Sunday, February 13, 2011

TSS: Crying Uncle!

It's Sunday and, I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record (anybody remember those?), it's snowing. Yesterday we experienced white-out conditions and dozens of accidents caused roads to close. Today, with the annual snow total topping 140",  I'm raising the white flag and crying uncle. You win, Mother Nature!

We did manage to get the roof issues under control last week. Three guys with shovels and sledgehammers made a LOT of noise, but the ice dams were broken and removed. Hopefully the water woes are over, but we must deal with interior repairs in the spring.  On Wednesday, we were surprised to see a very large backhoe in the driveway. Evidently the snowplow guy is out of places to put the snow and needed to move back the snowbanks. They are so tall, I won't be surprised if they are still here in April!

On to reading...

After 100 pages, Waiting for Columbus still hasn't grabbed me... and I can't figure out why the women keep tripping in their high-heeled shoes. Anyway, I asked what you all thought about giving up on book club selections. I tend to tough them out, but was shocked when the author dropped in and gave me permission to put his book aside. I decided to take a break and return to it next week.

My current book is The Easter Parade by Richard Yates. I love this one! It is so real and well-written, although I know things can't end well for the characters. With any luck, I'll finish this afternoon and have time to read a short story for tomorrow's post.

On the blog...

How was your week? Are you reading something good today?


  1. While I certainly don't want you to keep reading something you're not into, I will say the tripping will make sense at the end. But if you do pick it back up, I think you're better off not trying to figure anything out...just go along with the story, and know that it will all be explained at the end.

  2. That is a ridiculous amount of snow! I'm glad to hear your roof is clear though! :) It seems to be trying to warm up a bit around here, hopefully spring will find it's way to all of us soon!

    I still haven't read Waiting for Columbus, it's on my list to get to eventually...

    Today I'm making my through The Wilding, which was an Indiespensable pick a few months ago, not very far yet, but hopeful for a good read

  3. I feel your ridiculous, unrelenting weather pain. No this year for us but last year. Becomes very stressful after a while. And certainly not the time to finish a book you are just not that into! I love Richard Yates (although I have not read The Easter Parade) and hope that he is just the distraction you need. Happy reading!

  4. Oh, I hate to give up on books, but sometimes we have to do just that...

    I just grabbed your image of The Easter Parade...I just may have to order this one! I loved the one other book of his that I read.

    Hope you have a great day...your snowy blog header is gorgeous! I'm sure pix of snow are better than the real thing....

    Here's my SUNDAY SALON

  5. You got a giggle out of me with 'broken record', that's funny!

    Our temps here today are much better...only -2! There has been some funny sliding noises coming from the roof, yikes!

    I found Easter Parade quite unsettling but I am happy to have read it.

  6. I cannot imagine what nearly 12 feet of snow would be like. It sounds dangerous to me. I would definitely be waving something.

    Keep warm and enjoy your short story.

  7. April? Sounds like they might be there in June! Yow, stay warm, Tootsie. I don't blame you for crying Uncle. Enough is enough already.

  8. Uck, I'm so sorry about your snow pain! This is about the only time of year I'm actually happy to be in the southwest!

  9. 140" too much for me. I don't really want to tell you what the temp is right now and what's happening to our snow!! Hope you get a warm front soon!

    Yay for getting into your next read!! I don't like to struggle with a book nor feel obligated to finish it either!!

  10. LOL--Maybe you'll be putting Easter Parade in the freezer? ;) I need to read something by him.

    I hope you're able to figure something out with Waiting for Columbus. Shame to miss out on discussion but hard to put the time into something you're not enjoying. Is it really long?

    Stay warm...!

  11. How fun that the author dropped in! I love when that happens! I have only read Theree Raquin by Zola, but I loved it. We're experiencing quite the thaw here in Illinois. Now everyone's dreading flooding. Just goes to show you, it's always something. ;)

  12. I have yet to read anything by Richard Yates-I know lots of people love his work-I will read the Zola short story you posted on very soon0good luck with the weather as we endure our normal Manila cold wave of 75 degrees F!

  13. JoAnn, happy to hear your roof is clean even if the ground won't be for a long while. It was a crazy winter for sure and we are a little nervous about what is in store with the melting this week when it's in the 40-50 degree range.

    I could not enjoy Waiting for Columbus either.

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  14. I just cannot believe how much snow you have had! Does it never end!

  15. Softdrink - Thanks for the advice. I'll just go with it, but have to find out how all those tripping women make sense.

    Victoria - I keep hearing good things about that program of Powell's... maybe some day.

    Frances - Richard Yates was the perfect distraction. We also ended up gong to the opera yesterday afternoon. I don't know a lot about it, but enjoyed the change of pace.

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I want to read everything that Richard Yates has written now!

    Darlene - I have another 30 pages left in Easter Parade... don't see things ending well, but love Yates writing.

    Margot - Thankfully all 12 feet are not on the ground now, but the snow is drifted up and over the tops of fences in many places!

    Kaye - I was actually thinking of typing May or June, but figured nobody would believe me!

    Rhapsodyinbooks - I just keep thinking spring will be even sweeter after such a tough winter.

  16. Staci - We had a brief warm front last night and this morning, but it was quickly replaced with wind... and more snow!

    Trish - At this rate, Easter Parade does belong in my freezer ;-)

    Bellezza - I was so surprised when the author dropped in! That was a first for me.

    Mel U - LOL, a 75 degree cold wave! I guess that just proves it's all relative. I'll be reading more of Richard Yates. He has written quite a few short stories, too... not sure if any are online though.

    Diane - A quick thaw could get ugly fast, too. We may be in the upper 40's by the end of the week.

    Viv - I'm sure hoping it ends soon! We usually have snow in March, sometimes in April, but rarely in May.

  17. I am a firm believe too that certain books read better for us at certain times in our lives. Perhaps this just isn't the time for you to read this one.

    So nice of the author to stop by and comment.

    I am about to put a book to the side, myself. The first one for 2011.

  18. Ti - This is the first book of the year I'm putting aside... just not the right time, I guess. Maybe I'll go back to it later. I just love that the author stopped by and gave me permission!


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