Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: London Pub

...for Zelda (my greyhound)


  1. That is such a cool sign..I want one!! that would be perfect at your house!!

  2. Did you want to creep up there at night and take it for a souvenier? Boy, do I love British pubs. Love them.

  3. Oh, you desperately must have wanted to have a cuddle with Zelda when you saw that!

  4. That is a great sign. How did Zelda do being away from you while you were in London?

  5. Perfect! Hope you went inside, and had a grand time.

  6. And a yummy drink to get inside the pub! It is a very cool sign.

  7. Staci - Wish they sold copies of the sign inside...

    Sandy - That thought did occur to me ;-)

    Darlene - I sure missed her, but was glad she was home with Grandma and not at the kennel!

    Carol - We rescued a retired greyhound last spring, so the sign had special meaning for us.

    Diane - My parents stayed here with the twins and Zelda, so she was happy to avoid the kennel. Her reaction when we got home was priceless!

    DS - Unfortunately we walked by with plans to return, but never got there :-(

    Trish - It looked like such an inviting place, but it wasn't quite time for us to stop. We planned on going back, but you know how that goes...

  8. I like this sign & photo mucho. Maybe you'll get to stop in on your next visit.

  9. Lee - I hope so! We had intentions of going back, but just never got there.


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