Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Dubious Distinction

Although we seem to have dodged the big one, it's another snow day in central New York. The storm tracked slightly to the north and we ended up with sleet instead of the predicted 18" snowfall. This seemed like a lucky break, but then I opened this morning's Post-Standard.

According to David Phillips, senior climatologist for Environment Canada, it appears that Syracuse, New York has earned the distinction of being the snowiest large city on the continent (yes, continent!) this winter. We've already received 118.9" of our 120" average annual snowfall, and two more months of winter weather looms ahead!

We can only hope Punxsutawney Phil got it right this morning. Here's to an early spring... Happy Groundhog Day!


  1. No snow in New York either! Thank goodness. But a lot of ice!

    An early spring would be lovely...I am tired of winter now!

  2. We've had a little of everything with this storm: rain, sleet, ice, wind, snow - all of it nasty and making it difficult to get around. I hope the groundhog is right, too!!

  3. We have had a particularly cold winter so far down here, but today, of all days, is 80 degrees. Go figure. And 120 inches just blows my mind. I didn't think you could exist in such conditions.

  4. Well, so happy you were not hit again. We had snow yesterday and sleet today. I guess about 4' so far this season....sighhh

  5. A bit of snowiness yesterday; then sleet; now melt...120" boggles my mind...I sure hope the Syracuse groundhogs were right!! :)

  6. I hope Spring is around the corner too!!! WE're still getting snow and the wind is whipping. Snow day today another tomorrow I'm sure, but we've not had the record amount of snow you've experienced so I will not complain!!

  7. Well apparently the groundhog got it right here so we'll see. Either way there is six more weeks to go and they are forecasting more freezing rain and snow for us coming up. I'm so ready for spring this year.

  8. Rachel - Finally a storm that missed us. You're going to love spring in NYC.

    Sharon - Now we're getting snow and wind... maybe I spoke too soon about the storm missing us.

    Sandy - If the flights weren't all cancelled, I'd seriously think about hopping one to Florida!

    Vivienne - Our first break of the season ;-)

    Diane - This has definitely been one for the books. I'm so ready for spring!

    DS - I'm putting my hope in those groundhogs, too!

    Staci - Hope you enjoy the next snow day safe and warm... hopefully with a book!

    Darlene - This winter has been a long one for so many of us... come on spring!

  9. You get that much more snow than us? Rochester only averages 92.3 inches per winter. I thought we were the snow capital of the continent!

  10. I noticed the other day that you guys had gotten a ton of snow already! We're used to snow and cold in Nebraska but 10 feet of snow a winter? You definitely deserved a break this time!

  11. Cleveland has the distinction of being the second snowiest city in the US (on average) but I feel like we've lucked out this year as so many other cities (like yours) have taken the hit this year :)
    Stacy warm.

  12. Enough is enough isn't it! Your corner has certainly had more than its fair share and I don't blame you for wanting Spring to hurry up.

  13. Last weekend when it was 70 in Dallas I was pondering to my mom if my begonias would snap back come spring if I just left them in my garden. Now they sit under several inches of ice (no snow this storm...just ice).

    Yikes, JoAnn--I sure hope you're bundled up at home under some comfy quilts and with a great book and hot cocoa! Burry.

  14. E.L. Fay - Yup, 120" is our annual average but today we hit 125". Enough already!

    Lisa - This winter has definitely been a bit much, even for us. Looks like we may be above freezing this weekend though.

    Stacybuckeye - I know you guys are usually right there behind us, but I haven't seen Cleveland mentioned much this winter. Maybe it will be our turn next year!

    Darlene - This is the first year I could ever imagine packing up and heading to Florida for a couple of months... I must be getting old;-)

    Trish - Oh no, those poor begonias! I spent much of the afternoon with a roof rake today. The snow is getting dangerously heavy... now I'm ready for tea and a book!

  15. Oh my, that is a dubious distinction!

    The flowers are a nice reminder of what is to come (eventually!)

  16. Holy cow! That is a A LOT of snow! My husband dreamed of moving to Syracuse at one time--he saw an old house advertised for sale in a magazine--kind of a save this old house kind of thing. I think he would have loved it--even with the snow. He is a Minnesota boy and misses his winters. Stay warm...

  17. Dawn - Bet you're glad you don't live here anymore;-)

    Kim - A Minnesota boy would feel right at home here, but I'm dreaming of spring!


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