Thursday, June 24, 2010

Audiobook Week: When Do You Listen?

It's Audiobook Week and Jen at Devourer of Books is offering up this topic today: When do you listen? Yesterday I mentioned that my audiobook habit began when I was spending inordinate amounts of time in my car.  The car is still my favorite spot to read an audiobook, but I spend much less time driving around alone these days... especially in the summer.

Last spring I began to use my ipod more frequently - on the treadmill, while doing housework, cooking, or gardening, and now, while walking the dog.  Since I listen to CD's in the car, I worried about having two audios in progress simultaneously. That hasn't been a problem at all.  The problem is that I don't like the earbuds! They just aren't comfortable for more than 20 minutes.  Have you upgraded? Do you have a recommendation for comfortable, reasonably priced earbuds?  I'm all ears...


  1. I didn't like the earbuds that came with my ipod either. I bought a separate set of earphones but it meant one more big thing to tote around. (It's the kind that fits over the top of your head.)

    Then my daughter pointed out that there are different sizes of earbuds. She switched me to a much smaller size and they fit just fine. Problem solved. You might check that out. (I believe she bought them at Best Buy.)

  2. I have the same problem...they hurt, they fall out, they get in my way. But I have found the perfect headphones. I got them at Target. Here is the link:

  3. I want to live by the lake in your picture!
    Sometimes my earbuds hurt and sometimes they don't. What I would love is cordless earbuds! I'm always catching the cord on the dishwasher or something and then they pull out of my ears!

  4. I do not have problems with my earbuds. I would love wireless ones too!

  5. I'm not crazy about earbuds (i still use the original Apple ones. I listen with them about an hour at a time.

  6. I don't know about affordable but I do love the Bose in ear headphones - the sound is amazing! It really drowns out the street noise when I listen while walking through the city

  7. I gave up on earbuds (and iPod) after the cats chewed 3 sets--and they'd been hidden (not well enough). When the Man ate set #4, I gave up.

    Audiobooks are my treat for long car trips.

    Good luck in your quest for the perfect buds!

  8. When I go running I don't use earbuds, but I use a simple headphone. They might look old fashioned, but are way more comfortable.

  9. Margot - I didn't know earbuds came in different sizes... time for me to go shopping.

    Sandy - Oh, thanks!! I like the ear hooks better... off to Target today.

    Shelley - Being near the water is so relaxing for me! I didn't even know there were cordless earbuds. Clearly, I need to do some investigating.

    Nise' - The wireless ones are news to me!

    Diane - Those original Apple earbuds are such a pain. Twin B needs some, too, so we may go shopping today.

    Booksnyc - I'm going to try ear hooks like Sandy mentioned. If those aren't any better, then we'll go for the Bose!

    DS - I love the ipod, but not the earbuds... so frustrating. Think I'd give up after buying 4 sets, too - LOL!

    Irisonbooks - That's what I was thinking about... going back to a slim headphone. I like the idea Sandy mentioned about the ear hooks, too.

  10. Earbuds don't really bother me, but there are some that come with multiple sizes so you can pick the ones that best fit your ears. I don't remember the brand (because I break my earbuds constantly and have to replace them), but I think my husband bought them for me at Target.

  11. Jen - Multiple size earbuds are news to me. We'll be hitting Target sometime this weekend...


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