Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sunday Salon... from Times Square

Good morning from Times Square! This isn't my photo (forgot to pack the camera cord!), but you get the idea. Twin A is awaiting confirmation that her school trip to Poland is officially cancelled, Daughter #1 is attending a seminar at the NY Times tomorrow, and we're enjoying the city in the meantime. Last night's show was amazing. The Strand bookstore is on today's agenda...

Books packed:
The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter
Tinkers by Paul Harding

Reading done:

I'll check in again for Wuthering Heights Wednesday. Have a great week!


  1. Oh I can't wait to hear about The Strand:) Enjoy!

  2. The Strand? Love it! You will be top priority in my reader until I see what you picked up. Beware, JoAnn! You might wind up shipping cases of books home. Happy book shopping (and all the other fun too)!

  3. I hope to get to New York at the end of the year, so I can't wait to hear about The Strand. I am sorry that your daughter's trip might be cancelled, but it sure seems weird in England with no planes flying overhead.

  4. The Strand bookstore is lots of fun. There used to be a book kiosk in Union Square very close to The Strand. It's fun as well. The Strand proved to be too much for me last time I was there.

    For other bookish thrills, check out the main library branch. The lions in the entryway are worth the trip.

  5. Have loads of fun! :) And happy reading!

  6. HOpe you have an awesome time in NYC. Bummer about the canceled school trip.

  7. I have heard about that bookstore! Its reputation precedes it! I'm so sorry to hear about the school trip. I've been everywhere in Poland, and it is a beautiful and historically rich country. My husband, who is Polish, has really been knocked off his axis over this whole thing.

  8. Have a wonderful time in NYC, JoAnn, and enjoy The Strand (that place is legendary!)

    Enjoy both Tinkers and The Magic Toyshop :)

  9. I hope you are having great fun in NYC. Oh, The Strand, I am envious! I can't wait to read what you think of Tinkers.

  10. Enjoy the city and The Strand!! Hope you have room in the suitcase for all those books!

  11. Oh Joanne, hope u r having a wonderful time. I love The Strand. We plan to visit NYC in May or June.

    BTW...I brought home Tinkers on Friday from the Library --enjoy. (Hope I get to read it before it is due :)

  12. Grrrr, I wanted so badly to go to NYC for spring break. But no, we're going to Disney World. I don't want to go to Disney World. Oh, how I envy you right now.

    I'm sorry about your daughter's trip. My school canceled our Travel Club's trip to Spain and France due to 9/11 so I know how she feels.

  13. Oooh, The Strand! Have a marvelous time!

  14. What a shame about the trip to Poland. I'm sure there are a lot of disappointed travelers right now. :(

    I've been to NYC three times and loved each visit! Have a great time at The Strand.

  15. So sorry about her trip..was it due to the volcanic ash in the atmosphere???

    I want to visit The Strand one day too!

  16. Oh dear, too bad about the trip but how lovely that you're enjoying yourself...and how could you not! Looking very forward to the report once you get back.

  17. What fun! Have you been to NYC before? I guess I'm clueless because I haven't heard of The Strand before, so I look forward to your report as well.

  18. Wow, you're in New York. I'm so jealous. Hope you're having a great time!

  19. Book Psmith - We're home now and I've decided The Strand deserves its own post!

    Nymeth - Thanks, we did!

    Frances - The Strand was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I only had about 30 minutes going back for sure!!

    Vivienne - Hope you end up going to New York. It's quite a city! My daughter's trip was eventually cancelled. We met many stranded travelers during our stay!

    C.B. James - The main library branch will be a stop on my next visit. My oldest daughter may be in NYC all summer... internship and living in NYU dorms.

    Kals - Thanks!

    Beth F - New York was great!

    Sandy - The Poland trip was cancelled. They're looking into rescheduling for the summer, but I'm not sure it'll happen...

    Paperback Reader - I'm going through reading withdrawal at the moment... haven't picked up a book since Friday! Hope to change that today.

    Gavin - I'll have to move Tinkers to the top of the renewals on that one!

    Booksnyc - Loved The Strand and the city... haven't spent much time there since the late 80's, early 90's and was pleasantly surprised.

  20. Diane - Haven't read at all since last Friday, and no renewals on Tinkers... better get going. Hope you get to NYC!

    E.L. Fay - Oh, no....not Disney World!! I hate theme parks!! My daughter's trip was cancelled and I told her about your experience with 9/11. Another local school got as far as NY and returned home.

    Softdrink - Oh, I did...

    Les - We met a family of 5 from Scotland that can't get home until early May. Lots of stranded travelers in NYC last weekend...

    Staci - The Strand was just amazing! The school is hoping to reschedule the trip for summer... first we'll need to see how much gets refunded!

    Vasilly - Thanks, you too!

    Darlene - Thanks, we did!!

    Darlene - Hope to get a post on the trip up soon.

    Kim - I've been to New York several times, but haven't spent time there since late 80's... it's definitely changed for the better!

    Susi - Thanks! We're home again and had a fantastic time.

  21. I love The Strand and set aside time everytime we go to NYC. Looks like a fun trip!

  22. Stacybuckeye - This was my first trip to the Strand, but it looks like it won't be my last. My oldest daughter got an internship in the city this summer, so we'll be visiting at least a couple more times.


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