Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Intro: Disturbing the Peace

I started another Richard Yates novel last night. The first couple paragraphs of Disturbing the Peace immediately drew me in and established the 'Yatesian tone' I have come to expect. Tuesday Intros, a new event at Bibliophile by the Sea, offers the perfect opportunity to share.

"Everything began to go wrong for Janice Wilder in the late summer of 1960. And the worst part, she always said afterwards, the awful part, was that it seemed to happen without warning.

She was thirty-four and the mother of a ten-year-old son. The fading of her youth didn't bother her--it hadn't been a very carefree or adventurous youth anyway--and if her marriage was more an arrangement than romance, that was all right too. Nobody's life was perfect. She enjoyed the orderly rotation of her days; she enjoyed books, of which she owned a great many; and she enjoyed her high, bright apartment with its view of midtown Manhattan towers. It was neither a rich nor an elegant apartment, but it was comfortable--and 'comfortable' was one of Janice Wilder's favorite words. She was fond of the word 'civilized', too, and of 'reasonable' and 'adjustment' and 'relationship'. Hardly, anything upset or frightened her: the only things that did--sometimes to the point of making her blood run cold--were the things she didn't understand." 


  1. Oh JoAnn, I just finished this one and liked it a lot, but I thought Easter Parade was a bit better.....enjoy

    Thanks for playing along (that opening paragraph sucked me in)

  2. I know what it feels like to be taken by surprise in life. It wakes you up and reminds you that you're still alive.

  3. I loved Disturbing the Peace. I find it really difficult to differentiate between Yates' novels because they are all so brilliant.

    I'm so pleased that you are on a Yates kick! I had mine a while ago now and I kept a couple of books back to enjoy later on...you're making me want to get stuck back in!

  4. Sounds like I definitely need to read something by Richard Yates.

  5. That's a great intro. it has me really intrigued to check further into the book.

  6. Diane - Easter Parade is my favorite novel of the year so far, but this one of off to a great start.

    Georgia Girls - Exactly... and I think Richard Yates knew what it was like, too.

    Rachel - The novels do seem similar, but all are so wonderful. Thank you so much for telling me about the biography. I finished it Sunday night (with a tear in my eye). It is the BEST literary bio I've ever read!

    Carol - You do! His novels are wonderful, but you could even start with a short story or two.

    Darlene - At least with that opening, you know the type of book you're getting yourself into, lol!

  7. This one sounds great....Diane's been reading a lot of Yates lately and has really inspired me to read this author!!

  8. This one sounds really good. I have come to love Richard Yates' books.

    I want to participate in this event next week.

  9. Sounds like I need to read some Richard Yates.

  10. I really do need to read Yates! Where should I start?

  11. You and Diane are starting to make me consider including Yates into my upcoming reading schedule! Egads, where do I move things around? But the books by him sound so intriguing!!

  12. I hope wherever he is, Mr. Yates knows about the recent acclaim his work is receiving!

  13. Staci - I hope you get a chance to read Yates soon!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I've really come to love Yates work, too. Just finished reading the bio by Blake Bailey and loved it. Best literary bio I've ever read!

    Nise' - You do! It's not especially cheery, but it's very real.

    Gavin - Revolutionary Road is his masterpiece, but I really loved The Easter Parade too. If you just want a quick sample, his stories may be the way to go.

    Coffee and a Book Chick - His writing is absolutely amazing! Tragic and real, but compassionate, too. Hoe you get a chance to read him.

    Nan - Oh, I hope so, too! Such a truly talented writer...


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