Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quote of the Week: Waiting For Columbus

"The passage from freedom to incarceration is never an easy one. The passage from an unacknowledged, untested sanity to a diagnosed insanity is equally problematic.  The first time Nurse Consuela Emma Lopez entered his world, it was with nervousness - with the trepidation of a sparrow pecking the ground a few meters in front of a perfectly motionless cat."

-opening lines
Waiting for Columbus
by Thomas Trofimuk

My book club will discuss Waiting for Columbus next month. The premise sounds interesting, yet after 100 pages, it still hasn't really grabbed my attention. I'm tempted to put it aside but, since it's for book club, I'll persevere... and hope to be pleasantly surprised. Do you always finish book club selections?


  1. If the book isn't working for you, you should walk away...life is too short. (I read Waiting for Columbus. Well, actually, I read it about sixty times while I was writing it.) All the best
    Thomas Trofimuk

  2. Love to hear if you made it all the way through and what you thought.

  3. An interesting teaser, although there's something a little odd about it. If the rest of the book is written in this way, I don't wonder that you're having difficulty getting through it.

    I don't belong to a book club right now but when I did I tried to finish the book each month but I recall that once or twice I didn't. I don't remember which books I didn't finish off the top of my head, though!

    Good luck!
    ~ Amy
    Amy's teaser!

  4. I try to finish them. I am presently reading The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and I am so glad it is improving.

  5. I have heard alot of great things about this book, so hopefully it turns for you soon. Yes, I always read my book club books, even if it hurts. But I think I am in the minority on this one. At every meeting, there are at least two people, usually more, that didn't finish.

  6. Just by that quote alone I know I would have a hard time with this one!

  7. C.B. James - I think you're in the majority... judging from my book club, anyway:-)

    Thomas - Thanks so much for leaving a comment. As it turns out, I cannot make our scheduled meeting, so will pass the book on to a friend in the group, then try again next month. A cozy mystery probably would have been more suited to my mood this week... but I do need to know the rest of Columbus' story.

    Amy - There have been a few parts I just don't get but, with our snow and roof issues, the book hasn't really received my full attention.

    Vivienne - I usually finish book club selections, too. I though I was the last person to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

    Sandy - We usually have a couple that don't finish, but I usually try. Just found out I can't make the meeting anyway, so am putting it aside for now. I'm pretty sure it's my mood though and will try again soon... have seen some really wonderful blogger reviews!

    Staci - Funny, the quote appeals to me... makes me want to know the story. I think I'll give it another try when some of our snow melts ;-)

  8. Eeek - if I know I'm not really going to like a bookclub book then sometimes I don't even start it. If I do start a book I tend to finish it. Cloud Atlas is one I ploughed through for bookclub and wish I hadn't!

  9. I haven't yet read WAITING FOR COLUMBUS, Joanne, and I'm not very encouraged by this!

    yes, I do try to finish book club selections .. but sometimes it's a drag! I stuck it through with ELEGANCE OF A HEDGEHOG (and I'm glad I did!)

  10. I usually give a book till halfway through and then ditch it if there is no improvemnent.

  11. This one is on my list to read so I sure hope it picks up for you.

    I TRY to finish book club selections but if they are really awful, I will usually contact one or two other members and ask them how it's going for them. If they say it's awful too then I ditch it!

  12. This one is on my list to read so I sure hope it picks up for you.

    I TRY to finish book club selections but if they are really awful, I will usually contact one or two other members and ask them how it's going for them. If they say it's awful too then I ditch it!

  13. Joan Hunter Dunn - Funny, I've been known to do that too. Have never mustered the courage to read Cloud Atlas (or his other books) - I just have the feeling it's not for me.

    Dawn - I'm hoping this will be an experience like you had with Hedgehog. So many bloggers love Columbus, so I'm inclined to go back to it -too many distractions with our roof/snow/ice issues the past week.

    Zetor - Then I should probably give this one at least another 50 pages or so...

    Ti - I do that, too! The member I called was halfway through and loving it. I'm putting it aside for a few days and will go back to it next week.

  14. I really try to finish all book club books because I HATE having a book spoiled for me and hate not being able to discuss the entire book because someone hasn't finished yet. Unless I just don't care about the book--which is rare. Unfortunately these days no one ever finishes the book so we have stopped meeting. As you can tell from two back to back comments I'm really frustrated. :( LOL!

    Hope this one picks up for you! I also find it frustrating to spend time reading a book for book group when I'm not enjoying it--thinking I could be reading something else for me.

  15. Trish - Can't think of the last time I haven't finished a book club selection. I'll just take a break and go back to this one next week. So sorry to hear your book club is not working out :-(


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