Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays - June 2

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.  Anyone can play along!  Here's how it works:

- Grab your current read 
- open to a random page
- share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page (avoid spoilers!)
- be sure to include the title and author, so other TT participants can add the book to their tbr list if they like your teaser

My teaser is from The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry.  Since I just started reading last night, the teaser is from the beginning of the book, and I've included three sentences, instead of two:

"I am completely alone, there is no one in the world that knows me now outside of this place, all my own people, the few farthings of them that once were, my little wren of a mother I suppose in chief, they are all gone now.  And my persecutors are gone in the main, I believe, and the reason for all this is that I am an old, old woman now, I may be as much as a hundred, though I do not know and no one knows.  I am only a thing left over, a remnant woman, and I do not even look like a human being no more, but a scraggy stretch of skin and bone in a bleak skirt and blouse, and a canvas jacket, and I sit here in my niche like a songless robin - no, like a mouse that died under the hearthstone where it was warm, and lies now like a mummy in the pyramids."  (page 4)

I love this lyrical writing and can't wait to get back to the book this evening!


  1. Great teaser. Look forward to your thoughts.

  2. I loved this book - hope you do too.

  3. That is lovely. I've been pondering this book and now you have definitely sold it to me!

  4. I read this book a while ago.Good teaser.

  5. Fabulous! Don't you just love it when a book is so darn good that you can't wait for your day to wind down so you can pick up where you left off.

  6. Great teaser! I have to take a closer look at this book!

  7. Nise' - I want to finish the book this week, but with so much going on I may not be able to.

    Jacqueline - She does seem lonely so far. We'll see what happens...

    BooksPlease - The writing is so beautiful that I can't imagine not liking the rest of the book.

    Fleurfisher - I'm glad! I've had this for months now and am happy to finally get started.

  8. Zetor - I've got a couple of his other books on my wish list, too. Have you read anything else by Barry?

    Darlene - I love having a good book to look forward to. If only I could get by with a little less sleep...

    Ladybug - Thanks for visiting. This book seems to have gotten lots of good reviews...check it out!

  9. I can tell this is a very good book. Let us know when you review!

  10. That teaser sounds sad, yet it also sounds really profound. I'm so glad you're enjoying the book. Very good teaser.

    My own is at Bookishgal.

  11. Book Bird Dog - Hopefully next week for a review!

    Phyl - I am enjoying it so far; it's just about time to settle in with a book for the evening now!

  12. That is such a good teaser. I can't wait to see your review for this book.

  13. I loved this teaser, I agree that the writing is lyrical. I haven't heard of this book until now. I can't wait for your final review to see if I should add it to my wish list. My guess from the teaser is that I will. :D

  14. Dar - Hopefully next week for the review!

    Icedream - No reading time last night and Twin B's concert tonight, so no reading time again today. This is such a busy time of year! If you like the writing style of the teaser, you should like this book.


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