Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Persephone Passages: Someone at a Distance

Dorothy Whipple is arguably one of Persephone's most popular authors. Six titles are currently available but, if Thomas had his way (see his wonderful letter), many more would be reissued.

It only took Someone at a Distance to make a fan of me. In the spirit of Teaser Tuesdays, I've decided to post a few of my favorite passages.

"To live dangerously became the most exciting of games to Louise. The double life she led, the lies she told, the necessity of deceiving, became almost second nature to her... Also, her inclination to despise people had been fostered by finding them so easy to deceive. They were stupid to be so gullible. If you were clever enough - and she was - you could get away with anything." (page 134)

"These women were old, time had softened them, they had learned something from loss, helplessness, loneliness; they knew almost anything can happen to anybody. They were kinder than when they were young." (page 359)

"Life is like a sea, sometimes you are in the trough of a wave, sometimes on the crest. When you are in the trough, you wait for the crest, and always, trough or crest, a mysterious tide bears you forward to an unseen, but certain shore." (page 413)

At the end of the week, I will be placing a Persephone order (Sunday is Mother's Day here in the US). You can be certain another Dorothy Whipple title will be included. Now if I could only decide which one... Are you a member of "Team Whipple"?


  1. Team Whipple! Team Whipple! Team Whipple! Yay!

    I've just realised whilst commenting on another Whipple post that I haven't read any of her books in over a year, which is something I really need to rectify soon. I loved They Were Sisters.

  2. I have Someone at a Distance on order from Amazon-estimated to be here May 11-it will be my first Whipple and first Persphone book so I am quite looking forward to it

  3. I have only read one Whipple but it is They Were Sisters that I want to read next.

  4. Thank you for brightening up a dull Tuesday at work. And hooray for team Whipple!

  5. I love that last quote. I have yet to read a Dorothy Whipple and think PRW will put an end to that!

  6. Yes I am on the Team! I love Dorothy so much...why aren't all of her books in print?!?!

  7. JoAnn, lovely reading week, isn't it? I'm reading this now, as you know, but not so far in to have read those passages. This is my first Whipple but I'm most interested in The Priory, so I would love it if you purchased that and share your thoughts with us.

  8. Boy do I feel left out! I want to be on Team Whipple too, because it just seems like the place to be! The writing is just beautiful.

  9. This is a popular title--I am reading it as well--my first Dorothy Whipple novel and am sharing a teaser from it later today, too! :) I'm still fairly close to the beginning, but am enjoying it very much!

  10. I'm not a member of Team Whipple yet, but surely it's only a matter of time.

  11. I first used the term 'Team Whipple' around the beginning of the year and am thrilled to see it live on! The whole Team Edward thing is lost on me but this...absolutely!

    So glad that you enjoyed this book, I knew you would! I loved Ellen and Louise is unforgettable for totally other reasons.

  12. I haven't read any Whipple yet :( Not a member of that club yet....

    I'll get 'round to it soon... in the mean time, I'll be looking out for all the Whipple posts during Persephone week! :)

  13. Paperback Reader - It's certainly time for you to read another Whipple ;-) They Were Sisters is one of the two I'm considering for my next purchase.

    Mel U - You are in for a double treat... Persephone and Whipple. Enjoy!

    Book Psmith - They Were Sisters will likely be my next choice.

    Fleurfisher - So happy to brighten your day. Go team Whipple!

    Joan Hunter Dunn - You'll be wanting to place a Whipple order before the week is out, I'm sure! Thanks for visiting.

    Bookssnob - I think we need to start a blogger movement to get more of her books reissued!

    Claire - The Priory and They Were Sisters are the two titles I'm considering. Since it's Mother's Day this weekend, I may ask for both!

    Sandy - Why not join the team? I was shocked to find a copy of Someone at a Distance in my library system. I ended up buying another at B&N for my mother, too.

    Danielle - I have a feeling you're going to love it! Thanks so much for visiting.

    Nymeth - We need to get you on the team - soon!

    Darlene - Such a perfect term! It seems to have taken on a life of it's own. Yours may have been the first review I saw of this book...

    Anothercookiecrumbles - I have a feeling you may be joining the team soon :-)

  14. I am a fully signed up team member! I loved Someone at a Distance so much.

  15. Bloomsbury Bell - Hurray! Another member for Team Whipple...

  16. Sounds lovely! Have this one in the queue but who knows if I will get to it this week. Optimistically (foolishly??) picked 5 books for the week. Now laughing thinking about it. But I loved my first choice - Cheerful Weather for the Wedding. Happy reading of the divine Ms. Whipple!

  17. If loving the quotes you shared is all it takes to join Team Whipple, I'm in. Beautiful writing. I've been lusting for a Persephone of my own and this looks like a good one. I love the cover.

  18. I've yet to read anything by Whipple, but like Ana I'm sure that once I do I'll become a member of the team ;)

  19. Frances - I'm so happy you loved your first Persephone.. You're in for a treat when you get to Whipple!

    Margot - This is one Persephone that isn't as hard to find in the US. I bought it at B&N... they seem to carry a lot of the 'classics' series.

    Irisonbooks - I'm sure that when you pick up one her books, you'll be on the team ;-)


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