Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Intro: The Gap Year

I once believed that I was psychologically incapable of being unhappy while submerged in water. Sunk in a bathtub up to my eyeballs, I was as free of earthly cares as a turtle sunning herself.

Yet here I am, wallowing through my tenth lap, feeling prickly and unsettled rather than weightless and dolphin-sleek. Instead of soaring into silent galaxies, I am snarled up in annoyance that my right eye is stinging because these crappy goggles are leaking. And that the ladies' aqua-cardio class in the shallow end is blaring "It's Raining Men". And that the flip-turning jerk I'm sharing a lane with drowns me every time he powers past. And that because I didn't expose my only child to enough dirt, Aubrey will hit the germ factory that is a college dorm with a weak immune system. And that she will die of spinal meningitis.*

The Gap Year
by Sarah Bird

I'm reading The Gap Year for a TLC Book Tour in August, as my twins prepare for their freshman years at college. They have both had a meningitis vaccine.

Does the opening grab you? Would you keep reading?

* This quote is from an uncorrected proof. The finished book may be slightly different.

Tuesday Intro is hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea.

Tuesday Intro is hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea.


  1. That makes me so jealous that I can't read the rest of the book now. My daughter just finished her freshman year of college, and I don't recommend that you go back and read my blog postings about it!

  2. JoAnn, I like the intro but do not think I'd read this one, as I can't really relate to the subject matter.

    I'm sure your girls will fare beautifully in their new environments. (Hope you like the book).

  3. Yes, I would keep reading this one!!

  4. Paulita - Oh, that sounds too tempting for me to resist.. I'll have to look for the posts when I have a few minutes.

    Diane - The book isn't what I normally read, but it's a nice change. Keeping my fingers crossed for smooth transitions this fall..

    Staci - I'm enjoying both the mother and the daughter's side of this story.

  5. That is an amazing opening paragraph. I dying to read the rest of the story.

  6. Yes, I would definitely keep reading!

  7. I'd probably keep reading if only because I adore swimming, being in water such as a pool or the sound, not so much a bath tub!

    I've seen this book on several websites and blogs and didn't feel any pull towards it, but I'm interested to read your review!

  8. Amy - LOL! I think I'm drawn to this because my twins are starting college in a few weeks... so many separation issues to deal with here, too.

  9. I think I'd keep reading it - it certainly is a grabbing introduction.

    Here's to a smooth transition.

  10. Anothercookiecrumbles - I've finished now and will post a review in a few weeks for a TLC book tour.


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