Sunday, September 26, 2010

TSS: Reading at a Snail's Pace

Here we are again. Another Sunday, another week without finishing a book. Yes, life is getting the best of me this month but, to be fair, I'm reading some very long books.

First is a read-along of Bleak House by Charles Dickens hosted by Amanda at The Zen Leaf. This is a great book, but my Penguin Classics edition has 989 pages! Around page 400, I'm enjoying Dickens characters immensely and am eagerly waiting for their stories to be woven together. I'm tackling Bleak House as a combination read/listen and that's working well for me. The read-along officially wraps up at the end of October. My wrap-up will likely coincide with the end of the year.

Second is my book club selection - Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. The meeting was Friday but, since I still have 150 pages left, I decided not to attend. This could very well end up on my list of favorites for the year!

On the horizon:

Our new book club selection is The Irresistible Henry House by Lisa Grunwald. I don't know much about this one. Have any of you read it? My hold has been placed and, hopefully, it will arrive in plenty of time.

Frances is hosting a Madame Bovary read-along next month. A new translation by Lydia Davis was recently released and it's received some excellent reviews. I'm really looking forward to revisiting this classic. Will you be joining us? My copy arrived on Friday... one of the highlights of a very trying week. Thanks so much, Frances!

Now it's off to the couch with Cutting for Stone in my lap and football on TV in the background. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Madame Bovary arrived at my house too. She does get around!

  2. I still need to order Madame Bovary, I can't wait for the read-along!

    As for Cutting for Stone, I'm so happy you think it might be a favourite. It is among my favourites of the year as well. (I think I must've said this on every one of your posts the last few weeks?)

  3. First off, thanks for linking to my new blog!!

    Second, I love your new header!!!!!

  4. Enjoy your day of reading! I'm catching up on blogs, reading, baking, and watching the Lions with my son..perfect fall day!

  5. Some ambitious reading. I love Bleak House and am also a fan of Madame Bovary. I have not read a really big book in a long time. I'm thinking about starting one as a New Year's resolution.

  6. A friend is going to lend me Cutting for Stone so I can take my time with it. Have a great week, JoAnn

  7. So glad you're enjoying Bleak House (it is a favorite); hope the new translation of Madame Bovary is as wonderful as it is said to be. Haven't heard of Cutting for Stone, so I'll look forward to your comments on it!
    Have a great week, JoAnn!

  8. I so love the change of seasons as evidenced by your blog headers :)

    Have a great week in books JoAnn.

  9. You are definitely reading some chunksters! Don't be bothered by not finishing a book this week!

  10. I fell so hopeless behind on the Bleak House readalong that I had to drop it. But I really hope to finish it at some point. Dickens really did write great characters.

  11. I'm glad your book club will be reading The Irresistible Henry House - it's one of my favorite novels of this year and I feel that it hasn't gotten enough attention. (I reviewed it earlier in June.) The premise is fascinating and it's an affecting story. I hope you enjoy it!

  12. Oh -- those changing leaves are just stunning!!

    You are doing far better with reading than I am this month. I have yet to find a fiction novel to hold my attention (which is highly unusual) - but I have read a few non-fiction books on writing.

    I hope you have a stress-free week, JoAnn!

  13. This is reading to be proud of! I know I have to read Cutting for Stone at some point. I know it is wonderful. I cannot read fast enough. I feel like I am in MUD.

  14. Amy - LOL! Isn't the cover gorgeous?

    Iris - I'm so glad you'll be reading along with Madame Bovary! What I need to do is turn off my computer for a couple of days and just finish Cutting for Stone. My mother loved it, and she tells me I haven't even gotten to the really good part yet.

    Amanda - You're welcome... the new blog looks great!

    Staci - I didn't get nearly as much reading in as I'd hoped, but still had a perfect fall day. Hope you did, too.

    C.B. James - My tbr pile is loaded with really long books these days. I have to get away from the need to finish a book every week and just read them!

    Gavin - Cutting for Stone would have been a perfect vacation book. I would love to sit and read it all day. Hope you like it, too!

    DS - Bleak House is wonderful! I love Dicken's characters and I think he does, too! Can't wait to get started on Madame Bovary. Hope all is well with you.

    Diane - I'm glad you like the new fall theme! Have a great week.

    Stephanie - I have so many chunksters on my tbr pile that I may need to dedicate a year solely to reading them!

    Lisa - Aw, I'm sorry you won't be able to read Bleak House with us. I think you'll like it when you do get to it though.

    Florinda - I just found your review of the Irreistible Henry House and now can't wait to read it. Thanks for letting me know!

    Molly - The leaves are finally starting to change and it is so beautiful right now. We're hoping to take a ride into the Adirondack Mountains next week when the leaves are peaking. Hopefully, I'll get some reading in too!

    Sandy - I hope you can make time for Cutting for Stone... and I hope I can make time to finally finish it!

  15. Madame Bovary, huh? Scary!

    I know how you feel about reading at snail's pace. I can't remember the last book I finished--I guess Animal Farm at the end of August? I had really hoped to do some major damage on Brothers K and finish it this week, but I'm not sure that will happen. Can't wait to finish that beast!

    Hope you're having (had) a really lovely weekend.

  16. I didn't have a chance to pick my book up all weekend and have had several chunksters in a row so I can well relate.

    Such a pretty cover on Madame Bovary!

  17. Trish - This will be a reread of Madame Bovary. I liked it well enough, but am curious to see how the new translation compares.

    Darlene - Isn't that cover of Madame Bovary just gorgeous? So much nicer than the old paperback I had...

  18. oh, i would've loved to join in the Madame Bovary readalong! I'll try seeing if the library has a copy I can check out...

    Not read either Cutting for Stone or Bleak House, although I do want to read both. Almost envy you now...

    New header's nice - very apt for the time of the year!!

  19. Anothercookiecrumbles - Hope you find a copy of Madame Bovary! The group read starts Thursday, but I may not be ready to post initial thoughts. Frances is planning Part 2 and 3 posts the following two Thursdays. I got sidetracked this weekend with The Irresistible Henry House for my book club.


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