Sunday, January 9, 2011

TSS: Let It Snow

The view from my window this Sunday morning reminds me of our holiday snow globe featuring the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball,  just removed from the mantle yesterday and packed away with the rest of the Christmas decorations.  Yes, the holidays are officially over, and we're heading into the heart of winter. I usually read more during these months and this year, thanks to the TBR Dare, all the books will come from my own shelves. So, let it snow!

This week I was in the mood for short stories and pulled down Tales from the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  My Short Story Monday post featured "The Jelly Bean".  Later in the week, I turned to The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton.

My current novel is Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson. This charming, cozy book is perfect for a winter evening by the fire. My book club will discuss it later in the month.

review of The Group was finally posted on Wednesday. Now if I can just get a few more written...

In other news, Daughter #1 arrived safely in London for her semester abroad. There were, thankfully, no weather delays as she traveled from central New York, to JFK, to Heathrow.  She settled into her South Kensington housing and began to explore the city. Formal orientation started today.

The Royal Wedding thwarted our original plan to visit in late April, so we're looking at February. We may arrive just in time to celebrate Claire and Verity's Persephone Reading Weekend with a trip to the Persephone Bookshop!

It may be a quiet day today - shoveling snow, soup or chili in the crock-pot, and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.  How will you spend this snowy Sunday?


  1. Glad Daughter #1 made it to London safely!

    Sounds like you have a perfect Sunday on tap. I'll look forward to reading your thoughts on Major Pettigrew (haven't read that one yet). Really liked your review of The Group, too.

  2. Glad that your daughter reached safely! Have a great Sunday. Reading!

    BTW, I have started a weekly feature on Sunday, Sharing Poetry With You, where I would be sharing any poem that has made an impact on my. It could be a classic one or a contemporary one, and anything in between. Today's Sunday Salon is all about that. Do check out what poem I share today by clicking on Sunday Salon: Sharing Poetry With you. You are invited to give your thoughts on the poem posted. In one word or many words..your choice!

  3. Glad the plane wasn't delayed!

    Lovely snowy day -- perfect for crock pots and reading.

  4. I hope you enjoy Major Pettigrew! I loved it when I read it and was sad to see it end.

  5. I'm glad your daughter is safe and sound.

    We just got through a blizzard here - it's still lightly snowing today but not as much. We got about 2 feet but the drifting has caused piles upwards of 4 ft.

    It's snowy and cold here and I'm staying in reading blogs and then snuggling under a blanket with my book if Sammy will let me.

  6. First of all, I have to say I am so jealous of your trip to London! And of Daughter #1 for living there! Lucky! But I'm glad her travel went smoothly.

    And no snow in Texas, but it's a dreary Sunday, which I actually love, makes it feel more winterish. I'll probably go to a movie and then get a little reading done -- either a Virago or a Persephone, something of my TBR pile. Hope you have a cozy day and stay warm and dry.

  7. Oh - I'm so glad that you will be able to visit your daughter while she is in London. I hope that it coincides with the trip to the Persephone Bookstore.

    We are supposed to experience our first real snowfall of the year tonight/tomorrow: about 5-6 inches, which is decent for us. I am personally hoping for a snow day so that I can sit by the fire and read to my heart's content.

  8. As a Londoner I'm so jealous that your daughter is living in South Kensington. It is SERIOUSLY nice round there, I'm sure she will love it.

  9. Melissa - Glad you liked the review of The Group. Hope to get one written for The Doctor's Wife this week. I love quiet, lazy Sundays!

    Gautami - What a great feature idea! I'll be sure to check it out.

    Beth F - With all the travel hassles lately, we were worried. The only problem she had was the Verizon rep putting the SIM card in her Blackberry upside down! That's resolved and we can BBM again :-)

    Read the Book - I am enjoying Major Pettigrew very much! Am sure I'll be sorry to see it end, too.

    Darlene - This has certainly been a fierce winter so far! Glad you and Sammy are warm and snuggly..

    Karenlibrarian - She is so excited to be in London. We hope to firm up plans and get flights booked this week. You can bet I'll leave room in my suitcase for a few extra Persephones!

    Molly - Has it started snowing yet? I hope you get your snow day tomorrow... I feel like a kid myself when we have one!

    Sam - You have made my day! I am not familiar with the various London neighborhoods, so am thrilled to hear she is in a nice area. Thank you.

  10. That is the perfect book for a snowy day. Really want to re-read it soon.

    Envying you your upcoming trip to London with all the Persephone potential. And seeing your daughter is wonderful of course. :) What a great opportunity for her.

    Happy cozy reading!

  11. it's not snowy where i am, but i'm glad to hear you're enjoying Major Pettigrew. OMG I loved that book!

