Friday, January 29, 2010

To The Lighthouse... trip delayed

It took me 25 years to finish Mrs. Dalloway. The most important lesson learned from the experience is that timing is everything. Last Friday, I picked up To The Lighthouse. My intention was to complete the book and have a thoughtful post ready for Woolf in Winter today.

Funny thing though, Mrs. Dalloway was still on my mind. Woolf's gorgeous prose left me filled with awe and unable to move on. There is somehow a need to 'finish' Mrs. Dalloway. For me, that will involve a reread of The Hours by Michael Cunningham (hope to complete this today), probably followed by a reread of Mrs. Dalloway, and then a movie adaptation.

I will eventually make the trip To The Lighthouse. Let's just hope it doesn't take another 25 years to get there!

Emily is hosting today's discussion of To The Lighthouse. It can be found here.


  1. I am thrilled to hear this book has had such a powerful impact on you! I simply must make time to read it soon.

  2. I certainly know what you mean by timing...I loved The Hours, the book, as well as the movie.

    So I thought Mrs. Dalloway would be a smooth read.

    So far, though, I haven't gotten into it.

    Maybe I need to put it aside for a bit and then come back.

  3. I'm sure you will get to the Lighthouse. I read The Hours and loved the movie too...enjoy your time with Woolf!

  4. It is great to hear that it had such a powerful reaction on you. I hope you feel the same way about Too the Lighthouse. Enjoy your re-reads!

  5. Molly - I hope you do get to read it ...just be sure to pick a time that's right for you.

    Laurel-Rain Snow - Just finished my reread of The Hours. Now I'm off to search for the movie. I'd save Mrs. D. for a time when it 'speaks to you' right from the beginning.

    Staci - Based on my previous experience, I never though I'd be enjoying Woolf this much. Today I want to watch The Hours.

    Farmlanebooks - Thanks, Jackie! I just finished The Hours, and will watch the movie tonight - may even start my Mrs. D. reread this afternoon.

  6. Hello - what a nice blog. I really love Virginia Woolf and am pleased to hear that her work resonates with ou. Have you tried her autobiographical writings? - they are quite short sketches but they are wonderful. Hannah

  7. Hi, I have an award for you at:

  8. How great that the book affected you so strongly. I love that feeling when it happens to me.

  9. Hannah Stoneham - Thank you so much for visiting! I am actually a Woolf novice. Mrs. Dalloway is the first book I've read, but it certainly won't be the last! I'm interested in her letters, journals, and nonfiction, too.

    Laurel-Rain Snow - Thank you! I'll be right over...

    Beth F - This hasn't happened to me in a while... and, after my previous Wool experiences, I certainly didn't expect it . That makes it even more fun!

  10. Last year I was seized by a Mrs. Dalloway euphoria. I read Mrs. Dalloway for the first time, re-read The Hours, and watched the movie with Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Julianne Moore. That was quite a fulfilling experience to capture the nuances of each and see how they reinforce one another.

  11. Matt - That is exactly what happened to me in January. My first reading of Mrs. Dalloway was followed by a reread of The Hours, the movie, and another slow read through Mrs. D. - what an experience! Last weekend I bought The Mrs. Dalloway Reader, which is full of essays, stories, and the actual text. I'm enjoying that now.

  12. LOL ... I still haven't finished Mrs. Dalloway, but then it's only been two years. There's still time.

  13. Kim - LOL... plenty of time :-)


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