Thursday, July 2, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Celebrities

Today's question:

Suggested by Callista83:
Do you read celebrity memoirs? Which ones have you read or do you want to read? Which nonexistent celebrity memoirs would you like to see?

My answer:

At the mention of celebrity, my mind automatically turns to the entertainment industry. The quick answer to the question is that I have not read any memoirs at all. However, a celebrity is actually any famous or well-known person. In this broader context, there are a few memoirs or autobiographies that I can recommend.
the autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Read before I started keeping a reading journal for a long-defunct co-ed book club, Mandela's story has stayed with me for years.

by Katharine Graham

Another book club selection, the autobiography of Washington Post owner Katharine Graham was a fascinating read.

by Ruth Reichl

A must for foodies, this is the memoir of New York Times restaurant critic and food writer Ruth Reichl.

What celebrity memoirs or autobiographies have you read? Visit today's Booking Through Thursday to see more answers.


  1. Loved the Katherine Graham book. Picked it up as a remainder and just inhaled it. Like you, I don't really pick up memoirs about the entertainment industry. If I could find one with a lower cheesy factor I might try but... :) Looking forward to picking up some good recommendations this week. Happy reading!

  2. Great answer! Wasn't 'Personal History' a fabulous book? I will check out the others you memtioned. They sound like they would be great reads.

  3. I love foodie books and have had Tender on my shelf for way to long without reading it.

  4. My favorites: When Katie Wakes by Connie May Fowler; Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter by Barbara Robinette Moss; Kitchen Priviledges by Mary Higgins Clark and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.

    I am not interested in very many celebrites...Maybe Keanu Reeves. :)

  5. I immediately thought of the entertainment industry too, but you're correct - it would be anyone who is well known.

  6. The Nelson Mandela autobiography would make for some riveting reading. I brought home a book about Mrs Beeton last week but it's not her memoirs, more of a biography.

  7. Frances - It's too bad more 'celebrity' memoirs aren't as good as Grahams. Thanks for visiting.

    Charil and me - Graham's book was great, and my group had a really good discussion, too.

    Gautami - Everybody in the group raved about Mandela's book. I think you'd like it.

    Melissa - Reichl has another book that I keep meaning to read, too. Love those foodie books!

    Bluestocking - I don't think these are what most people would think of as 'celebrities'.

  8. MISSY - I forgot about The Glass Castle! Thanks for visiting.

    Ted - Thanks!

    Yvonne - I think entertainers are what most people think of first as celebrities. My list would have been non-existent in that case - lol!

    Darlene - Mandela's story was fascinating! I'll bet Mrs. Beeton's bio would be an interesting one.

  9. I agree, these days it doesn't take much to be considered a 'celebrity'. I've read a few, but not recently, except for Elizabeth Edwards'. I'd rather read memoirs/biographies of historical figures. I must say that I'm getting the impression from you and another blogger that Katherine Graham's book is one I shouldn't miss. I hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend, JoAnn!

  10. I'm definitely drawn to the same style of memoir that you are. Celebrities such as entertainers don't really interest me.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! You have given me three books to add to my wish list!! Great post!

  12. Both Mandela's book and Personal History are also on my short list of best biographies ever written! I'm glad you liked them too. I haven't read the other book, but I've seen it around lately, and now I'm quite intrigued.

  13. Lisa - I'm with you on the historical figures over entertainers! You should definitely check out Katharine Graham's book if it crosses your path. Enjoy the 4th!

    Staci - There seem to be a lot of bloggers today that shy away from the 'celebrity' books. Have a great weekend!

    Dot - Thanks. These were all really good books.

    Rebecca - I agree. There haven't been many other biographies/autobiographies that even come close to those two! If you enjoy food memoirs, Reichl's book is definitely a good one.


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