  12. That's so exciting that you'll get to visit the Persephone shop this year! You're going to love it for sure.

    I have stayed in South Kensington before and I agree with Sam; it's an absolutely lovely area!

  13. I really enjoyed Major Pettigrew and many of its' cozy aspects. I am glad your daughter's travels went well...what an exciting time...and I hope your plans to visit in February work out (travel posts to look forward to:). We spent the morning at the Harrisburg annual farm show and in keeping with all the animal fun I am finishing up Herriot's Dog Stories. Happy reading, JoAnn!

  14. I'm so glad that your daughter made it to London with no problems. I have to check with the airlines tomorrow to see if I need to change my flight out on Wednesday to my son's graduation in San Diego. I picked Charlotte,NC as a connector thinking it's in the south when do they get bad weather???Duh..right now!! Enjoy your day of snowy bliss!!

  15. How wonderful for your daughter that she has this opportunity and that you will get to visit her! :--)

    I loved Major Pettigrew. Charming is the perfect word for it!

  16. Oooh, a trip to London AND the Persephone shop?!? I hope that all works out!

  17. It is trying to snow here and not doing s very good job of it. I'm glad Daughter #1 had a safe trip and envious that you are planning a visit.

    I saw the Picasso exhibit this morning and am about to curl up with my TBR dare book. Have a great week!

  18. Good luck to your daughter! I wish I had done something like that. And to visit? You have to tell us all about it

    We're snowed in today too!! No reading though--spent all day watching The Pacific. A lazy day is allowed right?

  19. Take lots of pics to share with your blogging buddies when you're in London, please. I haven't read a bad word about Major Pettigrew yet. I loved the book and sent it to my niece. She called me yesterday to say she finished it and hated to see it end. I sure hope Simonson writes a sequel. Have a great week and happy reading.

  20. Frances - I know I'll be bringing home several Dorothy Whipple titles... guess it's time to make a list!

    Marie - Major Pettigrew is such a lovely, cozy book. I'm wishing it could go on forever.

    Nymeth - I just can't wait to stock up on Persephones - they are so hard to find here! Am also much relieved to hear South Kensington is a nice area... look forward to finding out for myself soon!

    Stacy - Major Pettigrew may end up being one of my favorite 'cozy' books... wonder how the rest of the book club will react. Enjoy the dog stories!

    Staci - It's been such a hassle to fly anywhere lately... hope all goes smoothly on Wednesday!

    Rhapsodyinbooks - I'm sorry to be nearing the end of Major Pettigrew. I'm going to miss him!

    Softdrink - My husband just got coverage for the week... looks like we're free to book the flights!

    Gavin - Glad you're doing well with the tbr dare. I may have to get the widget , too.

    Trish - You are absolutely allowed to have a lazy day! Hope you enjoyed it...

    Kaye - I'm hoping for a sequel, too, and I haven't even finished the book yet! There will definitely be lots of photos from London.

  21. I love both Fitzgerald's and Wharton's short stories, but it's been a while. I might reread some of them these days. I wish there was some snow, but the weather is's somewhere around 65 F in Croatia!

    Have a great Sunday!

  22. Glad your daughter made it safe to London! I used to spend 5 days out of 7 in South Kensington and know where your daughter is probably living (in a totally non stalker way - we just used to have American interns at work who stayed in the housing in South Ken that all the American universities use!) and so if she wants any tips feel free to give her my email!

  23. So glad your daughter arrived safely in London & has begun her explorations!! I hope she has a marvelous time and has many opportunities to expand her travels (and I'm thrilled that you are going to visit).
    Just back from moving my CS back to her "regular" school. Culture shock definitely an issue. No snow there or here as yet. Hoping to crack my dare book tonight as well.

  24. Ivana - I'm really looking forward to a 65 degree day, but it'll be months before we get one! These short stories have been fun, especially since I got out of the habit of reading them toward the end of last year.

    Rachel - It must be exactly where you are thinking. Carrie tells me there are students from all over the US there. She is so happy to be in London and will have an internship later in the semester (not sure where yet). I was hoping you two might have overlapped in New York... there would have been so much to talk about! I will pass on your kind offer... thank you.

    DS - There will be culture shock ahead when my daughter returns to her 'regular school', too! She is enjoying every moment in London. I understand she was at the British Library (and Harrod's) today. Lucky girl...

  25. You are coming to England. Yay! Perhaps a big group of us should all meet at Persephones. Would be brilliant.

  26. Vivienne - That would be wonderful! I should have the dates finalized very soon.

  27. I'm seeing Major Pettigrew around alot lately. He's going in the hat.


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