Sunday, December 12, 2010

TSS: A Snowy Week

Good morning, and welcome to my Sunday Salon week in review.  The SNOW took center stage as a four day "lake effect" event left us with 49" on the ground! Schools were closed Monday and Wednesday, and weather records of all kinds were broken. I posted a few pictures for Wordless Wednesday and also updated my header photo. Today it's raining, but we're being told to brace ourselves for more lake effect this week.

Since there was not much time in the car, I'm still around the half-way point of Pavilion of Women, but enjoying it very much. I listened to Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton indoors on my ipod instead. Although I've read the book a couple of times before, the audio experience added a new dimension.  It was also interesting to listen just a few months after reading Summera book Wharton referred to as 'hot Ethan'.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen is my current book. At page 300, I can heartily agree with what many bloggers are saying - if you loved The Corrections, you'll love this, too. I need to finish soon... look for it on my year-end list!

My book club met Friday to discuss The Group by Mary McCarthy.  Most members really liked it, primarily for the social history. I'm working on the review, and will be sure to include more about our discussion.

Finally, although 2011 will be a challenge-free year, I've decided to accept the TBR Dare at Ready When You Are, C.B.  In the sign-up post I mentioned an exception for book club selections, but I won't need to make use of that in January.  Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, a book already on my shelf,  was chosen.  The TBR Dare is off to a good start!

Today we have decorating and wrapping planned, then a birthday party for my brother-in-law. The baking will have to wait until next weekend when Daughter #1 is home. Later this evening, I'll have time to spend with Freedom. Are you busy with holiday activities today? Will you carve out some time to read, too?


  1. 49"! Holy cow! That puts our storm yesterday to shame at only about 16"!

    Of course I have to have time to read! I'm re-reading Dan Chaon's Await Your Reply for this week's book club. Such a great book.

  2. I'm afraid not many reading will be done around here in December... but it's the same every year so I'm kind of getting used to it. Anxiously awaiting your review of The Group!

  3. 49" - I can hardly imagine that much snow! We have only rain here today - bleh.

    Thanks for the Freedom recommendation - I did like the Corrections so it is good to know I will like Freedom too!

    I am joining in on TBR Dare too - my bookshelves will thank me plus I can enjoy the many books hanging out there waiting to be read!

  4. Cannot wait to hear your review of The Group. I have not read it yet but have heard wonderful things about it. Also, snow days sound marvelous to my Floridian soul. It's an excuse to be trapped inside the house to read. (Although I could see how it would be frustrating if it monopolized most of your week or weeks!)

  5. That is some intense snow!!

    Thanks for taking my little dare. I'm going to try to make it to April 1. I certainly have enough books to last in my TBR pile.

    But I don't think I'll make it to February, even with a book club exception.

  6. I was pretty much suspecting that fans of The Corrections would like Freedom, so it was nice to have that confirmed. I, for one, HATED The Corrections, but I still may give Freedom a chance.

  7. Love the new header! What you have in snow, we appear to be getting as rain...
    Happy reading and a very happy week, JoAnn!

  8. OMG,I knew you were getting a lot of snow up that way but had no idea it was 49"! And more on the way. Yikes!

  9. 49" Wow! You totally bypassed us and I hope that much doesn't come our way. We're getting some more snow today but hopefully only a few inches. Either way - more shoveling.

    I hope to get the tree decorated and some reading done today after I'm done blog hopping.

    Have a great day JoAnn!

  10. JoAnn....and some still deny that we are experiencing effects of "global warming" LOL It has been pouring here for over 6 hours (still no snow though).

    I planned going challenge free in 2011 as well, but spotted a few I MUST participate in, so I am limiting myself to (5)LOL

    Have a great week.

  11. Major Pettigrew was one of my favorite books of the year - you will definitely start the year off great!

  12. Amy - That was over 4 days, but still... Await Your Reply looks very good (just checked amazon). Look forward to hearing how your group reacts to it.

    Nymeth - It's hard to get much reading done in December, I agree. I'll try hard to finish my review of The Group this week! Still haven't had a chance to watch the movie.

    Booksnyc - Glad you're joining in for the TBR Dare! It's raining here today, too. Hope we can melt a little bit of snow before the next assault, lol!

