Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Daughter #1

Our oldest daughter is nineteen today! But she is away at college, so I won't be there to see her blow out the candles. This is a first for me - not being with one of my children on their birthday. No balloons, no cake baking, no birthday dinner and family party. Instead, I've sent off a box of presents (they arrived a day early, but she promised not to open them until today) and will rely on the dining service to deliver the chocolate cake. We called this morning to sing happy birthday. I think she was in class, so we left a musical message - further proof of her parents' dorkiness.

I'm sure we will talk to her later today...but this is another reminder that our lives are changing as the kids get older. We are proud of the young women our girls are growing into, yet it's bittersweet. The twins will be sixteen in a couple of months. Two more to teach how to drive and then learn to accept the increased independence it will give them. It seems like yesterday that they got on the school bus for the first time...


  1. OH JoAnn - she is beautiful!

    I understand those mixed emotions. We want them to grow up and be independent young adults, but it is so hard to let go. I know she appreciated the gifts, the cake, and mostly, the love.

  2. Thanks, Molly. She had a good day yesterday, but said it wasn't 'as big a deal' as it is as home.

  3. Your daughter is so beautiful. My son is 18, but he will not be going off to college next year as school is one of his least favorite things. Imagine, I've a Masters in education and 24 years teaching. I hope that doesn't reflect on his disinterest! Anyway, the best to her, and I commend your courage in letting her be so independent.

  4. Such a pretty girl. It is bittersweet to see our children grow up.


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