Friday, August 14, 2009

Library Loot - I surrender!

A large stack of books was returned to the library unread. Some had already been renewed a couple of times, others just came home on a whim last week.

I've really tried to curb my book buying this year (and it's been hard with all of your wonderful reviews that appear on a daily basis!), but it's so easy to click over to my library website and put a book on hold. This allows me the chance to take a closer look before deciding whether to read or buy... plus it's completely free. Lately though, it seems all of those holds have come in together and I want to read them all!

Today, I admit defeat and officially surrender.

My new system will be to keep a wish list on paper (I'm thinking moleskin notebook). In addition to title and author, I can also note how I became interested in the book ...much like Staci assigning blame in her recent library loot posts! Ideally, I will have this notebook with me whenever I venture into a library or bookstore.

So after congratulating myself on such a rational new approach to acquiring books, I immediately drove to Barnes & Noble and purchased Richard Russo's new book, That Old Cape Magic. Russo is a favorite of mine, and the list at the library was way too long. I'm already looking forward to hearing him speak in the spring as part of the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series.

What did you find at the library this week?

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  1. You're so lucky getting free holds; I have to pay 85p for mine, so it's only a tiny bit more to pick up a cheap second hand copy on Amazon.

    I did have to return a book today unread, I might take it out again though...

  2. I hope you enjoy That Old Cape Magic. I've had Empire Falls on my shelf for about a year now, but I haven't read it yet.

  3. I've had to return a ton of books too because I just ran out of time. Thanks for the shout-out. Don't be surprised when your name shows up sometime for the blame game :)

  4. I was laughing when I read about you taking your library books back. I went yesterday just to pick an audio book and came home with 6 additional books. Yikes.

    I hope you'll enjoy Old Cape Magic. I have it too and can't wait to read it.

  5. I hate taking unread books back to the library. I've stopped adding books to my hold list at the library. I have to finish 2 before I can add a new one.
    I have a Google Doc with the same information you write down but now I can access it from anywhere and I never forget it like I would with a paper copy :)

  6. Can you suspend your library holds? That way you can release them as you're ready without losing your place in line. Our system offers that option and I do use it when overwhelmed. I'm back to work as of tomorrow afternoon and will be returning a few that went unread, all those great intentions. Enjoy your new book!

  7. Hahaha. JoAnn, I'm so with you. I started one post for my wishlist that I tried to update online, but somehow it got too impossible, so now am sticking to the notebook once again. :)

  8. I just brought this one home from the library; it's my next read. hope u enjoy it too.

  9. I am thinking about surrendering myself. I used to check out several books and would have to return a good number of them unread. When I moved, I vowed to limit myself to checking out one book at a time since the library is so close and they only allow two weeks for checking out. So here I am with a copy of Wodehouse's Joy in the Morning, renewed once, due tomorrow but will renew once more...and I still don't know when I am going to get to it. Am I at the point where I can only check it out if I am going to start reading it that day?

  10. I need to come up with a system to get things under control myself. Congratulations for coming up with one! And enjoy the new Richard Russo :)

  11. I am always returning books to the library unread! I try to kid myself into thinking that I am not buying many books this year, but when I look at how many I have acquired, it's fair to say that there are certainly quite a few coming into the house!

    In order to keep track of what I want to read, where I heard about it and what I have read I use excel spreadsheets. One sheet is just for what books I have out from the library and when it is due back.

  12. Verity - I am fortunate to have such a good (free!) library system. At least with your own books, you don't have to worry about due dates...

    Charley - Empire Falls is a great book! Got a chance to start That Old Cape Magic today, and love it already.

    Staci - I feel bad returning unread books. Suppose someone else really wanted to read them while I kept them here for weeks on end? Oh well...

    Dar - I do that all the time - lol! Can't just run in and pick up one thing. That Old Cape Magic is vintage Russo - he's back to the academic setting like in Straight Man.

    Linda - That's a good plan - finish 2 before adding a new one to the list!

  13. Darlene - I'll have to look into suspending sounds like a great option! It's probably there and I just don't know about it.

    Claire - Even though they're 'low tech', I still love my notebooks - lol!

    Diane - Enjoy! I'll be looking for your review, too.

    Book Psmith - Believe it or not, I've thought of that. Right now, I'm only buying books I will start to read that same day! Maybe I need to employ that rule for library books, too.

    Nymeth - I hope this system works better than the last. So far Russo is usual.

    Marg - You sound very organized! I like to think I've really cut down on my book buying, but looking at my receipts for amazon, B&N, and Borders shows that that's really not the case.

  14. I'm the same way when it comes to returning books unread...yet it always seems to happen. I write down books I want to read in a notebook as well :)

  15. Joanne, I started Old Cape Magic this afternoon, and I'm 1/2 done. LOVING IT!!!

    PS...I have the same library addiction as you. I came home with 5 more today as well, and I just posted my library loot the other day...LOL (subject to change every few days). I go 3x a week LOL

  16. Samantha.1020 - I have high hopes for my notebook method...we'll see!

    Diane - So glad to hear it! I just read a few chapters before I fell asleep last night, but it is fantastic! I'm glad Russo is back to the academic setting - he does it so well.

  17. Good luck on your new system... I just can't seem to get a good handle on my book addiction.

  18. have not heard about the book, but I do love finding new finds :)
    Happy reading

  19. I also order books online from the library like you do before I purchase them. Unfortunately they do not always come at the right time and I too have to return them unread... its heart breaking. :)
    Congrats on your new system - I hope it works.

  20. Beth F - This is something new to try...sure hopes it works better than the last system!

    Blodeuedd - Richard Russo has been a favorite ever since I read Empire Falls. His new book is wonderful...I hope to finish either today or tomorrow.

    Shellie - Returning unread books is hard! Hopefully with my new system that won't be happening as much.

  21. have to read That Old Cape Magic soon; it's so so good IMO

  22. I like your system! :-) Can't wait to see what you think of the Russo book. :-)

  23. Diane - I'm reading it now!

    Marie - So far the system is working. I haven't bought a book since last week, and have only put one on hold at the library. I just love Russo's new book so far...I've been a huge fan since Empire Falls!


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