Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Salon: The Dog Days

And so we begin the Dog Days of Summer..
...forty days of especially hot and humid weather with little rainfall, according to the Farmers' Almanac. The name came from the ancient Greeks. They believed that Sirius, the "dog star," which rose with the sun at that time, was adding to the sun's heat. They also believed that the weather made dogs go mad. The Romans tried to appease Sirius by sacrificing a brown dog at the start of the dog days. For the Egyptians, the arrival of dog days marked the beginning of the Nile's flooding season, as well as their New Year celebrations. 
"Dog days" has been adopted by the stock market because the markets tend to be slow and sluggish; it's also come to mean any period of stagnation or inactivity. (from today's Writer's Almanac)
The dog days of blogging are apparently here, too. With two graduations, senior ball, Father's Day and a short trip, June passed in a blur of activity.  I read only two books and listened to one more, but haven't gotten around to reviewing any of them. Sunday Salon posts fell by the wayside, too.

So, what am I reading now? I've just started The Gap Year by Sarah Bird and finished few short stories by Guy de Maupassant.  Room by Emma Donoghue is my current 'car audiobook' and Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin is loaded on the ipod.

Paris in July is finally underway! To get things started, I'll post my thoughts on A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway this week. I also highly recommend the movie Midnight in Paris.

Blogging may continue to be sporadic throughout these dog days of summer. Hopefully, reading will continue as normal. We have a very low-key day planned today and I'm looking forward to a couple of uninterrupted hours with The Gap Year this afternoon. Tomorrow will be full of July 4th festivities - a road race in the morning (I'll be a spectator/cheerleader), followed by a parade, party, and fireworks. It's truly one of my favorite holidays!

By the way, that's not Zelda lounging on the float. She's a little nervous in the kiddie pool, but I came across a wonderful website featuring other greyhounds enjoying the water.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  1. I like the sound of the Gap Year, that might be something that I have to get my hands on. Sounds like you are having a busy and fun time - who needs to read when times are like that?!

  2. Every single one of your current reads sound fantastic!!

    I LOVED Midnight in Paris and may even go see it again before the summer is over.

    We have had three days in a row where the heat index has been over 100 degrees. I am rather tired of the dog days of summer - and I fear they have only just begun.

    Stay cool and enjoy the fourth!

  3. I listened to Room in the car as well, and ended up sitting in the garage for about an hour during one disc because I couldn't wait to hear what happened!

  4. Zelda does not look happy. :( Fortunately, neither of my dogs are big on going in the water. I wouldn't want to have to dry them off, though they love being dried off.

    Thanks for the information on 'dog days.' I always though the dog days of summer were in August. They are certainly a down time for the blogosphere in any case.

  5. Here in Morro Bay we have the fog days of summer. The hotter it gets inland, the foggier it gets here. And since it's supposed to be 108 inland today...

    Enjoy your 4th...sounds like fun times!

  6. Yes, I always thought the Dog Days belonged to August, too. Thanks for the education. I am dying to see Midnight in Paris, but will probably have to wait till it appears on DVD. Sigh.
    Sounds like a most busy holiday for you JoAnn--enjoy, enjoy!!

  7. I thought that was Zelda! I was showing my family. It is hard to keep it all together when there is two million things going on, so I understand. You will love Crooked Letter I predict. Loved the narrator.

  8. I just know that your posts on Hemingway and Paris books are going to add to my must read now list!! That dog looks super cool on that raft and at first glance I did think it was Zelda!!

    Enjoy the 4th!!

  9. Interesting post. I'm glad they've stopped sacrificing dogs.

  10. Ah, there is that Midnight in Paris thing again. So jealous. I should call Teresa now! Curious about audio of Room as reading it was not that great for me. See you around for Paris in July fun!

  11. LOL...I was going to say Zelda is brave, as many Grayhounds are a bit skittish. very cute photo all the same.

    Sounds like you've had a busy few months. I feel like my reading has been slipping the last few months as well, so I try to pick books that I'm pretty positive I'll enjoy.

    Have a great summer JoAnn.

  12. I just came home from seeing Midnight In Paris. Now I want to reread Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

    Enjoy you dog days. With all the special activities you've had and the dreadful winter, you deserve to just relax in the heat.

  13. After a really cool spring we seem to be settling into those hot, sticky days. I'm not reading as much these days either, there is so many things to see and do while it's nice outside.

    Have a super holiday, JoAnn! Any barbeque plans?

  14. Have a fabulous weekend. My parents can't stop talking about Midnight in Paris. I'm going to try to go this week.

  15. I was not feeling too social this weekend so we just stayed home, doing our thing. For me, that meant reading with The Twilight Zone marathon running in the background. I finished two books! Progress! Plus, it was over 105 all weekend long so leaving the house was not an option.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  16. Verity - Exactly! So much going on right now, and I know it's the same for you!

    Molly - I'd love to see Midnight in Paris again, too.

    Rhapsodyinbooks - I'm only on the second CD, but totally hooked. Wish I had more alone time in the car!

    C.B. James - I've always associated 'dog days' with August, too. I'll be reading more, but blogging less this summer.

    Softdrink - WE had a great 4th... hope you enjoyed a long weekend, too!

    DS - Hope you get a chance to see Midnight in Paris. I just know you'd love it!

    Sandy - Started listening to Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter and something weird happened to the sound on my ipod! I'm going to try and download again and resync...hope it will fix the prob;em. It was just getting good.

  17. Staci - It's fun to visit Paris in books/movies... wish it could be for real though!

    Cozy in Texas - Me, too! Greyhounds make wonderful pets.

    Frances - I'm only on the second CD of Room, but the young narrator has really drawn me in. We'll see if it continues.

    Diane - That sounds like a good strategy. I'm going to be reading more and blogging less this summer.

    Margot - That's exactly the same way I felt! I really want to reread Tender is the Night soon.

    Darlene - I'm enjoying every moment of good weather! We had graduation parties Saturday and Sunday, then celebrated the 4th on Monday.

    Beth F - I hope you get a chance to see Midnight in Paris - it was wonderful!

    Ti - Oh no! I cannot function in that heat, either... think I would have been at home reading all weekend, too. Thankfully, we rarely see that kind of weather.

  18. i hope you had a great holiday weekend. i know what you mean about the dog days- everything seems to slow down a little for me, for sure!

  19. Enjoy the dog days of summer. I am trying to get off work earlier so I can enjoy the longer days and spend some time outdoors!

  20. I love the pic of the greyhound - he/she looks so regal!

    I am bracing myself for the heat and humidity - so far it hasn't been too bad!

  21. Marie - We had a great weekend, thanks. Now things are slowing down on the blog for a while.

    Kathleen - Hope that works out for you. We've been outside almost every evening until after 9... love it when it's light so late!

    Booksnyc - Yes, we haven't gotten many of those really sticky days yet. It's much, much worse in the city.


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