    Christina - There's nothing like a snow day for some good family time! My twins are seniors this year, so it's the last winter to enjoy them together :-(

    C.B. James - Even though we're used to some pretty big storms, these snow totals presented a challenge! Looking forward to your tbr dare, and finally getting through some great books on my shelf that keep getting passed over for books with a deadline!

  13. Wow..that is a lot of snow! We're getting socked right soon as my son gets home I will feel more at ease. I know we're going to have a snow day tomorrow!!

  14. Stephanie - You could be the one to disprove that theory, who knows? My mother and sister both DNF'd Freedom.

    DS - Glad you like the header photo. I usually hang a Christmas wreath on the shed lattice and was wishing I'd put it up before the storm. Hope you have a great week, too!

    Melissa - I couldn't believe it... the snow just kept falling!! It's raining today, so a lot is melting - thank God! It's even hard to pull out of the driveway - can't see who's coming until it's almost too late!

    Darlene - We're making progress on the tree today. It's in the house now. Hope to get the lights on tonight, but we'll wait until my oldest daughter gets home to hang the ornaments.

    Diane - There have been some great challenges popping up this week... hope I don't lose my resolve to skip them this year! Maybe your idea to hold it to a small number will work...

    Raidergirl3 - Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! My mother gave me Major Pettigrew months ago, so I'm looking forward to starting 2011 with a great book!

    Staci - Hurray for snow days!! Hope your son gets home soon so you can relax and enjoy.

  15. I had to do a double-take. 49 INCHES???? Are you kidding me? I'm surprised you can even leave your house! I know my sister in St. Paul is having issues as well. You and I are in the same boat with the challenges. The Dare is the only thing I'm focusing on right now. I'm going for no stress and no commitments.

  16. Holy cow, that's some snow! We had some over Thanksgiving, but now we're going through quite a dry spell.

    Thanks for sharing today and with the week ahead!

  17. That's lots of snow. You must be in upstate, near the lakes. I'm glad your joining the TBR dare. I'm getting really excited about it.

  18. That is some serious looking snow. Not that I know anything about snow, only having seen it twice it my life.

    The TBR dare sounds interesting. I'm going to read some of my TBR mountain next year, because if I don't do it now, I'll never get around to it.

    Have heard a lot of mixed things about Freedom, none of which has inspired me to read it. Will await your review.

    Have you seen the BBC production of Bleak House? It's really good, and now I don't have to finish the book to find out what happens. :)

  19. Hmmm...wonder why year round schools here in LV don't get any heat wave days like your snow days.

    I always like to read cozy Christmas books for December, but I have a few challenges to catch up with. Good luck with your challenge. I'm really looking forward to my Shelfari Hunt as well.

  20. I'm looking forward to your review on The Group. It's been awhile since I read that but remember it fondly.

  21. Sandy - The snow fell over 4 days. Since we're used to it, that is (sort of) manageable. Two warm days over the weekend, so a lot has melted... just in time for the new 24" predicted this week!

    Becky -If it going to be cold, it might as well snow! Hope you have a great week!

    Gavin - You're right. We're in the path of Lake Ontario's snow machine... it usually goes directly east, but this time it shifted slightly south and we got it!

    Violet - Reaction to Freedom does seem very mixed, but I enjoy Franzen's writing style. Bleak House is in my Netflix queue... should get to it this winter.

    Kim - Heat days seem only fair ;-) One cozy Christmas book I enjoyed was Fannie Flagg's A Redbird Christmas. It was an audio and read by the author.

    Margot - I'll try really hard to get that review written this week!

  22. What an AMAZING snowfall! I won't be far from you in a week's time so fingers crossed it will be a white Christmas!! Though I'm a bit worried about the driving...I might chicken out and get one of my friends to drive!

  23. Your header with the snow on it just makes me feel like it's Christmas! So beautiful!

  24. Rachel - We have officially had the snowiest December in history... and winter hasn't even started yet! The snow is very localized to the region around Lake Ontario, so your driving may not be too bad.

    Amused - So glad you like the header! I like to hang a wreath on the shed lattice, wish it was up before I snapped that shot.

  25. Just a bit of snow. LOL. Can't wait to hear about your discussion of The Group. Am wondering how younger readers reading it in 21st century would react.

  26. Beth F - My book club ranges from mid-30's to about 70 (most are around 50), so we're not exactly 'younger readers' lol! I'll still get a review for The Group up, just haven't done any blogging this week...


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