Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Mariana

"People were kind and friendly and amusing, but they though that companionship and conversation were synonymous; and some of them had voices that jarred in your head. There was a lot to be said for dogs. They understood without telling you so, and they were pleasing to look at, awake or asleep..." (page 2)

by Monica Dickens

I just started this morning, but I think Mariana is going to be an excellent summer read!

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading.


  1. This looks like a good book...love that cover, too.

    Here's mine:


  2. Now that is perfect. There's nothing like a dog for letting you know what's important without saying a word!

  3. I think Zelda would approve of that quote!
    Will look for Therese Raquin. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. That teaser makes me think that this must be a sweet, sort of lyrical, book!

    My teaser: http://jewelknits.blogspot.com/2010/07/teaser-tuesday-july-20-2010.html

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  5. Oh I so get that! Love your teaser. Mine can be found at


  6. Liked the teaser and really like that cover!

  7. Ooh, I've been wanting to read that book. Nice teaser!

  8. Definitely a good summer read. BTW I love your blue summer layout with the boat picture!

  9. I love to gaze at Deacon while he's sleeping. A flood of relief comes over me that there will be a few minutes of peace in the house!

    It's taking me ages to get through my current read, it's a doorstop of a book, but I'm almost there. Mariana is high on my tbr list but I haven't quite settled on my next book.

  10. Laurel-Rain Snow - It is!

    Fleurfisher - That quote probably has nothing to do with the rest of the book but, with so many dog lovers out there, I just had to use it!

    DS - Thought I heard a sigh of approval coming from Zelda's direction... Hope you come across Therese Raquin soon.

    Jewelknits - I'm thinking it's going to be sweet and lyrical too. We'll see if it turns out that way...

    Kylie - Thanks for stopping by!

    Staci - Those Persephone Classics covers are all gorgeous!

    Christy - Hope you get to it soon. It's great so far.

    Verity - Glad you like the summer layout. I think this is a perfect summer book, too.

    Vivienne - It's been months since I've read a Persephone... couldn't stand it any longer!

    Sandy - Me, too!

    Darlene - There's something so calming about a sleeping dog. I have a feeling mine sleeps much more than a border collie though. I know you've got a real doorstoppers of a book going now, but it looks like such a good one!

  11. The cover is so lovely. The cover and the quote have the feel of a Persephone book.

  12. Enjoyed this book - Mary is such a contradictory character, that you can't help but relate to her at multiple levels (and you want to slap her as well, but... let's leave that aside for a sec).

    Hope you enjoy it. :)

  13. Margot - There really is a particular feel surrounding a Persephone! So far, I love this one.

    Anothercookiecrumbles - Only 75 or 80 pages in, but I love it already!

  14. I've been absent from blogging for a few weeks, but LOVE your new header picture!

    I added this book to my TBR list after seeing it spotlighted, but haven't got to it yet. I look forward to your review as well.

  15. Thanks, Kim! It's good to see you around again. Welcome back!


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