Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Sunday Salon: December was...

Another year draws to a close....
Baking with my girls
Dad's 75th Birthday
Elizabeth Strout speaks at the Gifford Lecture Series
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
Good times and laughter with the family
Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris
I definitely prefer Sedaris on audio
Just a few days until Daughter #1 leaves for London
Kensington will be her home for the semester
Looking forward to 2011's travel and graduations
Malls are so crowded
Never did get those holiday cards mailed...
On-line shopping is much easier
Pavilion of Women by Pearl S. Buck
"Queen JoAnn" embroidered on pajamas...quite a gift!
Records fall - it's the snowiest December in history
Syracuse football wins a bowl game!
Two weeks with the whole family at home :-)
Up too late celebrating New Years Eve
Volleyball season is underway
Wharton on audio - a new way to experience a favorite author
eXtra pounds added during the holiday season...
Yes, it's time to go back to Weight Watchers.
Zelda loved Christmas, too!


  1. This was nice and I love the picture. Snow is fascinating for me. We get so little of it here in Austin. I know it is tiresome in many ways, but how lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aren't you the clever one?! Loved this!

    Happy New Year!

    Here's my Sunday Salon:

  3. Lovely photo - Terrific wrap up :)

    I am quite jealous of daughter #1! Will you be able to visit her while she is in London?

    I need to develop an exercise routine to help me a shed a bit of that unwanted flab.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, JoAnn.

  4. Such a clever summary! And what fun about the pajamas!

  5. Oh, I love the alphabetical nod to December! Creative!

    You had a lot going on, too.

    Have a great New Year!

    Here's my salon:

    (click on my name)

  6. Love when you do these type of posts! So easy to see how much you love your family and your life and the joy you feel in much. Some of the reasons I love reading here. Happy New Year!

  7. I lived around the corner from the High Street Kensington tube station for a few months when I was in college. I still love London...hope your daughter has a wonderful time!

  8. Sounds like a good December JoAnn. I love that picture - how beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. How fun! I loved the recap in this form of December. My mother turns 75 this year, the day after my birthday. We always celebrate together, which is such a blessing in my life. I love the Queen JoAnn pjs! Happy New Year, JoAnn.

  10. Oh, Daughter #1 is going to London!! Fabulous--such a wonderful city to be a student in (tuition brouhaha notwithstanding)!
    Love the way you did this, Queen JoAnn. Happy, happy New Year.

    Now make those travel plans ;)

  11. I love this! Don't worry about the holiday cards. I didn't mail out all of mine either.

  12. Kay - We had 70" of snow in December...half the annual snowfall, and winter has barely started!

    Readerbuzz - Happy New Year to you, too!

    Molly - If all goes as planned, we will visit in late February. Our trip was originally scheduled for April, but the royal wedding changed things.

    Diane - The year definitely ended on a high note.

    Rhapsodyinbooks - I've never seen pajamas like that... love them!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I seem to have gotten into the habit of these ABC's monthly summaries. Happy New Year to you, too!

    Christina - Thanks, these are so much fun to write.

    Frances - This little ABC exercise is so much fun to write, and I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful family. Happy New to you, too!

    Softdrink - She's so excited about going to London. I can't wait to visit!

    Darlene - Thanks... hope you have a great week!

    Bellezza - It's so special to be able to celebrate birthdays with a parent! My brother and his daughter are a day apart and always share a party. The Queen JoAnn PJ's made my day.

    DS - Our travel plans should be finalized in the next week or so. Looks like we may visit next month!

    Vasilly - It seems I can only get my act together for holiday cards/letter every other year. Oh, well...

  13. I want to be 'Queen' on my pj's too!

    Love your wrap-ups, JoAnn.

  14. Darlene - The Queen PJ's could be my favorite Christmas gift... such fun!

  15. I love how you wrap each month up. I added Xtra pounds too...been doing the WW for 2 days now again!!

  16. Staci - I need to go to a WW meeting and figure out the new points system....

  17. A beautiful photo! And a wonderful wrap-up, as usual. I, too, definitely prefer Sedaris on audio!

  18. Erin - Thanks. After listening to previous Sedaris novels, reading was almost a letdown :-(

  19. P.S. I did use this idea for my Christmas card, but only spelled out MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thanks!

  20. Kim - Such a great idea! I may do that next year.


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