Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looks Who's #1!

The top spot is Orange!
Go Syracuse!


  1. Congrats to Syracuse from the land of the completely fallen off the chart (we don't know what happened) land of former #1 University of Texas. :-(

  2. Jonny will be thrilled! :-) And speaking of Mr. Flynn, I got to meet him last night at a Meet the Timberwolves event. Peter took an awesome pic of us that I'll post on my blog later.

    I hope you and your family are doing great, JoAnn!

  3. Argh! See, we are Purdue fans. Who saw all that slip through their hands with the injury of their top player...

    (Congrats anyway!)

  4. Kay - What did happen to Texas?? I'm sure they won't be gone for long...

    Lezlie - Can't wait to see the pic of you and Jonny! All of Syracuse still misses him. Our wildest expectations have been exceeded this year...we're hoping the run continues. Things are good here. Winter can't last too much longer, right?Hoping all is well with you and Peter (and the pups), too.

    DS - Amen! Senior night tonight should be very emotional at the Dome...

    Sandy - We needed a little help from our friends for this one... thanks ;-) Let's see what next week brings. Gotta love March!

  5. Texas died. Or they couldn't shoot free throws and a few other things. It was tragic. :-(

    Seriously, I'm not sure but Rick Barnes (the coach) looks older at every game. LOL

  6. Enjoy it while it lasts...says the Sparty from Michigan with an evil laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I know absolutely nothing about basketball but hey...I'll be happy for you! Hooray!!!!

  8. Kay - A season like that would be enough to age any coach... too bad.

    Staci - Hehehe! In the world of college basketball, we know better than to get too comfortable here.

    Darlene - LOL, thanks... we haven't been in this position in far too long, so we're enjoying it this week!

  9. OMG....Congrats to Syracuse, and my husband waits anxiously for March madness. He is a Villanova fan.

  10. Diane - My husband always says I would have made some sports fan a great wife, and your husband must not have liked last weekend's game very much. Into March Madness we go...


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