Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Happy Pi Day!

It's Pi Day! You'll remember from math class that the Greek letter Pi is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th. Pi = 3.1415926535… Although I wouldn't exactly classify myself as a math enthusiast, I will be serving a special pi(e) at dinner. Are you marking the day?

I'm happy to report that winter, at long last, finally seems to be winding down. Although the lake is still frozen, snow is slowly melting and I even heard birds singing one morning. Daylight savings time is another sure sign spring is coming. Did you remember to turn your clocks ahead last night?

It's also been a good reading week. My Short Story Monday posts highlight Irish authors this month. Mothers and Sons: Stories by Colm Toibin was featured last week. Tomorrow I'll turn to The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction. It's a doorstopper of a book - over 1000 pages of short stories and novel excerpts from Irish authors. I also finally posted a long-overdue report on my book club's discussion of Sarah's Key.

I finished South of Broad by Pat Conroy, to be reviewed next month for a TLC book tour. My audiobook is still My Life in France by Julia Child. Less time in the car the past couple of weeks has, unfortunately, meant little progress on the audiobook front.

The Big Event coming up this week is the continuation of the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series. Richard Russo will be in town Tuesday night, and I'll be attending along with seven other women from my book club. This lecture is the highlight of the season for me - Russo has long been a favorite! Sara Gruen and Jeffrey Toobin, the two remaining speakers, are scheduled for April and May. After the lecture, next season's line-up will be announced... a little earlier than usual. Maybe so groups can begin to plan their reading. I'm sure we'll subscribe again!

Other than the Pi Day Dinner, today will be quiet and low-key. I'll be reading from The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction and contemplating my next book. What are you reading?


  1. Oh, I bet My Life in France makes a great audiobook to "read" while driving. I should consider requesting that one from the library.

    Enjoy you Pi day :)

  2. I see the snow is off the chairs, that's a good sign!
    Have a peacful pi day with maybe a nice piece of pie.

    Enjoy your next book.

  3. My Life in France was one of my favorite books ever...think I would be interested in listening to it on audio the next time around. I hope it translates well on audio! Have a wonderful Pi day!

  4. And a Happy Pi Day! to you as well. Envying you the Irish lit right now as well as the pie. :) Oh, and that lecture series too. And the My life in France audio. Maybe I just want to be you today. Happy reading!

  5. Happy Pi Day to you too. Chocolate Cream here yesterday, for dessert for our dinner guests...LOL

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on South of Broad.

  6. I did change my clocks but I am still pretending it is an hour earlier:) I look forward to hearing about the Russo event. Enjoy Ireland!

  7. My Life in France is on my wish list. I hope you have a great Pi day-have you seen the graphic on the google search page today?!

  8. Winter seems to be over here too and I am SO glad!

  9. I keep meaning to read something Irish for St. Patrick's Day (guess I'd better hurry up). Am sooo jealous of your "date" with Richard Russo. Do fill us in, pretty please?

    Enjoy your pi(e)!

  10. Happy Pi Day!

    We only change our clocks in a few weeks here...I am NOT looking forward to it!

    I'm currently reading to long overdue classics - The Awakening and The Good Earth - and loving them both. Happy reading, and have a great week, JoAnn :)

  11. The snow is all gone here in my neck of the woods. It rained all weekend so that was a good thing. I saw a robin yesterday..spring must be near!

  12. Oh man, I totally blanked on daylight savings until I woke up this morning and my cell phone said it was an hour later than I thought it should be :( I guess there's a reason why we turn the clocks ahead over the weekend, haha.

    Your lecture series sound amazing - hope you enjoy Tuesday night! It's a shame you're not logging more driving time with My Life in France, but then again, the book is definitely one to be savored (ha-ha).

  13. Molly - I'm enjoying My Life in France, but I think this may be one instance where it's better to read the book. There are pictures in the book and I can read French better than I understand it.

    Kaye - Finally that snow is starting to melt!! Pi day was quiet and relaxing.

    Sandy - Like I told Molly, I'm enjoying the audio but I think the book would be even better.

    Frances - Ha... it was a good day to be me. Irish short stories, catching up on blogs, and started Zola's The Ladies' Paradise. Then there was the apple pi(e) :-)

    Diane - I love chocolate cream pie! We had apple in honor of Pi Day.

    Book Psmith - Tomorrow morning will be the worst part of daylight savings time... extra early and extra dark! Had a lovely afternoon in Ireland today though.

  14. Kim - I LOVE the google page today!

    Reviewsbylola - I say bring on spring! We're supposed to hit mid-50's by the end of the week.

    DS - My 'date' with Richard Russo may be the high point of the week. I promise to tell you all about it ;-)

    Nymeth - Those are two of my favorite classics! I hope you enjoy then. We used to change the clocks at the beginning of April, but it was moved into March a few years ago to save energy... it'll be tough tomorrow morning!

    Staci - We're a little higher in elevation, so still have a good amount of snow. It's almost gone just a few miles away. I know I'll see a robin this week for sure!

    Dana - Ha... good thing cell phones and computers change time magically. I'm definitely savoring My Life in France - perfect description, lol!

  15. The grackles arrived at the bird feeder yesterday...loads of them. Their migration back is a sure sign here that spring can't be far off.

    You've been enjoying a literary buffet there, JoAnn! I'm about to start Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans. World War II, some comedy, some romance and a propaganda film or two...can't wait!

  16. Darlene - It looks like the ice on the lake is getting thinner and I finally saw my first robin today... it's coming!


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