Saturday, July 31, 2010

I write like...

I write like
Jane Austen
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Have you seen this? It's too much fun not to share.

Helen's Book Blog featured a link to "I Write Like...". Copy and paste a sample of your writing and see which famous author comes up . My latest post, Cheri and The Last of Cheri, yielded a Jane Austen match. Of course I'm delighted, but that was a slight departure from my usual style.  Think I'll experiment with a few others...

Analyze your writing here.


  1. Oooh, I'd love for mine to come up as Jane Austen, although when we read PERSUASION at my book group, some members said it was like a Harlequin Romance. Obviously, they have never read a Harlequin Romance (and believe I've read plenty - been a while, but I loved them).

    Mine came up as Ray Bradbury, the sci fi guy. I guess that's OK because my heart really does belong the genre fiction and I'm awfully casual in my writing. I guess that comes from being an accountant, not a writer. LOL

  2. That was a little too much fun, because evidently I write like Tolstoy. Does that mean I'm wordy??

  3. Jill and I must have both used our Brothers K posts as I also apparently write like Tolstoy. Ha!

  4. I tried this a couple of weeks back, and got three different answers.

    I copied one of my really old "ramblings" and it told me I write like Arthur C Clarke. Tried another one, which told me I write like David Foster Wallace. And another one which said the same. Yay! And then I put in the fourth entry, and it said I write like James Joyce. Massive ego boost. Like, seriously massive. And then - and then, the fifth entry said I write like Dan Brown....

  5. I am apparently a schezophrenic writer. For each post that I submitted, I was described as a different author. Hmmm....

  6. This is too much fun!!! I'm off to analyze!

  7. Oh, this looks like fun...I'll have to try it.

    Thanks for visiting my Sunday Salon.

  8. Kay - Coming up Austen really surprised me, but the post I used was definitely a change - lol! When I tried another, it came up Lovecraft.

    Softdrink - Tolstoy - really?? LOL!

    Trish - Apparently you and Jill have been spending too much time with the Russians!

    Iris - Don't think any other posts would turn up as Jane Austen, but I was definitely pleased.

    Anothercookiecrumbles - It's funny how these change. Another of my entries came up Lovecraft... may try a couple more.

    Molly - LOL! I submitted two and got different results... wonder what would happen if I tried a third time?

    Beth F - Let us know who pops up!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I'll be playing with this a little more, too!

  9. I entered a portion of my crazy Lauren Conrad review and came up with Cory Doctorow. Never heard of him.

    Then I entered one of my regular posts. . .

    I write like H.P. Lovecraft!

    At first I was like, "Awesome!" And then I was like, "Wait, does that mean my prose is purple?"

  10. I'm scared to do this...give me a minute and I'll see how I said Stephen King!!

  11. It would seem I write like a man...hmpf! No matter how many times I try it keeps throwing back a man's name...the last one was James Joyce. I submitted my post about my handknit tea mitten for goodness sakes!

  12. Writing like Austen is certainly something to be proud of!

    Apparently I write like Margaret Atwood, which I'll gladly except. (With the exception of her latest Armeggedon type novels. ;)

  13. EL Fay - LOL! When I put in another post, Lovecraft came up and I wondered the same thing!

    Staci - My daughter kept getting Stephen King, too.

    Darlene - James Joyce??? Oh my goodness...

    Bellezza - Oooh, I'd be very happy with Margaret Atwood, too!

  14. I plugged in a sample review and got Kurt Vonnegut.

    When I plugged in an "everyday" writing piece, I got Stephen King! Watch-out!

  15. Ti - LOL, I've had a lot of fun playing with this!

  16. Tried this & it seems I write like a combination of James Joyce,Cory Doctorow,David Foster Wallace & HP Lovecraft.

  17. Parrish Lantern - Seems like everyone gets multiple answers... isn't this fun? Thanks for visiting!

  18. Well, aren't you lucky?! I submitted three different clips and got three different answers, but none of them as cool as Austen.

  19. Stacybuckeye - I was thrilled with Jane Austen, but I didn't get that again with the other two posts I tried.


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