Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quote of the Week: Cutting for Stone

"Dr. Stone. Your patient," she said to the man who everyone believed to be my father, putting in his hands not only the life of a woman he chose to love, but our two lives - mine and my brother's - which he chose to hate." (page 49)

The above quote is a great teaser, but the following passage provides a better indication of the writing quality.

"The sight of that plain, weathered face pressed against the glass, the wet cheeks, the interlocking fingers... it was for Harris more powerful than anything she said. Here was a woman who could give up the restrictions of her order when it stood in the way. From her lips had come the kind of fundamental truth which, because of its simplicity, was unspoken in a church like Harris's where internecine squabbling seemed to be the purpose for the committee's existence, as well as a manifestation of faith. It was a small blessing that an ocean separated the doers like Matron from their patrons, because if they rubbed shoulders they'd make each other very uncomfortable" (page 188)

by Abraham Verghese

My book club meeting is Friday and I'm reading as fast as I can. This is an excellent book!

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  1. I'm not sure how many times I need to read about this book before I cave and read it. I think the thickness of the book has held me back so far, but I need to get over that. I thought about recommending it for my literary book club. Let me know what you think when you have finished!

  2. I am glad to hear it is good. I keep meaning to pick it up. I hope the book club meet goes well.

  3. I've seen this book a few times at the bookstore and have been tempted to buy it...after reading your teaser and other excerpt I think I need to just get it!

    Here's my teaser.

  4. This sounds good...I've been hearing about this book! Hope you're enjoying it.

    Here's mine:

    Click my name....

  5. I haven't heard about this book before but the teaser sounds interesting. I hope you get it read in time :)

    Here's my Tuesday Teaser

  6. Great teaser. This looks like a very good book and I hope you're enjoying it. My teaser is at The Crowded Leaf.

  7. We just had this at our bookclub and are fortunate to have an Indian member so we discussed it over samozas and curried chicken over rice. Great book and great food!

  8. I'll be interested to see how your book club enjoys Cutting for Stone. I want to read it but I have a feeling it is not a book my book club would enjoy.

  9. Sounds like a great read for sure. Loved the quotes you shared. Have fun with your group discussing this one.

  10. I've not read this yet, but it has had such good reviews that I guess I should add it to the list. *groan* That's one downside to book blogging isn't it? The ever-expanding TBR list. :)

  11. So glad you're enjoying it!

  12. Sandy - Go read this book now!! It's great.

    Diane - I thought it was your favorite last year! Can certainly understand why.

    Vivienne - I don't think I'll finish by Friday and am trying to decide whether I should still go or not...

    Kristin - You do! :-)

    Laurel-Rain Snow - This is a great book... just wish I had more time to read right now.

    TheBookishSnob - I hope so too, but it isn't looking very promising.

    Alayne - I wish I was on vacation right now so I could sit and read this all day long!

    E.J.Stevens - thanks!

    Rhadsodyinbooks - That sounds like a delicious meeting!!

    Stephanie - I've only spoken to one member of the group and she loved it. Will be curious to see wha the others think, too.

    Staci - Oh, it is! JUst couldn't stop at one teaser today ;-)

    Violet - Before blogging, I usually had one or two books I wanted to read next. Now I have a couple shelves full and literally hundreds on my wish list.... definitely the downside of blogging!!

    Iris - Thanks, It is a fabulous book!

  13. I have been hearing so much about this book lately, but it's so long. :( With the readalongs I've been doing terribly with longer books and I don't think I could even commit to the really long audio. Wishlist for one day...

    See you're reading Bleak House! Couldn't keep away from the readalongs, huh? We're still talking about Odyssey for November but not completely sure yet.

  14. Trish - This IS a long book and when combined with Bleak House, it feels like I haven't finished a book in ages! I do love read-alongs, but don't think The Odyssey is for me :-(

  15. This is one of those books that I know I must read, that I know I will love yet somehow I cannot bring myself to read it. I guess I just feel as if I have to be in the right mood to read it and so far, the mood hasn't come. I pitched it to my book club and they shot it down.

  16. Ti - It is a long book (over 650 pages)! I'm surprised my book club went for it.


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