Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Week in the Kitchen

Many of you know my daughter Margaret (previously known as Twin A) and I teamed up last spring to start Lakeside Kitchen, a cooking blog. Margaret loves to bake and we thought it would be fun to chronicle our culinary adventures. Things got quiet over the holidays (lots of baking, just not much blogging), but the kitchen is busy again.

Margaret did a Weekend Cooking post on the Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies she baked.

On Sunday, we decided to sign up for The Foodie Challenge: Whip Up Something New.  The object of the challenge is to try a new recipe each month and blog about it. Trish and Joanna got things rolling, but hosting duties will rotate each month.

Yesterday's post featured the butternut squash soup I made in the crock-pot. Since this was a new recipe, I decided to use it for the Foodie Challenge.

We invite you to visit our kitchen and see what's cooking...


  1. JoAnn, it is so great to see a young woman like your daughter interested in cooking. My daughter is in her 30's and has no interest in cooking. I need to check out the other blog.

  2. I just checked the blog, the vegan cookies look great! I will check back every now and then. I like that challenge, having to make a new recipe each month.. I so often get stuck cooking the same things. But I use being a student as an excuse.

  3. I completely missed the new blog. Where was I? Butternut squash soup sounds yum.

  4. That sounds like a delicious challenge. I'm hopeless in the kitchen myself, but this sounds very interesting. Good luck. :)

  5. Your butternut squash soup looks so delicious and warming!

    Try stirring in a wee bit of pesto into your bowl...adds a wonderful flavour!

  6. Saw your post about butternut squash but haven't had a chance to pop by yet! I'm a little intimidated by butternut squash, though! ;)

    PS--I still love the idea of your co-cooking blog. Wish my mom would do the same with me!

  7. Diane - Her primary interest in is baking right now. She says it de-stresses her.

    Iris - Thanks for taking a look. My oldest daughter is in college and trying to learn some new recipes, too.

    Vivienne - We just got started last spring, but are having a good time with it. Thanks for taking a look.

    Darlyn - I think it's going to be a great challenge... looking forward to lots of new recipes! Thanks for visiting!

    Darlene - I love pesto! Will definitely try that... thanks!

    Trish - I used to buy butternut squash already peeled and cut up... have just gotten 'brave' enough to do it on my own within the last few years. We're really having a good time with the blog!

  8. I caught your post with the soup...want to try it out soon!!

  9. Staci - Let me know if you do. Will be curious to see what you think of the spices.

  10. Did I know that you have a Margaret, too??!!!

  11. Nan - I may have mentioned it on your Margaret's Day post, but maybe not. It was only after we started the kitchen blog that she said I could use her real name.

  12. I am a vegetarian and making my way back to the vegan world - will check out these cookies!

  13. Coffee and a Book Chick - I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but the cookies were still delicious.


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