Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Rambling Sunday Salon... and a greyhound question

Good morning! As per the usual Sunday morning routine around here, I'm up early, sipping coffee, checking e-mail, and composing a Sunday Salon post.

It's been a busy week with very little reading and I only managed to finish one book, Ernest Hemingway: A Writer's Life by Catherine Reef. It provided just the right amount of background and now I'm ready to tackle A Moveable Feast sometime in April.

The Ladies' Paradise by Emile Zola is my 'main read', and I'll be returning to it today after several days of neglect. This is my second Zola novel, but I'm sure it won't be my last!

Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden is on my ipod and it's keeping me walking a little longer than normal (even broke into a jog yesterday... not for long though!). The story drew me in right from the beginning, and I'm already looking forward to today's walk.

I don't have an audio on CD for the car at the moment. Do any of you ever have two audiobooks going at the same time? Not sure if that would work for me...

My book group met on Thursday to discuss The Help by Kathryn Stockett - everybody loved it! The discussion was thorough and far-reaching. It was our best turnout in a year. The hosting member recently completed a kitchen remodel and we were all anxious to see the finished product. It was stunning!! We thought T.C. Boyle's The Tortilla Curtain would be an interesting follow-up. I'm already a fan of Boyle's writing and The Tortilla Curtain was one of my favorite books in 2008, so I may read his new book, The Women, instead.

On a non book-related topic, some of you know I am dog-lover that has been dog-less for the past several years. Our beloved old Brittany died, then our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy developed some serious health problems. My husband has finally (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to another dog!

I'm looking for a dog (not a puppy) that will be a 'walking buddy' for me, but fairly low key in the house. Our Brittany was unbelievably energetic (to be kind!) for about 5 years before settling into an active routine. The Berner was lovely from day one, but two other families we know also lost very young Berners and we don't want to go that route again. There was also the time spent vacuuming dog hair...

My idea this time is to adopt a retired greyhound. I've done some research, talked to the rescue group, we visited some dogs yesterday, and I'm just about ready to fill out the forms. Do any of you have any experience or advice about greyhounds to share?

After my walk and some reading, I'll be making stuffed shells to take to Palm Sunday dinner at my parents. What are you up to today?

*greyhound photo from L.A. Times


  1. Joanne...great news about adopting a rescue. I have no advice on that breed, but it has been 5 weeks since my SIL adopted her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he is such a lover boy, and good walker too. He has adapted really well. good luck.

    I am one who had 2 audio books going routinely. One in the car, and one for the house. I don't find it a problem.

    Have a great week.

  2. My son has a rescue dog that is working out very well. He's not a greyhound but is good company on walks in the woods. Hope your adoption works out well.

  3. So glad you're ready for another dog! (We're a dog family with a 15 year old beagle and our daughter's 6 year old mutt. I only know that two is good, three is too many!)

    I have often considered the greyhound. And if we are to get another dog in the future, it might be a rescue greyhound. That rescue group knows so much about each of the dogs and make wonderful matches between dogs and owners - they really care. I suspect you would be very happy on many counts with such a long as a rabbit doesn't pop up while the dog is unleashed!
    But no, they are lovely tempered and very sweet. I am cheering you on!

  4. I'm hoping to acquire The Ladies' Paradise soon (my birthday next week may bring a book giftcard) so glad to hear you are enjoying it! I'm reading Thérèse Raquin next month for the Classics Circuit.

    I also need to read The Tortilla Curtain and should be reviewing The Help this week.

    I have friends who have adopted greyhounds so if you would like their advice, email me and I'll forward on your details to them (one of them is also a blogger and her site is The Whole Kitchen).

  5. I hope you find the dog that best suits you...I love greyhounds and think they are just beautiful animals!

    I can't listen to two books..right now I'm reading a book and listening to one on a playaway. You're right about how listening makes you walk a bit longer...can't stop until the chapter is over!!

    Enjoy your family meal today!!

  6. I can read two books at a time but I don't think I could listen to two audios at the same time for some reason.

    I have Forgotten Garden on my eReader to get to one of these days as well as The Help too.

    I hope you find the right dog for you. Greyhounds are beautiful.

  7. Oh, it sounds like a lovely Sunday. Your books were good, too. I loved The Help.

    My Salon:

  8. I'm afraid I know nothing about greyhounds, but it must be exciting to be on the search for a new dog. I hope you find the perfect one soon!

  9. I don't know the first thing about greyhounds except that they are so darn cute. I am with the others in wishing the best in finding a new canine addition to the family.

  10. I actually do usually have two audios going at once. One for me on my iPod, and one in the car with the kids. It doesn't seem to be a problem, probably because there is no way the two would even be close in topic.

    I've never owned a Greyhound, but I have heard they are wonderful dogs. Trainable, docile, and aren't big shedders. I have gone six years now without a dog, but somehow we just keep accumulating cats and can't bring myself to drag a dog into the mix. Someday...

  11. You had a wonderful week with your bookclub discussing The Help and listening to The Forgotten Garden. Both of these books were on my 10 ten favorite books of last year.

    Sorry, no dog advice; we were always cat owners.

  12. Oh - I think it is just wonderful that you will be adopting a greyhound. I have not had personal experience, but one of my daugther's teachers adopted two several years ago and she absolutely loved them. I know I would often see her and her husband walking with them during the summer.

    I look forward to seeing the dog pictures when you have found the perfect match!

  13. I look forward to hearing what your book club says about Tortilla Curtain - I read it with my book club a few years ago and loved it! I haven't read anything else by him yet but have a few on my TBR.

    Good luck on the search for a dog and I think its a great decision to adopt. My parents adopted a maltese a number of years ago and as much as they have enhanced the dog's life, she has brought much more to theirs.

  14. So sorry about Brittany. :( But glad to hear you are adopting a rescue dog.

    Have a good reading week. I have never tried two audio books at a time. One alone doesn't work so well for me. 2 would be nightmares!

  15. JoAnn - Great news about the dog adoption! There is a woman in my neighborhood who has 4 (yes, 4)rescued Greyhounds and she just loves them all. They are very quiet in the house but great walkers.

    I've downloader the audio version of The Help and will start listening on my stationary bike this afternoon. I haven't had much luck with audio books but several people suggested this one so I'm giving it a try. Have a great week!

  16. I loved A Moveable Feast...there's was tackling involved. :-D

  17. How wonderful to consider adopting a greyhound! All I know is that it is a huge movement, and that the animals are truly in need of rescue. Go for it!

  18. Our bookclub is reading The Help in June, can't wait. How does your group select books?

  19. What a great sounding Sunday! Hope that you enjoyed "A Writer's life" - that does sound interesting

    Thanks for sharing


  20. I think just about everyone liked THE HELP; I've yet to hear of someone who didn't!
    Congrats on the decision to adopt a new dog. There's nothing better than adding a new family member, even a furry one!

  21. Just saw this post JoAnn. My blog friend, Kristina, has a greyhound in her family. Bryn lives in the States with Kristina's Mum. Anyway, Bryn wakes her Mum up at night if her blanket falls off! Bryn also has a doggie pajama top so they must get cold in cool weather due to their low body fat. You could always email her through her blog 'Jolly Hockey Sticks!'. Best of luck with your searching!

  22. It's great to hear The Forgotten Garden has drawn you in from the beginning, because I have yet to read The House at Riverton. So I'll have something to look forward to.


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