Sunday, February 7, 2010

TSS: The Right Book at the Right Time

It's a great feeling! You know, when the right book appears at exactly the right moment. It happened to me yesterday at 4:45 PM.

The weekend had already been a long one. Friday, we drove out to visit Daughter #1 for her 20th birthday. Our plan was to attend her basketball game, take her out for birthday dinner, head back to the hotel for cake and presents, and then watch Saturday's game before driving home. Well, plans change! Daughter #1 was stricken with a nasty GI virus and missed the game. She slept in our hotel room while we had 'birthday dinner' without her, she rallied for presents and a mouthful of cake (which she managed to keep down), and was asleep by 10:30. Saturday, she was well enough to sit on the bench, but too weak to play.

By that time, I was feeling as if I'd been punched in the stomach and figured we'd better skip the game and head home in case things got ugly. Thankfully they didn't, but I was on the couch feeling sick for the rest of the day. I'd finished reading Let The Great World Spin (great book!), but couldn't seem to focus on anything in the immediate tbr pile.

The library called at 4:45 PM to say they had a book for me. A quick computer search of my account showed it was Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork. Perfect! There was just enough time for my husband to get there before closing.

Now, I'm halfway through this YA title and just love it! Marcelo, a 17 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, has been attending a special school and has a job in their stable caring for therapy ponies. He's excited about a summer job that will allow him to train the ponies. His father, however, has lined up a job for Marcelo in mail room of his law firm in the city. He feels it's time for Marcelo to try to function in the "real world", and perhaps even attend a regular high school for his upcoming senior year. Marcelo in the Real World reminds me of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon, a book I loved several years ago.

Today I feel much better, but am considering keeping that information to myself. I want to lay on the couch and finish the book!

Before that, I'm going to pour another cup of coffee and see what my blogging buddies are up to. Do your plans include a Super Bowl Party? Reading? Or, perhaps you're digging out from "snowmageddon"?


  1. Oh Joanne, sorry your weekend plans did not go smoothly. Hope u and your daughter are good as new soon. Marcello sounds like a good book; I'll have to check it out.

  2. It is so cool when that happens, finding the right book at the right time. I have heard wonderful things about "Marcelo", can't wait to read your review.

    I hope everyone is feeling better!

  3. I'm glad that everyone is feeling better; what a shame that daughter #1 was sick on her birthday :(

    I have heard wonderful things about Marcelo in the Real World and it is already on my TBR list. Glad you were able to find that right book this weekend.

    I am actually fixing a Sunday dinner, using a frozen turkey I bought on sale during the holidays. After that, we are bracing for yet another winter snowstorm that is supposed to give us 6+ inches of snow! Not sure if I will watch Super Bowl commercials :) --- or read in the nook for a while.

  4. Marcelo sounds like a fantastic book. My son has suspected Aspergers, so I really want to read more fiction containing it. I've added it to my wishlist!

  5. That is too bad about your weekend. Hopefully you and your daughter are feeling much better now.

    And what a nice husband! If I asked my fiance to rush to the library for me, he would undoubtedly ask what was wrong with all the books I have at home!!

  6. Oh, I hate when that happens!! Well, I haven't celebrated THAT in awhile! I'll probably just keep reading.

    Your book reminds me of the new Jodi Picoult coming out in March...House Rules. That has a character with Asperger's as well.

    My Sunday Salon:

  7. Sorry you weren't feeling well but at least you got a chance to get in some good reading.

  8. I am snowed in with work this weekend. But I do have Let The Great World Spin and Marcelo is on my 'to get' list.

    I hope everyone is well again soon, but I also hope you get all the time you need to finish your book.

  9. Doesn't that just figure? I can't even count how many celebrations we have had when someone has gotten sick. Jill @ Rhapsody in Books just RAVED about Marcelo today. Totally compelled me to write it down.

  10. Sounds like a great book!

    I have an award for you at my blog:

  11. Glad you are feeling better:) I love it too when the right book comes along at just the right time...and yes we have been digging out too as well as trying to book a new flight for my sister who has been trying to get back to CA since Friday. Crazy!

  12. I hope you and daughter #1 are feeling better...Marcelo is great isn't it???

    We're all sitting in the living room watching the game right now. I'm obviously on the computer, drinking some coffee, and reading while I wait for pages to load up!! LOL!1

    Enjoy your evening!

