Monday, May 30, 2011

A Monday Salon?

It's a holiday weekend and today feels like Sunday, so here goes...

Last week passed in a blur of shopping and packing, and culminated with the challenge of driving a very heavily-laden SUV into Manhattan. Saturday and Sunday proved to be quite an adventure, but Daughter #1 is moved in and settled for the summer. She begins her internship tomorrow, and we begin another wild week preparing for Twin B's senior ball and Twin A's graduation. (They go to different schools.)

There wasn't much time for reading, but I hope to finish Cold Spring Harbor by Richard Yates today or tomorrow. After that,  I'll take a break from Yates and try something a little lighter and funnier. Sandy's review makes This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper sounds like a perfect choice... and I just picked up a copy for $3.99.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer here in the US. I'm more than ready to welcome the season!


  1. I loved the Tropper. Made me laugh out loud.

  2. You've had a lot going on, JoAnn. No wonder you've had little time for reading. I remember those days of getting a daughter settled in for a time. And then it's time to move them again! LOL

    Have a good week!

  3. Amy - Oh, I'm glad! It should be just what I need then.

    Kay - It always gets crazy this time of year! Just when I get used to having her in Manhattan, it'll be August and time to move her again. This time, back to college.

  4. Sounds like you've had a hectic week for sure.

    So you've had enough of Yate's marital discord, have you?? LOL

  5. I also loved This is Where I Leave You, and several times, laughed until I cried. (I would have loved it even more for only $3.99!!! LOL)

  6. Busy week! I hope you get to rest today. This is Where I Leave You was great! I reviewed it last year and really enjoyed it. I hope you do!

  7. It totally feels like a Sunday...too bad the rest of the week can't be Sunday, too.

  8. Also looking forward to that Tropper thanks to Sandy! Could really use something to make me laugh out loud right now. Good luck with all the activities!

  9. Busy time in your household!!! The weather has improved 100% and I'm ready for summer!!

  10. Diane - LOL! There aren't many happy people in Yates' books, are there? Time for me to change it up :-)

    Jill (rhapsody) - Can't wait to get started. I just KNOW this will be the right book to read next!

    Amy - Oh, yay! Another fan of Tropper's book!

    Jill (fizzy) - At least there won't be a 'real' Monday this week!

    Frances - Tropper may be just the thing for you now, too! It's going to be another wild week around here...

    Staci - It feels like summer is here at last. Next thing you know we'll be complaining about the heat ;-)

  11. I almost picked up the Tropper book from the library yesterday but then chose a different one instead. Hope you'll enjoy it!

  12. This is Where I Leave you is a really fun read- HOpe you enjoy it!

  13. leeswammes - I just finished the Yates book today, so I'll be starting tomorrow. Should be a good one...

    Marie - I hope so, too. After the harsh reality of Yates, I am certainly ready for some fun!

  14. That sunset on your header is gorgeous!

    I thought This Is Where I Leave You was excellent - sarcastic, witty and smart - hope you enjoy it too!

  15. Booksnyc - Thanks, I'm glad you like the photo. Almost halfway through This is Where I Leave You now... and loving it!


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