Sunday, February 20, 2011

I got an iPad!

It's Sunday morning and I should be writing a Sunday Salon post. There are reviews of The Optimist's Daughter and The Easter Parade in progress. I'm anxious to continue reading both To the Lighthouse and Notes on a Scandal. A post could be written for Short Story Monday tomorrow, but these things aren't happening today. I have a new toy.

We purchased an iPad for our upcoming trip to London. The idea is to stay connected without lugging around laptops, but I'll also give it a try as an e-reader. If you already own one, do you read using iBooks, the Kindle app, or something else? Are there other apps I shouldn't miss? Any hints and suggestions for getting started?

This is going to be fun...


  1. I'm so jealous. Right now I hate you. ;-)

  2. Since I have a netbook and a Kindle, I couldn't justify an iPad. But boy they sure are cool. I am jealous too!

  3. I love new gadgets! Sadly, I don't think I'll have this one for a while yet but I shall admire yours from afar and look forward to your thoughts.
    I don't know if you've tried Calibre? It's a free software that manages an array of e-book formats and they seem to support the iPad too. I use them to manage e-books on my PC and I think it's pretty great. I know of other people with e-readers that prefer this software to what comes preloaded onto their readers. The site is and you can download it from there. Have fun with your new toy!

  4. My hubby loaded up the Kindle app for me on his iPad and it is fantastic. I prefer reading books on the iPad to the Kindle.

  5. Congratulations! G (my boyfriend) has an iPad and loves it (I love stealing it). He uses it mostly as an e-reader and has completely converted to digital; he uses both the Kindle app and iBooks, which I suppose doesn't really help you.

    It will be great for your London trip! Tip: Starbucks has free wi-fi when you have a rewards top-up card and you can pre-pay that in US as they can be used worldwide.

  6. OMG -- I love mine! I would recommend BBC Listener, the NPR app, the New Yorker subscription app, the weather channel app, NetFlix, The New York Times, etc. etc. The Twitter app is also terrific. Ditto Pandora Radio.

    I enjoy reading magazines on the iPad, but not so much books -- I find a prefer the Kindle, as it doesn't have the backlit screen and is much easier on the eyes.

    Have fun!!

  7. You lucky, lucky woman! Our library offers lots of titles for download so don't hesitate to try yours, JoAnn.

    While your iPad is absolutely devine, I am positively green with envy that you will be heading to London soon. Please take a photo of the window display at Fortnums if you're passing, please and thank you!

  8. I've read one book on ours and I used the Kindle app because the they didn't have the book I wanted in the iBook store.

  9. Ooh, I'm jealous! Like Sandy I have a Kindle so couldn't justify the expense of an iPad to myself.

    Make sure you download lots of cool apps :)

  10. I love mine! I'll put together a list of my favorite apps and get back to you. Have fun!!!

  11. The best! I am a total Apple junkie so know that we will not hear much from you for a while as you play with the new toy. :)

  12. I love my iPad! I use it for browsing and for reading books and checking out blogs.

    I read in iBooks - it's really good for PDF copies if you have. I have also downloaded my Kindle books on it. I also downloaded the Bluefire app which is free and then you can transfer and read any ePub books you might have like ones from NetGalley.

    You're going to love it!

  13. I am so behind on techie things...I don't even have an iPod, and I'm not sure how the iPad is different, but it sounds fabulous!

    When I finally got Sparky, my Kindle, I discovered how easy it is to have instant gratification with books.

    It's a little scary....LOL

    Thanks for visiting my Sunday Salon post, and I'm eager for The Easter Parade review...I got that book this week.

  14. What a wonderful purchase! MacWorld advises purchasing a separate keyboard if you want to do lots of typing though.

  15. Congrats JoAnn.

    I use the Kindle App, to sometimes read my eBooks on. I usually use my Kindle for eBooks, but have the option of doing either which is always nice. ENJOY!

