

Remember the fun we with My Life as a Book Meme in 2009? Well, today Melissa posted her answers to Pop Culture Nerd's new set of fill-ins for 2011. Of course, I couldn't resist. You know the drill - use only titles of books you have read this year to complete the following statements. Won't you join the fun?

One time at band/summer camp, I was: DISTURBING THE PEACE (Richard Yates)

Weekends at my house are: A MOVEABLE FEAST (Ernest Hemingway)

My neighbors are: EXCELLENT WOMEN (Barbara Pym)

My boss is: WAITING FOR COLUMBUS (Thomas Trofimuk)

My ex was: A TRAGIC HONESTY (Blake Bailey)

My superhero identity is: LADY SUSAN (Jane Austen)

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry because (I take):  NOTES ON A SCANDAL (Zoe Heller)

I'd win a gold medal in: SHADOW TAG (Louise Erdrich)

I'd pay good money for: THE BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN (Wallace Stegner)

If I were president, I would (write): THE REPORT (Jessica Francis Kane)

When I don't have good books (I),  WISH YOU WERE HERE (Stewart O'Nan)

Loud talkers at the movies should be: THE DEAD (James Joyce)

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  1. These are so much fun! But I don't think I'm clever enough to do it. My brain is empty when I think of options!

  2. Love your answers! These are great!

  3. Your book titles fit in so well here JoAnn - fun.

  4. Ha!! Your last one cracked me up!!!

  5. I haven't done a meme like this in ages. It does look like fun.

  6. It's all your fault that I'm now doing this instead of my taxes, or the dishes, or... :)

  7. I agree with Staci - the last one is the best! LOL

  8. Well done - you have fitted things very cleverly!

  9. Sandy - I think you underestimate your ability ;-)

    Melissa - Thanks for the inspiration.

    Diane - Thanks!

    Staci - That one is my favorite, too.

    C.B. James - Give it a try! I'll be looking for your answers...

    Audrey - Sorry...can't wait to see what you come up with though.

    Rhapsodyinbooks - Looks like the three of us agree!

    Fleurfisher - Thanks, these are so much fun.

  10. LOL! I am so with you on the last one! I've started mine, but need to take a nother look to finish it. So fun.

  11. Stacybuckeye - Yes, the last one made me laugh, too... but I do hate it when people talk in movies. Looking forward to your list!


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