Thursday, August 13, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - recent worst?

Today's question:

What’s the worst book you’ve read recently?
(I figure it’s easier than asking your all-time worst, because, well, it’s recent!)

My answer:

Maybe it's because I'm more aware of my reading tastes, or maybe it's because I've gotten so many quality recommendations since starting this blog. For whatever reason, I have not read any bad books lately.

There have, however, been good books that have just not suited my mood. For that reason, I have returned them to the library or put them aside to revisit later. The most recent of these is Thomas Mann's Death in Venice.

This was to be my third and final summer vacation reading challenge book set in Italy, but it turned out to be a little heavier than expected. The writing is beautiful (see my Tuesday Teaser post last week) and I have been wanting to read Mann, but the dog days of summer is just not the right time. Thomas Mann, I'll see you in January!

To see more recent worsts, visit today's Booking Through Thursday post here.


  1. I find I too can't read certain books in summer. And believe me, it is hot here.

    Booking through recent worst
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  2. I agree, JoAnn! I think reading the reviews of book blogs that I trust has helped me make wise reading choices. I have not read a "bad" book in a long time, although I have read books that have not grabbed my attention for one reason or another.

  3. I've gotten much better at avoiding books that aren't for me too, and blogging has certainly helped! I still come across duds from time to time, but it doesn't happen all that often. The last one was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It sounded like it'd be my kind of book, but it really wasn't.

  4. A lot of readers are very careful in what they pick, so read few bad books. I, on the other hand, will pick up anything, so I've read some stinkers :-)

    You'll find mine here.

  5. So he's not really a worst read, then. I hope you'll give him another chance. I recently read Death in Venice for the first time and quite liked it. I do think it's better suited to rainy weather then a sunny summer day.

  6. Reading tastes during the fall as opposed to summer really are different.

    I chose The Reader by Bernhard Schlink as my most recent BAD read. You can check out my thoughts here.

  7. I have been wondering the same thing about my reading. I feel almost blessed by all the good reading I have been enjoying this year. Definitely attributed to book blogging. Will you be staying in Italy or moving on?

  8. I havent tried Death in Venuce but have heard mixed reviews.

  9. I've had my own 'Death in Venice' experince just today. Some Tame Gazelle, which I would normally love, has to go back to the library unfinished. It's not the right book for me at the moment.

  10. Online reviews are a great source of info. My choice unfortunately was a very dry, academic book.

  11. I really wanna read Death in Venice, I heard great things about it, so your post is a bit unsettling, lol! :)

  12. I do want to read Mann, but his books just aren't calling to me at the moment. Better to wait for the right moment than to not get the most out of it by reading it to hit a target or get it out of the way. Hopefully you'll find another vaation destination!

  13. My choice of book also came from few years back...I've managed to choose good books recently

  14. Gautami - I'm sure it's much warmer for you at the moment! Still, I'm looking for lighter reads right now.

    Molly - I can't say enough about the positive influences blogging has had...choosing better books is just one of many!

    Nymeth - I remember reading your review of The Forgotten Garden, and I don't think you are alone in your feelings. Even though the description sounds appealing to me, too, I'll try The House at Riverton first.

    Anthonynorth - You sound more adventurous in your reading choices than I am!

    C.B. James - Mann is definitely not a 'worst', but more a case of right book, wrong time. I'm sure I'll read him again soon. In fact, The Magic Mountain is on my shelf. I really want to red Buddenbrooks, too.

    Susan B. Evans - My reading taste definitely changes with the seasons! I didn't like The Reader all that much, either.

  15. BookPsmith - I think I'll be leaving Italy and heading back home. Maybe a quick detour to Cape Cod - I bought Richard Russo's That Old Cape Magic today!

    Savidgereads - I think Death in Venice was just not suited to my mood at the moment. I'll probably give it another try... but not in the middle of summer!

    Darlene - Funny how we can be such mood readers. You may love that book in February!

    Zetor - Non-fiction that's too dry would be disappointing to me, too.

    Nikola - I think it was more my mood (and the hot weather)...I wouldn't be discouraged from reading Death in Venice. I'll pick it up another time.

    Fleurfisher - That exactly right! My next 'vacation destination' may be Cape Cod.

    Bokunosekai - Book blogging has definitely helped me choose better books!

  16. I really haven't read any books that fit under "worst" either. I guess it's because I'm very selective in what I read.

  17. I've never read this author but sometimes the book and how you feel at a current moment just don't coincide. Since I've been book blogging I haven't really read any BAD books...that's because all of you guys are so great!!!

  18. I read Mann's The Magic Mountain a few years ago, and I think I stopped at a strange place, like 25 pages from the end. I kind of liked it, but I guess I ran out of steam.

  19. Yvonne - Selective is good...seems like we never have enough time to read all we want, so why waste the time on bad books?

    Staci - You're right - with all the great recommendations from our blogging buddies, the number of bad books read is waaay down!

    Charley - Wow...just 25 pages from the end?? Do you think you'll end up finishing? That's one that I'd like to read.


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