Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays - Wolf Hall

"He knows by the way people look at him that his face is still bruised. Morgan Williams had done an inventory of him before he left: teeth (miraculously) still in his head, and two eyes, miraculously seeing. Two arms, two legs: what more do you want?"

by Hilary Mantel
page 11

There's been very little progress on this non-renewable library book. Is anybody getting much reading done in the pre-holiday frenzy? I'm hoping Santa will bring me a copy of my very own!

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  1. What more you want indeed! Good one.

  2. I broke down and ordered this on unabridged audio. I should be getting it today. My commute should be significantly more interesting now. :-)


  3. I have not read much since last week. However, I could hardly get out of bed today due to a pulled back muscle and I am thinking this is a sign from above that I need to take the day off and read The Children's Book :)

    Hope you Christmas wishes come true!

  4. I've not been reading as fast as I normally do, but I've been trying to multi-task like a fool. LOL Mine's here.

  5. Two eyes, two arms, two legs, and teeth still in your head. I guess some days, that's as good as it gets. :-)

    Stephanie aka Laughing Stars
    Tuesday Teaser: Wild Roses by Deb Caletti

  6. Definitely the wrong time of year for me to be tackling serious books- considering I only have time to read in 9-12 minute increments in between cookie batches! :-)

  7. This was already on my list, but I LOVE this teaser. Makes me want to move it to the top of my list.

  8. This is sorta on my list. I mean, it really needs to be there since it won the Booker. It is not my typical genre, which is OK. The picture of the author in Bookmarks this month completely freaked me out. I know this probably makes me a bad person...

  9. I just downloaded this one to my Kindle as it is voice enable and was only $8.??. Not sure when I will start it though?

  10. Not much reading done here, but I did read 'Wolf Hall' earlier in the year and it was great.

  11. Oh, that is definitely a "tease"!

    Love your new lake photo...fabulous!

    My tease is here:


  12. You should visit my library; this one's not on hold! I've put this one on my TBR list!

  13. Great teaser! I wonder what happened. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2009/12/salvation-teaser-tuesdays.html

  14. To answer your question The Goose Girl is written by the same Shannon Hale that wrote Austenland. But she started off with the Goose Girl and has made a series out of it called the Books of Bayern.

  15. You're not alone JoAnn! There's just way too many errands and lists to be checked twice for very much reading around here either. It's all good though isn't it!

    While listening to a podcast recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Hilary Mantel read a portion of Wolf Hall. I didn't want it to end!

  16. I've started a lot of books this week, but I can't seem to settle into anything.

  17. I do covet this book! Hope you enjoy it, and that it does appear beneath your tree. I've become a total slacker, reading-wise. Perhaps after the holiday!!

    All best to you and yours.

  18. Beth F - This one made me laugh when I read it.

    Lezlie - It should be a great audio.. your commute may seem a lot shorter!

    Molly - Oh, no! I hope your back is better now, and that you got some time to read The Children's Book. I'll be interested in your opinion.

    Gautami - It IS one big book - lol!

    Lorielle - I'm really not reading at all, but keep telling myself I'll have plenty of time next week ;-)

    Laughing Stars - Exactly!

    Marie - LOL! Reading in 9 -12 minute increments is what could have been happening here yesterday, but I used those breaks to wrap presents.

    Stacybuckeye - I'd suggest waiting until after the holidays before moving it to the top of the list ;-)

    Sandy - Too funny...that picture gave me a start, too!

    Diane - Only 8 dollars? I'm waiting to see what apple comes up with for their e-reader this spring, then will have to decide which kind to purchase.

  19. Zetor - Glad to hear you liked Wolf Hall. I'm sure I will, too, once I can really get into it.

    Laurel-Rain Snow - Glad you like the new photo. I need to take another one on a sunny day... if we ever get one!

    Hmsgofita - No holds at your library - wow! Thanks for answering my question. I figured it must have been the same one, but hadn't heard of the book.

    Jennifer- Thanks!

    Darlene - It's definitely all good! Would love to hear Mantel read...sounds like a great podcast.

    E.L. Fay - A little altercation with his father...

    Softdrink - Must be the time of year. We're all just too distracted to settle into a good book... it'll all change next week though!

    DS - We'll all get back to our reading routines soon. Hope you have a happy holiday weekend!

  20. Very true...what more do you need???

    Merry Christmas!!

  21. Staci - I guess that about covers it. Merry Christmas!

  22. I'm hoping Santa will bring me the gift of time! Merry Christmas to you, JoAnn, and all God's blessings on you and your family.

  23. I have been very curious about this one especially after it won the Booker Prize. The book seems very dense and I'll defer it to next year. I feel assured about it since some of you have mentioned this book. Happy Holidays! :)

  24. Bellezza - Time is one thing we could all use more of this time of year! Happy New Year!

    Matt - Since I received a copy for Christmas, the pressure to finish the library book is off. I look forward to a more leisurely read over the winter.


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