  13. I did watch the game with my dad, and finished listening to the audio book of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet on the way home - it was amazing - one of my favorites of the year so far.

    I'm looking forward to reading Marcelo at some point. Hope you're feeling back to normal very soon!

  14. Oh, what a bummer to be sick on your birthday. Poor daughter #1. I hope she is back to full strength, and back on the basketball court by now. Also that you are feeling better--nothing like traveling when ill to make you appreciate your couch, and the perfect book!
    Marcelo sounds interesting. Wish you a speedy recovery!

  15. Don't you just hate it when you have such fun plans and they go awry? Especially by something as nasty as a stomach bug? I am glad people are feeling better--and I did laugh when you said you were going to keep news of feeling better to yourself--I have considered this in the past! ;)
    Your books sounds great--I am reading The Curious Incident this year for the Book Awards challenge-one that has been on my list for years.
    No super bowl plans here--son had wind ensemble rehearsal so a date out with husband was in order. No snowageddon here--we are barely getting rain this year!
    *smiles and wishes for good health*

  16. Diane - I felt so sorry for my daughter... not one of her better birthdays. Marcelo is excellent!

    Gavin - It seems like my library holds usually come all at once and I just get overwhelmed. This was perfect! We all seem to be on the mend now - thanks!

    Molly - A turkey dinner sounds perfect. I did end of watching the game/commercials and reading at the same time... neither was very productive though.

    Farmlanebooks - Marcelo is excellent, and provides a very good luck at the thought process of Asperger's.

    Reviewsbylola - My husband is definitely a keeper... all the books around here and he didn't even question a quick trip to the library before it closed for the weekend!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I wonder what Jodi Picoult will do with a character with Asperger's. That may entice me to pick up one of her books again...

    Beth F - Yup, more reading time than usual this weekend, and that's a good thing!

    C.B. James - Reading with the Super Bowl on was not conducive to finishing the book :-( That will hopefully happen later today - i can't wait to see how this ends!

  17. Sandy - I just skimmed Jill's review since I'm in the middle of the book, but you DEFINITELY need to read this one!

    Dana - It is a great book! Thank you so much for the award... I'll be right over.

    Book Psmith - This has been quite an introduction to winter for you! I don't think there is usually this much snow in your area. Hope you sister has made it home safely by's good to hear from you :-)

    Readerbuzz - Aw, thanks! I'll be over shortly.

    Staci - We are all feeling better now, back to life as usual today. Marcelo is just amazing! I didn't get to finish while watching the game, but I will tonight.

    Carrie K- Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is on my audible wish list. I'll have to take a test listen when I finish Sarah's Key. I think you're really going to like Marcelo in the Real World!!

    DS - Thanks. Daughter #1 will be back at practice today, and I'm back to my normal routine, too. I don't usually read YA Lit, but Marcelo is amazing!

    Kim - Yes, we are all better. I did use not feeling well as an excuse to skip a big Super Bowl party, but we did watch it at home. A date with your husband sounds even better though :-)
    Have a great week!

  18. I'm sorry your daughter's having a rough time; hope she's better soon. Marcelo is one of those books I've had on my radar for a while and I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it! The author has a new one out this spring I think!

  19. Glad both you and your daughter are feeling better. This book sounds great and would be a great recommendation for my cousin, so thanks for letting us know about it.
    And thanks for reminding me that the library called last Friday and I need to get over there :)

  20. Marie - She is much better today, and will probably be ready to play in her game tomorrow - thanks. Marcelo would be well worth making the time to read! I'm glad to hear the author has another book on the horizon.

    Stacybuckeye - Hope to have a fulll review of the book up next week... it was great!!

  21. Sorry you were sick. How nice to find the perfect book though!

  22. Violet - I'm much better now, but Marcelo was the perfect book to spend the day with :-)

  23. Love how you were considering keeping feeling better to yourself! :) And I need to get this book ... have been seeing it everywhere, and I'm thinking it is one I can't miss.

  24. Melissa - I was so tempted to take another 'sick day', but just couldn't do it. Mother's guilt, I guess. Marcelo is not to be missed!


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