Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house....

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse hound.

Christmas 2010 is now a happy memory. A lazy, quiet day followed... other than a little reading and a brisk walk with my husband (it was too cold for the dog), there was minimal activity.  A couple of the girls never took off their new jammies. Zelda, like the rest of us, relaxed in a favorite chair, but she was the only one willing to be photographed.

My main accomplishment was finishing Freedom. What an amazing book! Franzen's writing has left me utterly in awe. I plan to gather my thoughts this week.  A few other reviews need some attention before the end of the year, too.

This is also the time for tallying stats, sharing year-end lists and observations, and planning for the year ahead. I have a couple of posts in the works, but my main focus this week will be on helping Daughter #1 prepare and pack for her semester in London. Weather permitting, she leaves January 5.

Tonight I'm trying to decide what to read next: one last library book (The Doctor's Wife) before the TBR Dare begins, or Major Pettigrew's Last Stand for my January book club meeting.  First, I'll catch up with some of your blogs.  How have you spent this 'day after'?


  1. If you do choose The Doctor's Wife, I'll be interested to see your thoughts. It has been on my TBR shelves forever.

  2. I've spent the day being very lazy! Did some crocheting on a hat for my daughter while listening to an audiobook, spent a lot of time online, had pecan pie for lunch, and served leftovers all day long. It was a good day. :) I'm glad you had a good Christmas, JoAnn.

  3. There was no jammie lounging here. We just got back from Christmas with my family, so I think I'm about ready to fall into a food coma. After I pout about having to go back to work tomorrow.

  4. I spent the day playing games and spending time with the family. Have a great week!

  5. Melissa - The Doctor's Wife is short, so I'm tempted to squeeze it in before the end of the year.

    Carrie K. - Sounds like a perfect 'day after' to me! Enjoy the rest of your home schooling break.

    Softdrink - Well, I'm sure you got some lounging time on vacation ;-) Love your new bookcases, too... have had trouble commenting out your blog lately though. Must be WordPress thinks I'm a spammer :-(

    Vasilly - A perfect end to Christmas weekend. Looking forward to details on your Tomi Morrison read-along... sounds tempting!

  6. Zelda looks like I feel right about now...LOL (she's thinner though).

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday (us too). I also liked Freedom.

  7. Zelda looks very relaxed - sort of like I was after my THIRD hot-chocolate-ice-cream-kahlua thing of the day...

  8. This has actually been a hectic day - I'm seeing my family tomorrow for the week and I did some (shh!) last minute Christmas shopping for them! :)

    Your dog is absolutely adorable and hilarious! Looks exactly like my dog (a Viszla/Pit mix) when she's been running too much (or really when she's really stretching out for her regular naps)!

  9. lol, I love Zelda's pose. I'm glad you had a nice, quiet Christmas!

  10. Your Zelda and my Jude have the exact same pose --- although usually I am the one that Jude is lying across :)

    I am glad that your family had a relaxing Christmas and I hope that continues throughout this week.

  11. I love the photo! I never got out of my pajamas, either. It's Christmas tradition in our house for the kids (even though we're all into our 20s) to not get dressed on Christmas.

    Congrats on finishing Freedom! I vote for getting in that one last library book before the TBR Dare starts. Though I guess book club books are important too. Enjoy!

  12. So glad you had a great Christmas :) That pic of Zelda is adorable. You should sell a Zelda calendar!

  13. I've often thought about trying to sleep that seems to be very popular around my house too!! Glad that you enjoyed the day after and everyone lounged about. We spent our day pretty much the same way!!

  14. We did pretty much the same thing you did. Nice lazy days are wonderful. I got some great books for Christmas and now I'm just enjoying them.

  15. Diane - My mother is always complaining that Zelda is too thin, but they say if you can't count a greyhound's ribs, they are overweight. She's gained at least 5 pounds since becoming a pet.

    Rhapsodyinbooks - I'm drooling now... hot chocolate-ice cream-kahluah? I should never have read of this combination!

    Coffee and a Book Chick - This was Zelda's first Christmas as a pet (I'm sure they didn't celebrate at the track) and it really wiped her out!

    Nymeth - Zelda has a knack for striking poses like this... she keeps us all entertained. Hope you had a relaxing day, too!

    Molly - It wasn't quite as relaxing today as we made final preparations for Daughter #1's semester in London. It looks like we may even be able to visit her at the end of February! Keeping my fingers crossed...

    Erin - Kids seems to be a term that defies age. We are 40's and 50's now, but our parents still refer to us as "the kids"! I did start that last library book today :-)

    Stacybuckeye - Funny, one of the girls suggested that too!

    Staci - Glad you had a relaxing 'day after' too! We probably all needed that.

    Margot - It's not often we get to enjoy a lazy day like that. Glad you're enjoying your new books!

  16. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

    I will be reading Major Pettigrew pretty soon here. I just finished Last Night at Twisted River which I LOVED.

  17. Ti - I love John Irving, but haven't gotten to Last Night at Twisted River yet. I do have a B&N gift card to use before the TBR Dare begins...

  18. Oh Zelda, you are too cute all flopped out on your chair. The thyroid meds are really working!

    Very excited for Daughter #1 and her semester in London, JoAnn. Such a wonderful opportunity!

    We are all being ridiculously lazy here and just loving the fact that we barely check the clock. And my goal of being in my pj's until noon has been realized today!

  19. Merry Christmas! I'm glad you had a great holiday. your dog looks like I felt the day after! :-)

  20. What a great picture. And I really liked Major Pettigrew.

  21. hey i like your website, i will bookmark it :)

  22. I thought cats made a room look cozy. Your dog makes a pretty convincing case though.

  23. OMG - I love that pic of Zelda! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas JoAnn.

  24. Darlene - You would never guess from the picture, but Zelda is actually much more energetic since starting her thyroid medication. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a week in London this semester :-)

    Marie - That pose was too funny to NOT take a picture!

    Thomas - I decided to read one last library book, but Major Pettigrew will be up next. Sounds like 2011 will start with a great book!

    John - Having Zelda sprawled out like that is like an open invitation for the rest of the family to join her...we could really use another couch!

    Darlene - She doesn't have a cute puppy air like Sammy, but we'll keep her ;-)

  25. We spent the 26th trying to avoid a snowstorm while exchanging boots my daughter received as a gift.

    Now, our blizzard was nothing compared to the 30+ days of snowfall you've seen, but, it was a lot for this area.

    Fab picture of Zelda!

  26. I'm slowly starting to feel that I might have to try Jonathan Franzen.

    I hope you have a lovely 2011!

  27. Dawn - Hope you've recovered from the blizzard... sounds like it was pretty brutal in your area. Happy New Year!

    Iris - You could try Franzen's short story "Good Neighbors". It's from the opening section of FREEDOM and might help you decide whether you want to spent the time on the book. There is a link to it in my year end wrap-up post.


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