Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wuthering Heights Wednesday: Week 10

It's week 10 of the Wuthering Heights Wednesday read-along hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts and we're coming in the home stretch! But I have a confession to make: I finished the book. I couldn't stop at the end of chapter 30, so just kept going. Yes, there was a surprise or two. If you're sticking to the schedule though, I'm not going to spoil it for you.

  • Cathy and Linton are married.
  • Edgar, realizing Cathy is being mistreated, tries unsuccessfully to change his will. He dies before the lawyer (under Heathcliff's control) arrives.
  • Linton dies - at last!
  • Heathcliff gains control of Thrushcross Grange and insists Cathy return to Wuthering Heights.
  • Heathcliff digs up Cathy I's grave.

My thoughts

I'll save this for next week. Now that I know the outcome, it's hard to comment on just this section. The end is near...

Reading Along


  1. I nearly did the same, but I stopped myself. Though I hope to read it before Wednesday.

  2. I finished, too...which is why I didn't have much to say this week, either. I'm looking forward to everyone's final thoughts next week!

  3. May I just say to Heathcliff: IT'S YOUR TURN TO DIE!!!

  4. I didn't play along did I? I finished that darn thing and posted about it too. I just couldn't take it anymore!

    I know I am being dramatic because it wasn't all that bad. Not nearly as difficult as the Moby Dick read-along and I did have fun spouting off about it.

    I'm happy I read it even though you may not pick up on that when you read my post.

  5. I finished a while ago too, I just couldn't stick to the schedule. It was totally creepy how Heath dug up Cathy's body. That just confirms his madness.

  6. You made it out alive!! Yay!!!!

  7. Vivienne - You have more will-power than I do!

    Softdrink - Yea, I didn't want to spoil anything. Next week's posts should be pretty interesting!

    Rhapsodyinbooks - Sure you can... he's been around too long already!!

    Ti - No, you were fine. A girl can only take so much of this ;-)

    Wnitney - I was totally surprised when he dug up the grave - didn't think even HE would be capable of that!

    Staci - Whew... it was close!

  8. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the ending!

  9. I like to follow writer’s blogs as I feel I learn from each one. I have a book of Communion devotionals at the printers I authored, although I don’t consider myself an accomplished writer. I am a follower on your blog and invite you to follow mine as well…and please leave a comment when and if you visit.

  10. Heathcliff digging up Cathy's grave *shivers*. Ms Bronte must have loved a ripping good ghost story around the fireplace at night to come up with that!

    rhapsodyinbooks made me laugh with her comment but you know...I admit to feeling a wee bit sorry for the guy.

  11. Amy - I'm working on getting that post written :-)

    Covnitkepr1 - Thanks for visiting. I'll stop by your blog and take a look...

    Darlene - sorry for Heathcliff... really? I did at the beginning, but it faded fast ;-)


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