Sunday, January 31, 2010

TSS: A Woolfish Weekend

Good morning! Temperatures are still hovering below zero as I sit here with my steamy mug of coffee. The sun is shining brightly and, for a brief moment, I considered heading outside for a walk. On second thought, I decided to save that for a warmer day (maybe 15 degrees?) and just hit the treadmill instead.

So, I missed the trip To The Lighthouse on Friday, but am still in the midst of a very Woolfish weekend. Last Sunday, I mentioned that Mrs. Dalloway has continued to occupy my thoughts. This week, I reread The Hours by Michael Cunningham (a book I loved before reading Woolf's novel). I am simply in awe of Cunningham's talent.

Yesterday, I returned to Mrs. Dalloway (it's unheard of for me to reread a book so soon) - opting to read the foreword by Maureen Howard this time. And last night, I finally watched The Hours. If there's anyone left that hasn't seen this film, I highly recommend it!

A Woolf biography seems to be on the reading horizon and my inclination is to choose Hermione Lee's. Does anyone have a recommendation?

It wasn't all Virginia Woolf this week though. Eudor Welty's "Why I Live at the P.O." was the topic of my Short Story Monday post. It's a great southern story and, especially after reading Softdrink's review of The Optimist's Daughter, a trip to B&N is in order this afternoon.... can't let a coupon expire unused! I also posted my thoughts on Marvel's graphic adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.

Now there's time to visit some of your blogs before settling in for an hour or two with Mrs. Dalloway. What will you be reading today?


  1. I read Mrs Dalloway first - before The Hours and love them both - also the film. I've read both books at least twice and seen the film twice.

    As for biographies I have one by Lyndall Gordon but haven't read it yet, so I don't know whether it's good or not,but I read somewhere it's well documented and easy to read.

  2. I love "Why I Live at the P.O". There is a recording of Ms. Wealty reading this story available at iTunes. It's wonderful. She does a great job with it, not all authors do. It's very funny when read aloud.

    I've no Woolf recommendations but I can recommend Mr. Cunningham's books Home at the End of the World and Flesh and Blood. Specimen Days not so much.

  3. Yes to the Hermione Lee bio. I think that you will really enjoy it. Maybe the diaries too? Been dipping in and out of them lately, and reminded of how delicious they are. Great insight into her work.

    Stay inside! Cold and snowy here too. I have officially had enough of winter. Paid someone to shovel for me this morning, and am retreating into The Brontes Went to Woolworths. Happy reading!

  4. After the Woolf in Winter reading, I'm going to tackle the Hermione Lee bio and the diaries. But in the meantime, I'm reading a biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, who is quite interesting all by herself.

  5. I missed the Mrs. Dalloway reading. School and a reading rut kept me preoccupied. It sounds like you're having a great weekend. I plan on reading more of Eula Bliss's essay collection, Notes from No Man's Land.

    Happy reading and have a great week!

  6. I missed To the Lighthouse too. I've read Orlando twice already, and with my difficulties of late, I don't think I'm up to reading it yet again and writing about it. But still, I never quite understood it, so it'll be interesting to see what everyone says.

    It's 17 degrees right now in Way Upstate New York. It was -3 on Friday when I gave my dogs their morning walk. My hair was wet from my shower and it literally froze together in clumps!

  7. I'm so intrigued by your rereading of Mrs Dalloway, I won't leave my copy to languish for too much longer as it appears I'm missing out!

    We really enjoyed watching The Hours at our house, none of us said a peep while it was on.

    I just stepped over to Amazon to browse for biographies of Mrs Woolf, there are loads to choose from aren't there! The Hermione Lee edition looks terrific.

  8. I've not seen The Hours, which is strange because I usually go on a Oscar nomination bender before the actual awards occur. I vote to stay inside! I love to walk, but that is just a LITTLE too cold to make it enjoyable!

  9. I read Mrs Dalloway in college but could probably do with re-reading it. I have the Hours on my shelf but haven't gotten to it yet. So many books - so little time!

  10. I'm sad that I had too many commitments before I learned about Woolf In Winter. I am enjoying all of your posts.

    I really liked Virginia Woolf: An Inner Life by Julia Briggs.

  11. The thought of re-reading Mrs Dalloway makes me cringe (sorry, but it's true). I do have more of Woolf's non-fiction on the shelf though...I seem to do better with her non-fiction books, as it's less stream of consciousness.

  12. I need to read The Hours again soon. It's been years and years, but I remember being in awe of his talent too.

  13. Your weekend sounds fabulous except of course for the subzero weather!!! I just wish the sun would come out more often!!!

    have a great week!

  14. BooksPlease - This recent interest in Virginia Woolf has caught me by surprise - her books never really appealed to me before. I looked at a couple of bios today, but neither Gordon's nor Lee's was in stock. Will keep looking...

    C.B. James - Isn't that a great story? Will definitely check iTunes so I can hear Welty reading it. I loved Cunningham's Home at the End of the World, and will look for Flesh and Blood. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Frances - I was all set to buy Lee's bio at B&N today. Unfortunately, they only had Briggs and I wasn't sure about that one. I ended up purchasing The Mrs. Dalloway Reader instead. The diaries sound wonderful, too.

    Amy - I probably won't get around to a bio until after Woolf in Winter either. I may go on a nonfiction/biography streak then.

    Vasilly - I'm always impressed that you find much time for any reading outside of school! I never seemed to be able to do that. Have a great week.

    E.L. Fay - I read a little of Orlando in B&N today, but it didn't do much for me. I'll probably read To the Lighthouse after I finish the Mrs. Dalloway reread. We got up to 20 or so this afternoon... it felt like a heat wave!

    Darlene - I was totally overwhelmed at all the bios available at amazon. At B&N today, the only one they had was Briggs. It looked good, but I haven't seen anybody mention it. Guess I'll wait a little longer.

  15. Sandy - I'm surprised you haven't seen The Hours! I did end up on the treadmill today, even though it did get up to 20. Felt like a heat wave!

    Booksnyc - You said it! So many good books to read, and almost every blog I visit has me adding more to that list, lol!

    Gavin - All the Woolf in Winter posts have been such fun to read. I actually saw the Briggs bio at B&N today. It looked very good, but I didn't want to purchase it without a recommendation. Next time...

    Softdrink - I never in a million years thought I'd ever finish Mrs. Dalloway, let alone want to reread it. Don't know what has come over me ;-)

    Nymeth - The Hours was such a pleasure to reread! I'd forgotten parts of it, and reading it so soon after Mrs. D. just emphasized Cunningham's talent.

    Staci - Funny how the sun can make such a huge difference, even when it's still so cold! Have a great week.

  16. I loved The Hours, book and movie. I have a lot of Woolf's works but I just never seem to sit down with one. That will change this year

  17. Bookmagic - That's how it was for me, too. Loved The Hours, owned a few Woolf books, but never read them. When you decide it's time to read Woolf, be sure to choose a time when you can give her your full attention!


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