Friday, May 29, 2009

Library Loot - May 29

Library Loot is a weekly event hosted by Eva and Alessandra that encourages bloggers to share the books they've checked out of the library.

My trip to the library, thankfully, yielded a number of slim, fast reads. This will hopefully allow me to stay on track with scheduled reads and enjoy a few diversions!

by Alan Bennett
This book has been in my hands so many times at B&N, but a few mentions around the blogoshere this week prompted me to finally pick it up.  I read 20 of its 120 pages last night, and know I'll want to read the rest of this delightful book in a single sitting! 

Familiar Essays by Anne Fadiman
Her previous essay collection, Ex Libris, and her book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down were both wonderful.   I plan to read a couple essays from this book as part of the 2009 mini-challenges.  

Finally, a couple more graphic novels. Both of these were recommended by Claire at Kiss a Cloud. Reading these will complete my graphic novel experiment.

by Marguerite Abouet & Clement Oubrerie
This is Abouet's story of an Ivory Coast childhood set in the 1970's.

by LAT

Kamung Boy is about Mat, a Muslim boy growing up in rural Malaysia in the 1950's where traditional life in the village (kampung) is rapidly changing.

What did you bring home from the library this week?


  1. Great Loot! I've been wanting to read The Uncommon Reader but my library doesn't have a copy yet (I may have to request it). I haven't read Anne Fadiman's work yet but she's another author I want to try.

  2. I really enjoyed The Uncommon Reader and glad to know you are too. I have read Fadiman's Ex Libris but not this one...I'll have to put in on the list. Enjoy your loot:)

  3. Icedream,
    I was surprised that my library didn't have The Uncommon Reader, so I ordered it through interlibrary loan. The essays on books and reading found in Ex Libris would be a great introduction to Fadiman's work!

  4. BookPsmith,
    I hope to spend this evening with The Uncommon Reader. At Large and At Small looks like an interesting collection - she even has an essay about ice cream in there!

  5. Yay for Aya and Kampung Boy! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did (especially Kampung Boy, which I really really loved). :D

  6. I loved The Uncommon Reader--it was my first book of the new year this year. At Large and At Small is on my nightstand for the same challenge as you--hmm...maybe I will spend time this weekend reading out of that one!
    Great loot--and I just have to say your header picture makes me want to walk right out of this office, pull my kids out of class and go the lake! :) Our temps are creeping into the low 80's today--glorious!

  7. Claire - Thanks for the recommendations. I'm looking forward to them!

    Kim - Can't wait to relax with The Uncommon Reader later! Updating the header picture is on my agenda, too. Things are a lot greener now, and the sailboats will be out soon.

  8. I absolutely loved The Uncommon Reader when I read it last year. In some ways it is such a simple idea but it is done perfectly I think.

  9. The Uncommon Reader is a delight! Alan Bennett wrote the introduction for Deborah Devonshire's latest book, Home to Roost, and I absolutely can not wait to read it for both authors.

  10. I picked up Aya, too. I'll add Kampung Boy. Happy reading.

  11. Karen - I agree! I finished The Uncommon Reader last night and just loved every word.

    Darlene - I don't know how I've missed Alan Bennett until now. I'll have to look up Deborah Devonshire's book.

    Susan - Thanks. The graphic novels I've read so far have been such fun. I hope you enjoy these two, too!

  12. I've got to get to The Uncommon Reader! Great loot.

  13. I'm joining in the chorus of "I loved The Common Reader" and I want to try Anne Fadiman, but sadly the library has nothing in stock. Great loot!

  14. Nise' - It was wonderful! I hope you get to it soon.

    Fleurfisher - Glad to hear you loved it, too! I hope your library gets some Anne Fadiman soon :-(

  15. Loved The Uncommon Reader! And Aya was a neat read as well. :) That Kumpan Boy book looks interesting.


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