  16. oooo! Lucky you! What fun you will have with it, JoAnn! It's a great idea (excuse, ahem! j/k lol) for your trip.

    Love the 2 books you are reading but I'd play with an Ipad instead of reading them anyday!

  17. I think the iPad would be great for what you described. Traveling is much easier not having to carry around multiple devices. You must give us a review of it as an e-reader once you get back.

  18. Isn't the IPad awesome? I got mine for Christmas and sold my Kindle. I haven't found all of the apps yet (although I play some random games) Go to the app store and search "free apps finder" You should be able to download an app that will let you know when other apps are on sale and marked 'free for a day'.

    I also prefer using the Kindle app over everything else. But I'm just an Amazon fan.

    Keep me updated on the apps you find, k? Tweet about them. (I will too if you'd like) I'm always interested in finding new apps. They're addicting.

  19. I used the iBook reader for the one and only ebook I've read on my iPad and it seemed just fine. My husband reads most of his books on his iPad and I asked him which reader he prefers and he said the Kindle app. He does most of his shopping via Amazon and the selection is better than with iBook.

    As far as apps, try the one from Epicurious. It's fabulous! I also like MotionX-GPS Drive, Boingo, Shazam, SoundHound, YPmobile, Flight Sites, OpenTable, Zillow (very addictive!),Martha's Everyday Food Dinner Tonight, NPR, and TWC Max+. Doodle Buddy is fun if you have a small child in need of quiet entertainment.

    Oh, and my husband bought me a case with a keyboard that is very nice. It's called Key Folio and it's made by Kensington.

  20. C.B. James - LOL!

    Sandy - This is my first gadget and I'm having fun today.

    Cristina - I haven't heard of Calibre before, so I'll check into it. Thanks!

    Vivienne - I just downloaded the Kindle app, now I need to register and get started.

    Paperback Reader - Thanks for the tip on the Starbucks card... will check that out before leaving. Would love to get together for coffee, etc if you are around next week!

    Karen - The magazine apps look pretty interesting. I'm a little worried about reading on the backlit screen, but I'll give it a try. We mainly got it to use for travel... hoping to make it my ereader, too.

    Darlene - I'll have to see what my library has for download... good idea! Will definitely snap a photo of Fortnums for you :-)

    Bermudaonion - I learned pretty quickly that there aren't many books available through iBook :-(

    Sam - I'm working on the apps now... and having way too much fun :-)

    Frances - I'm slowly becoming an apple junkie, too. Got a MacBook about 18 months ago and there was no turning back!

  21. Darlene - Bluefire is another app I've not heard of.. will check it out. Thanks!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I sure hope to get those reviews done before we leave later this week! I admit to being a little nervous about the instant gratification of buying books and starting to read immediately, too.

    Amanda - It sure is!

    Rhapsodyinbooks - You can get a separate keyboard? Will see how much typing I actually do.

    Diane - We bought the iPad mainly as a laptop substitute for travel. Hoping I can use it as an e-reader, but we'll see how it goes with the backlighting. Still may end up with a kindle at some point.

    Amy - Thanks! I'm actually going to put the iPad down and read a little this evening.

    Nymeth - Thanks, I'm sure I will!

    Ti - I think this will be perfect for travel... will let you know in a couple of weeks.

    Christina - It is absolutely awesome! I downloaded the kindle app today, so I'm ready to get started. Thanks for the free apps finder tip... will see what it turns up. I'll tweet the apps I find and would love to know what you discover, too!

    Les - Thanks for all the advice! I just downloaded the Kindle app - the selection is so much better! Can't wait to check out all the apps you mentioned, too. I got a very basic case (under pressure before the trip), but will look for something more fun and functional when we get back.

  22. Sweet! I love my iPad. I mostly use the nook app (because I had a nook first and already have a library of books there), but I also use kobo. Because they have coupons.

    Have you checked out the paprika app? Since you and your daughter like to cook,you might like it.

