Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Cooking: It's Almost Pi Day

Tomorrow is Pi Day! You'll remember from math class that the Greek letter Pi is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th. Pi = 3.1415926535…

What better way to celebrate Pi Day than with pie? My parents will be coming to dinner, so this morning I'm planning dessert. Mom loves apple, while Dad prefers pumpkin. But I'm in the mood to try a new recipe... so it's off to peruse the cookbooks.

Just wish I'd planned ahead and ordered the stoneware Pi Dish you see pictured here. It's available from the Wireless Catalog for $24.95. Next year, for sure.

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  1. That pi plate is too cute...and I don't even like math!

  2. I've never heard of pi day - but then I'm no maths enthusiast! But I love pies - and apple is my favourite. Happy weekend!

  3. Haha, the pi plate is awesome. Hope you enjoy Pi day ;)

  4. or you can just cut a pi into the crust. I have a picture of that somewhere.
    but I have always seen that pi/pie plate in the catalogs and coveted

  5. Yummy! I could do with a big pecan pie right now!

  6. Pi day. I love it! Maybe I will bake a pie as well. Any excuse is a good excuse!

  7. Pie on Pi Day sounds like a great idea! Just made a Snicker Pie.

  8. How clever to make pie on pie day. Let us know what pie you finally decide on. I'd think that to celebrate pi day it would have to be something logical, yet simple.

  9. OMG, I love that pi plate. That is way too cute. I think I might just have to buy one.

    I love the bits of grass showing in your header photo -- I love watching the seasons change at your place.

    I just came from Beth @ 990 Square's post -- maybe a savory pi / pie this week.

  10. I love that pi dish!!! Have a great day tomorrow enjoying whatever you decide to bake!

  11. I cringe at anything math-related but not this pie plate. It is too clever. What pie did you decide on?

  12. my daughter loves both pi and pie.

  13. Softdrink - I guess the pi(e) plate has been around for awhile, but I discovered it. A great conversation piece, even if you don't like math!

    BooksPlease - It may be a US thing. I ended up making an apple pie for the occasion.

    Dana - Pretty funny, isn't it?

    Caite - Great idea! That's exactly what I did with the apple pie.

    Sandy - I'm still looking for a good pecan pie recipe. Maybe you could post yours some weekend?

    Marie - That's right... any excuse to bake around here, too!

  14. Nise' - Your snickers pie sounds so good! I printed out the recipe.

    Margot - I ended up with apple pie... logical, simple, traditional ;-)

    Beth F - I don't think I've ever made a savory pie.. will have to look into it. Glad you like the header. As soon as the ice starts breaking up, I'll put up a new one.

    Staci - I may have to invest in that pie dish, lol!

    Book Psmith - Not a math person, eh? I ended up making an apple pie with a pi cut-out on the top crust. It was a big hit!

    Heather - Pie and Pi was a popular combo at dinner today!


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