Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Midweek Audiobook Meme

Here’s something quick and easy for the middle of the week, just a short meme.

Current/most recent audiobook: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Impressions: Intense! War books are never my first choice, but I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying this book club selection.

Current favorite audiobook: The Help by Kathryn Stockett  - fabulous story and excellent multiple-narrator production combine for a phenomenal audio experience

One narrator who always makes you choose audio over print: David Sedaris - I will never read one of his books again!

Genre you most often choose to listen to: I listen to everything - fiction, nonfiction, classics, mystery, humor. Listening helps me get through some nonfiction or classics that may be challenging in print.

If given the choice, you will always choose audio when: a humorous book is read by the author... think David Sedaris or Nora Ephron.

If given the choice, you will always choose print when: a book has many visual aspects. For example, I'm not sure how The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time would work on audio. When listening to non-fiction or memoir, I will often check a book out of the library if there are pictures or charts (The House at Sugar Beach, My Life in France, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks).

Audiobook Week is hosted by Jen at Devourer of Books. See how other audio lovers answered the questions here.


  1. I heart David Sedaris, too! He's so funny and there's just something about the way he narrates his stories that gets me every time.

  2. Your answers are great! I should have thought about the comedy thing.. Adam Carolla's audio book has SO much stuff that is NOT in the print book, so listening to it had a big benefit!

    And now I definitely have to listen to The Help!! Thank you!

    Here's my audio book week post!

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  3. I love listening to Sedaris, too - though have to be careful if I'm listening while out in public, like grocery shopping. People tend to look at you weird when you crack up laughing for no apparent reason!

  4. I've heard such good things about the audio version of The Help...I read it last year and now am going to have to listen to it!

    My mid-week meme can be found here.

  5. I was so disappointed the first time I read a David Sedaris book, I just didn't find him funny on the page. Then I tried him in audio and <3<3<3<3<3.

  6. I am looking forward to my first David Sedaris audio.

  7. I just checked out the audio lending thing at my library. Fantastic! I can't wait to try this.

  8. I used to listen to audio books all the time - more than I read print versions. But here's what happened. I shall sound like a fuddy-duddy which really I'm not, except about this one thing. I would listen before sleep, and then if I woke up during the night I'd start listening again so I wouldn't just be awake and thinking. These were books on TAPE. I could run that little sony walkman with my eyes closed, literally. But when all the books moved to CD, it just wasn't as easy. I'd wake up trying to run the thing. I couldn't just rewind or fast-forward easily anymore. And now I don't drive so much, I didn't need them in the car. So, they are pretty much in my past, unless I happen to see something at the library. Before I rented, yeah, rented from Recorded Books. I spent a ton of money, but oh, were those wonderful recordings. Barbara Rosenblat, George Guidall. And for a while, there were two other companies- Blackstone Audio and Books on Tape, which were also wonderful. All unabridged with excellent narrators. Wow, that was a long response - more than you wanted to know,
    JoAnn :<)

  9. interesting to see you wonder about the Henrietta Lacks books as I have seen that listed as a good one on audio a couple of times this week. I bought it for my daughter in print as part of her Easter basket knowing that when she came hoem for the summer it would come home too and I could read it - selfish Easter bunny!

  10. Restlessreader - Isn't Sedaris wonderful? I just love his delivery... can't imagine 'reading' his books!

    Mickey - Thanks! I'll have to find out more about Adam Carolla's audiobook.

    Carrie - I only listen to Sedaris at home or in the car for just that reason!

    Kristin - It's definitely worth listening to The Help even if you've already read the book.

    Jen - Audio is definitely the only way to go with Sedaris. I tried to read one once, but it wasn't the same.

    Nise' - Will look forward to your thoughts. I think some people love his humor while it leaves others cold. I'm definitely a fan!

    Lee - That's great! Can't wait to hear what you think of the experience...

    Nan - You have quite a history with audiobooks! The first few I listened to were on tape, then I began downloading and burning to CD. I'll listen to CD's in the car, but have another book on the ipod for home. I used to listen before sleep, but had a hard time finding the spot where I dozed off. Now I read before bed, and listen if I wake up and can't fall back to sleep.

    Just Mom - I love the Easter Bunny's though process ;-)

  11. Hi JoAnn -
    I'm so enjoying your blog! And I couldn't agree more about Sedaris: once I started listening to his stories on This American Life, I was hooked. My favorites are "Youth In Asia" and "The Stadium Pal" (which, btw, you can catch on YouTube). Thanks for reminding me to take a look on my library shelves for his latest...

  12. I love listening to Sedaris as well but I wish that all his audios were all David rather than those other folks. I might have to find The Help on audio--loved the book but I keep hearing great things about the audio version.

  13. I am SO excited to see this audio book focus this week! I think it is time for me to take the plunge. I just received an offer from audible where I can select two free audio books. I plan to check out all the suggestions and then sign up :)

  14. I just may listen to The Help on audio...thanks for the suggestion!

  15. I've never 'read' Sedaris, but have heard enough to know I'm starting with the audio!

  16. Good post for someone, like me, who wants to expand their audiobook experience. I loved The Help on audio too.

  17. Laurie - Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Just found your blog this week, too... look forward to reading more!

    Trish - Yup, you need to LISTEN to The Help. Audiobooks just don't get any better!

    Molly - Can't wait to see which two you choose!

    Staci - No problem! I do think you'd like The Help.

    Stacybuckeye - Oh good! Audio is the ONLY way to go with Sedaris.

    Margot - I'm glad to offer a few suggestions, but with all the great responses to this meme, I'll bet your list is a mile long now!

  18. Oh, David Sedaris is a great selection. I need to branch out on my audiobook selections, so I will definitely be adding his books to my queue.

  19. Michelle - I hope you like Sedaris on audio. I think he's great!


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