Friday, March 13, 2009

Basketball Classic: Syracuse wins in 6 OT

Absolutely amazing! Last night at the Big East Tournament quarter-finals in Madison Square Garden, arch-rivals Syracuse and UConn put on a show that will be talked about for generations. The longest game in Big East history took all of regulation, 6 overtime periods, and nearly 4 hours, for the Orange to emerge with a 10 point victory at nearly 1:30 AM. You've gotta love March Madness...and it doesn't get any better than this!

You can read more about the game here. The photo is also from the Post-Standard.


  1. A basketball fan! Yay! I don't watch college ball. It's all I can do to keep up with my T-Wolves during the NBA season. But it's cool to see hoops on someone's blog besides my own! :-)


  2. Oh, I do loooove me some March Madness! I watched a good bit of that game but didn't make it until the end. Of course, I'll be watching in just about an hour when North Carolina plays Virginia Tech. Go Heels!

  3. Lezlie,
    And I don't follow NBA because all I can keep up with is college, lol!

    March Madness is the best! There are orange balloons all over town today - what a game! Good luck to the Heels, too.

  4. Cool! Then I'm going to consult you come draft time to find out who our choices are. :-)



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