Sunday, February 28, 2010

TSS: February Wrap-Up, Bring on Spring!

Even though it's the shortest month, February always drags for me. Winter begins to take it's toll and cabin fever sets in. We long for spring but, around here, it's still a long way off. Thank heavens there's March Madness to look forward to!

It's college basketball that helps us get through the winter! Last night at the Carrier Dome, an NCAA on-campus attendance record was set as 34, 616 fans watched the #4 Syracuse Orangemen defeat the #7 Villanova Wildcats. Just look at that sea of orange! No, I wasn't one of the lucky ones present. I had to settle for television, but will get all the details from my Dad later today.

We had almost 30" of snow Thursday and Friday. Schools were closed, but my book club is a hearty group. Our meeting went on as scheduled! We had a wonderful discussion of Sarah's Key, and I promise to get my review/discussion highlights up later this week! Next month we're reading The Help. That should give me a chance to work on my tbr pile, since I listened to it last year.

There are a few February awards to acknowledge. Madeleine at Wordbird gave me the Honest Scrap Award. I've played along with this one, so I'll direct you to Madeleine's 10 things. Have a look around while you're there.

Around Valentine's Day, Candace at Beth Fish Reads gave me the Who Loves You, Baby? button. Isn't that sheep the cutest thing? Thanks so much Candace.

Finally, Kals from At Pemberly passed on the Ohh la la! Award. As part of my obligations in receiving this award, I need to answer these questions:

Where is your favorite place to read a book?
on the couch or in bed at night

Do you snack while reading?
sometimes, but I try not to

Are you a book borrower or book collector?
A collector - I love to be surrounded to books!!

What is the best book you've read recently?
Fiction: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
Non-fiction: Nine Parts of Desire by Geraldine Brooks

Thanks so much Madeleine, Candace, and Kals!

Finally, this week I will be reading South of Broad by Pat Conroy and listening to Julia Child's My Life in France. What do you have planned this week?


  1. I love the commitment of your book group...come rain or shine or 30" of snow:)

  2. J'adore ton blog aussi! Felicitations :)

  3. Oooh, I loved My Life in France - can't wait to hear what you think! The Help should bring up some great discussion for your book club!

  4. My Life in France is one of my top books of all time. Words cannot explain how much I loved that book. I even cried at the end. I'll be curious how it translates into audio!

  5. You book club is hearty - 30 inches of snow! I have missed two book club meetings in the past month due to snow!

    Looking forward to hear what you think of South of Broad - I have that one on my shelf.

    Congrats on your awards!

  6. Saw that sea of orange on TV also. Wow! Sorry about the 30 inches of snow...Hope the basketball you did see in person went well.
    Can't wait to read your thoughts on My Life in France and The Help!

  7. 30" of snow...holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved Sarah's Key...can't wait to hear what your book club thought about it!

    those awards are adorable and couldn't go to a more deserving person.

    I'm so looking forward to a spring header on your blog!!! Bet you are too!

  8. Your book club is amazing - both for its perseverance and for its great choices!

    I love the awards - especially the sheep! And they're well deserved!

  9. Book Psmith - The storm was just starting as we met, but 8 of us were still there. Around here, all wheel drive is a must!

    Molly - Merci beaucoup!

    Dana - I've only listened to the first CD, but I think I'm really going to enjoy My Life in France. May end up getting the book from the library to be sure of some of the names/places. I loved The Help and think we'll be in for another great discussion next month.

    Sandy - Wow, that's high praise for My Life in France. Only listened to one CD, but I'm hooked.

    Booksnyc - Snow doesn't slow us down around here...only when it starts blowing and visibility becomes a problem do we get nervous. So far, I love South of Broad. Pat Conroy is such a great storyteller.

  10. DS - That sea of orange was amazing! My father, cousins, and lots of friends were there - the experience of a lifetime they said. My daughter's season ended on a high note with a 2OT win... by the end of the month she should know about the new opportunities. Hope your swim meet was just as memorable.

    Staci - These are the tallest snow banks we've had in a couple of years! I can't wait for a spring header either...I'd like to get one when the ice on the lake starts breaking up.

    Gautami - I liked Sarah's Key a lot, too... am working on the review tonight.

    Rhapsodyinbooks - Snow doesn't stop much around here, but when it's combined with wind and reduced visibility, I get a little nervous.

  11. I agree with your thoughts on February. I have said for a long time that February is the longest shortest month of the year!

    I am also a book collector. So many times I've thought about going to the library instead of the bookstore but it's to no avail, if I read it, I must own it.

  12. everybookandcranny - Thanks for visiting... and what is it about February?? Those 28 days always seem like 40! I love being surrounded by books, too.


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