Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays - Wishin' and Hopin'

"The year I was a fifth-grade student at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial, our teacher, Sister Dymphna, had a nervous breakdown in front of the class. To this day, I can hear Sister's screams and see her flailing attempts to shoo away the circling Prince of Darkness."

by Wally Lamb
(opening sentences)

If you like that teaser, let me give you a few more sentences from the opening paragraph. It sets up the book so well.

"I am, today, what most people would consider a responsible citizen. I have an advanced degree in Film Studies, a tenured professorship, and an eco-friendly Prius. I vote, volunteer at the soup kitchen, compost, floss... That said, my conscience and I have unfinished business. What follows is both my confession and act of contrition. Forgive me, reader, for I have sinned. It was I, who on that long-ago day triggered Sister's meltdown. For this and all the sins of my past life, I am heartily sorry."

Now if you're still interested, I urge you to pick up this funny holiday story set in the 1960's. It's very quick reading (I read half of the 271 pages last night) , and reminds me of A Christmas Story (you know... Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB gun). This book has 'movie' written all over it. I'll finish it tonight - the Christmas cards will just have to wait!

For more teasers, visit MizB at Should Be Reading.


  1. GREAT teaser! I will probably have to wait until after Valentine's Day to receive the book from my local library, but I plan to put my name in now :)

  2. Sounds like a good book for holiday reading. Here's my teaser

  3. Sounds good! I wasn't all that interested in reading this book until I read your teaser!

  4. good holiday read

    mine is here

  5. Ooh, that looks funny. I need a book to get into the holiday mood- I just might try that one :)

  6. Sounds like a fun book1 And yes, I know the Chrismtas Story! A family tradition which sometimes drives me crazy is watching it over and over..
    My teaser is here at The Burton Review

  7. Oh, I've been "wishin'" for this one!

    Your teaser has tipped the balance, and I've got to have it NOW! LOL.

    Mine is here:


  8. I am going to have to check that out. It sounds so cute! Great teaser!
    Here's mine.

  9. Interesting! I had a college professor have a breakdown during class. Pretty scary stuff.

    Here’s my teaser. It’s about the history of the Triads and it’s posted at my brand new website!

  10. At 271 pages you may have tempted me. I have two of Wally Lamb's books on the TBR and good though they look they are so huge that I never seem to get to them.

  11. I have been wanting to read this book! My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2009/12/possibility-teaser-tuesdays.html

  12. I absolutely LOVE Wally Lamb! This sounds soooo funny. Am definately going to pick it up! Great teaser, and thanks for the opening sentences too. Really sold it for me!

    Here's mine:

  13. Molly - I was shocked when this came from the library. I was hoping for Valentines Day!

    Book Bird Dog - It's light holiday reading.

    Reviewsbylola- Wally Lamb tells a great story.

    Gautami - I'm a Wally Lamb fan, too. I've read all of his novels.

    Abi - It's good to have some light reading this time of year.

    Norah - This has been laugh-out-loud funny in a few spots so far.

    Marie Burton - You'd think people would eventually get tired of watching A Christmas Story over and over...but it just doesn't seem to happen!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - Hope your "wishin" comes true! ;-)

  14. Lisa - Thanks!

    Alayne - thank you

    Andrea - Hope you get a chance to take a look at this one!

    Lisa - Something like that happened to me, too - only in 8th grade. Our English teacher lost it one day...and never came back. It is scary stuff!

    Fleurfisher - It actually seems even shorter than 271 pages. The book is small and there are only 20 lines of print per page - definitely a change from his other novels!

    Jennifer - Hope you get a chance to read this one!

    Lisa - I've loved all of Wally Lamb's novels, too. You definitely need to read this!

    Diane - This book is so much fun. I still can't believe I got it from the library so quickly!

  15. I think this also has 'Christmas present for my husband' written all over it!

    Love your new header btw.

  16. That's a great opening. I've been hesitant to go back to Wally Lamb after disliking She's Come Undone, but I may given this one a try. My teaser

  17. That teaser made me laugh!! I could picture it in my mind!

  18. I love Wally Lamb's writing but I am still not sure if this is the book for me...

  19. Ha :) -- I did the same book, same opening sentences! I haven't finished it yet, but I was LOL last night when I was reading it. I haven't read any other titles of this author.

  20. Darlene - I think men would especially appreciate the humor in this. Glad you like the header - not as much color or sunshine this time of year though.

    jheaton - This is very different from She's Come Undone, and much shorter so not a huge time investment. I'd say go for it! Thanks for visiting.

    Staci - I think you'd keep laughing through much of the book, too!

    Karen - This is certainly a different type of book than Lamb usually writes. Maybe one to borrow from the library (like I did)?

    Kim - That is so funny!! I was laughing reading this last night, too, but still haven't had time to read today. I'm definitely a fan of Wally Lamb. Guess we've just proven the 'great minds think alike theory'...

  21. I was hooked immediately! Perfect teaser for the holidays.

  22. Great teaser! Also love the new seasonal header--brr! Got cocoa?

  23. Both of those teasers have intrigued me. Fighting off the Prince of Darkness, LOL. What a great visual.

  24. Becca - Thanks - this is a funny, light read.

    DS - I was just realizing how out-dated the fall header looked. There's not much sun or color this time of year, but I plan to take another photo on a sunny day!

    Stacybuckeye - The great visuals continue throughout the book...many are very funny!

  25. Thank you for the second part of your Teaser! I must read this book! Not only does it sound hilarious but as a catholic grammar-school-educated chiudl, I am familiar with the ways & antics of nuns as teachers. This book sounds too delicious to pass up!

    Wonderful teasers!

  26. Amy - If you're Catholic grammar-school educated, this is definitely for you...if it was in the 60's, then all the better! Enjoy!


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