  23. Life without my I-Pad would now be unimaginable. I write on it, read on it, put all my lecture notes on it and as of last week catch up with all the radio and TV programmes I've missed on it. Having back problems, being able to take just this one device with me is an absolute gift. Have fun! Oh, and enjoy London as well. I hope our weather picks up for you.

  24. I love the Kindle app...I am saving my $$ for one of these babies!! Have fun with it!

  25. You will love it for travel - I took mine to Thailand over the holidays and loved how many books I had loaded onto it and how easy it was to surf, etc when I was near wi-fi.

    I read on the Borders Kindle and ibooks app - I purchase the book on whatever site makes sense (availability etc). My friend has a great case for hers that also doubles as a bluetooth keyboard - it is very helpful when you want to use the ipad as a netbook and do more than a little typing. It is by Zagg.


  26. I'm a total Apple gadget freak, but I opted to buy a MacBook Air rather than an iPad. Hope you have fun with it!

  27. Softdrink - Just took a look at paprika - thanks! This is so much fun...

    Annie - Thank you. I'm just beginning to figure out all this little iPad can do - it's pretty amazing! I think even if London's weather doesn't improve, I'll still be happy to trade our snow and cold for rain and chill.

    Staci - I downloaded the kindle app and the quickly got Pride & Prejudice free... I'll always have comfort reading now!

    Booksnyc - I can see this will be absolutely perfect for travel! That case sounds amazing... will investigate. Thanks!

    Violet - I love apple, too! They seem to have thought of everything.

  28. I have a Nook Color that I got for Christmas, but I would love to get an iPad, too! :) Color me green with envy!!

  29. Awesome! I just barely got the basic Nook, but I love it. Maybe an iPad someday!

  30. YAY!! Even tho I love to read from a real book, I did try out my Hub's iPad and really quite enjoyed it. The size is perfect--not sure I would enjoy anything smaller.

  31. Oooooooh, enjoy! My mom got an iPad for Christmas and, so far, loves it. She hasn't gotten to eBooks yet, so I have no advice to offer on that front. Enjoy!

  32. Coffee and a Book Chick - I had myself convinced I needed a NOOK color, but then my husband thought the iPad would be better for travel. Love it already, but we'll see how it works as an e-reader...

    Shelley - And I may be looking at at NOOK/Kindle eventually... hoping this works as en e-reader. Have my doubts about the backlit screen.

    Georgia Girls - I will always prefer reading an actual book, but this will be great for travel. Just became a follower of your new blog... which one of the girls are you, or will you still be posting as Kim?

    Erin - I love the iPad, too! Haven't been reading on it yet, so we'll see how that works out.

  33. So glad I found this post! I'm commenting before I go read all the other comments but have a few things to say right off the bat... I have recently added the Kindle app and love that the dictionary pops up immediately compared to choosing such on iBooks. and the whole page count where am I is crappy on both, personal-opinion. but, I've only read ONE book on the Kindle app.
    I love my iPad, I really do. but I'm currently trying to read Ulysses on it and you KNOW how that's going! ;)
    Have a great trip! Your appreciation of the iPad will continue to increase, but I still also want a Kindle so I can read in the sun.

  34. I have yet to try this butmy friend raves abt OVERDRIVE which allows access to your locallibrary for audio and ebooks to your iPad.

  35. I can't justify a tablet at this point but they are so amazing cool.

  36. How wonderful! I do hope you have time to write a quick review of the iPad. I heard that version 1 is now on sale for as long as they are available, and I am wondering if it might be worth the splurge.

    While I am jealous of the recent purchase - I am more jealous of the fantastic trip you have planned. I so look forward to visiting London again sometime very soon.

  37. My husband loves his and it has been a lifesaver for us to keep in touch with everyone when we're away. Have fun!

  38. Yay! I got the iPad and love it - specially for bedtime reading - so much easier than a laptop. It was a godsend during my hospital time!!

    I'm soooooo tempted by the new one, but just can't justify it.

    Enjoy your new toy :D


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