Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Pin It and Do It Wrap-up

Trish's  Holiday Pin It and Do It Challenge officially ends on Monday, so I'll wrap things up by sharing a few Christmas week pins.  After my somewhat disappointing attempts at fall decor, I decided to return to recipes. All photos are from Pinterest... I was too busy cooking.

Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup
We love soup, and I wanted to have a couple varieties on hand when the girls came home. Twin A's request for sweet potato soup lead to one of my first pins (pinned 34 weeks ago via Care onto my Soup & Stew board), but the soup actually tasted more like cauliflower than sweet potatoes. The garam masala, purchased especially for this recipe, added depth to the flavor. Only one of the girls liked it as much as I did and my husband didn't even try it. I'm not sure whether I'll make it again.

Brie and Raspberry Phyllo Cups
A member of my book club always brings these tasty treats to our summer pot luck dinner. I wanted to serve them as an appetizer on Christmas Eve, but wasn't sure of the baking time or temperature. I went searching for a recipe and pinned it - simple, elegant, and delicious.

Green Beans Almondine
Also prepared for Christmas Eve dinner, but I've never used an actual recipe. The shallots were a flavorful addition. I will definitely use this pinned recipe again.

Gingerbread Pancakes
As soon as I repinned this recipe from Amanda, I knew it would be served for Christmas breakfast. We substituted plain Greek yogurt for sour cream. Topped with sauteed pears, this recipe is definitely a keeper!

Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole
I needed a vegetable casserole for Christmas dinner and decided to try something new. This pin from McCormick was a big hit.

These five recipes, combined with my fall pins, land me in the 'Pin Obsessed' category - very fitting! Thanks again for hosting, Trish.

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  1. I bet I'd love that soup, so I might give that a try. Those pancakes looks amazing!! I may have to start a new Christmas morning (or how about a random Sunday?) tradition.

  2. Pin It and Do It would make me very, very careful about what I'm pinning. LOL Good for you. You did well.

  3. I was excited about the soup until you said it tasted more like cauliflower than sweet potato. I love anything sweet potato. Everything looks delicious.

  4. Um, can one be pin-obsessed without making any of one's pins? Um, don't answer that.

    I'm glad you auditioned that soup for us because it looks incredible and would probably disappoint me (sweet potatoes, yes!!! cauliflower, I'm really trying). I think the casserole looks promising!

  5. I love the broccoli and cauliflower one - I'll have to try it. We're trying to expand the vegetable repertoire here ... (though I'd love to try gingerbread pancakes instead, I probably shouldn't ...)

    I've actually started doing a few of the simpler things I pinned, with some success. It's really a fun way to find things.

  6. I think I will have to try the soup. We love Indian cuisine and the garam masala will be great with that. Will save the recipe.

  7. The gingerbread pancakes sound really good. I love making one, big baked German pancake instead of fiddling with the little ones on the griddle. Maybe I could add the spices to my usual oven pancake recipe.

  8. Those all look delicious. I've been making a sweet potato soup this fall but I could use some variety now and cauliflower might be just the thing!

    Joy's Book Blog

  9. gosh, they all look good, but I would love to have some of that soup about now..

  10. Enjoyed reading your post, but I'm still full from holiday eating!

  11. Gingerbread pancakes sound yummy.

    Happy New Year

  12. I should save that broccoli and cauliflower casserole recipe. We always do broccoli and cauliflower cheese so this would be similar but different.

  13. Hi JoAnn,just wanted to pop in and wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful new year. {{Hugs!}} I wish I could get TBG to appreciate cauliflower!

  14. The Brie and Raspberry Cups look so elegant, I'm going to pin them myself. I hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year.

  15. Oh those gingerbread pancakes look delicious! I need to try to make them gluten free.

  16. You are seriously a Pinterest Queen!!! I ended up getting a few more but don't think I'll have a chance to blog about them. Nothing as cool as the bundt pan chicken. ;)

    I've been trying to eat more cauliflower and broccoli but Scott isn't a big fan so I usually just roast it. The McCormick recipe does look delicious!! Thanks as always for joining the fun. :)

  17. All of them look divine and now I'm seriously hungry!!! I would try the bottom casserole dish for sure!

  18. Gingerbread pancakes? Nom! I love to make those raspberry/brie phyllo cups - they actually inspired me to try all different kinds of things in the cups but they're still my fav.


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