Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The View from my Window

... after yet another winter storm.

Look closely for the fence on the right.

A deer in search of food steps up from the frozen lake.

She spots me in the window.

An old cedar becomes a snack for two.

Spring seems so far away...


  1. Oh JoAnn! In the city it feels like Spring is coming...mainly because the snow has largely melted. I can't believe it's still so snowy upstate! You poor things. Spring isn't toooo far away I hope!

  2. I would hate all that snow, but your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I wouldn't like the snow, though!

  4. So much snow! We just wouldn't cope over here.

  5. your snow shovels must be worn out! Hopefully, you'll see spring real soon. Hang in there, Tootsie!

  6. Oh, you have it bad! We're having a snowfall here at the moment but nothing like what's going on there.

    I was expecting a view from your window in London!

  7. Rachel - It looked like spring in London, too... which made this week's storm even harder to take :-(

    Carol - Thanks, it is pretty here now... but I'm ready for spring!

    Judith - I'm definitely ready for winter to be over now!

    Viv - It felt like spring in London (at least toward the end of the week) - it was so nice to see flowers in bloom!

    Kaye - I actually broke one of the snow shovels Monday and REFUSE to replace it until next winter!

    Darlene - I will post about our trip... we had a beautiful view of Kensington Palace and gardens from our hotel room!

  8. It seems like it will never quit coming!

  9. Gorgeous snow that you have deer nearby.

    You probably wouldn't want to see my photos of spring blossoms, would you?

  10. Oh you poor woman! We are finally seeing signs of spring in DC and the cherry blossom prognosticators are saying the end of March. All that snow is pretty though. And peaceful.

  11. Stunning photos - and beautiful nature story simply told. I am sorry that Spring seems so long in coming. We had 38 degrees today -- but supposed to reach 65 degrees on Friday. Go figure!

  12. I'm so sorry!!! We've had snow this week too, but not NEARLY that much!

    I can't wait to hear about your London adventures!

  13. I agree--you pictures are gorgeous, but a little snow goes a long way for me. We have buds on the trees popping out in Seattle. I posted a picture of the sky on my lunch break yesterday--it still doesn't look totally spring-ish here. We have 10 rain/wind storms lined up to hit over the next 11 days--very stormy and blustery. Spring will come eventually--look how fast this year is speeding by-- March already!
    Curl up with a good book and tea, and enjoy your excuse to stay in!

  14. Yup! Just about the same here. We haven't seen 'our' deer in quite a while. We're hoping they are at the next neighbors' place. He has a whole bunch he feeds.

  15. Beautiful photos. Amazing the way the doe looked right at you. We have given up snow for rain here, but it is still winterish more than springish.
    Stay warm and cozy!

  16. Awww. I love the pictures especially the deer. That is a ton of snow. Keeping my fingers crossed that spring comes soon.

  17. JoAnn, the photos are gorgeous. It is just too bad that their not from December, but (2) weeks before Spring.

    I so miss seeing deer; we use to have frequent visitors at our other place. I always felt bad in winter for them are would leave apples etc...LOL

    BTW...hope your trip was awesome.

  18. The pictures are beautiful, though I can imagine how tired you must be of snow by now!

  19. Nise' - I'm hoping this is winter's last hurrah!

    Laurel-Rain Snow - I'd love to see photos of your blossoms, but they would make me very jealous;-)

    Frances - DC is SO beautiful at cherry blossom time!! Wish I had a trip planned this year...

    Molly - This weather is crazy! Today we have rain, but it will be a long time before all this snow melts.

    Read the Book - I'll post about my London adventures and book purchases on Sunday.

    Kim - A good book and tea are perfect for weather like this! I know spring will get here eventually...

    Nan - I figured the view from your window would be pretty similar ;-)

    DS - I think she knew I was taking her picture. We're definitely inching toward spring, but I'm wishing for leaps!

    Vasilly - The deer are beautiful, but getting very bold in search of food.

    Diane - I love looking out and seeing deer... wish I'd had the camera ready when three or four were running across the ice yesterday.

  20. Nymeth - Yes, I'm sick of winter....especially after seeing flowers and trees blooming in London. But I know spring will get here eventually :-)

  21. that's some snow. I feel like spring will never get here!

  22. It's funny we live far apart from each other and yet our weather seems so similar. We are yet again getting snow here - another couple of inches probably. Even if it does end, it'll never melt. lol.

  23. Staci - The snow has finally turned to rain... at least we're headed in the right direction now ;-)

    Darlene - That's exactly how I feel!

  24. Amazing photos! Living on the east coast of Australia these images look like a complete fairy tale to me! I can imagine the practicalities are something a little different though...

  25. I'm sorry all that snow has you down but I appreciate your stunning pictures. I'm also looking forward to hearing about the London trip. Hope you had time to visit Persephone Books.

  26. Oh the deer, JoAnn, you have such a lovely world around you. :)

  27. Karen - I can appreciate how all this must look like a fairy tale to you! It is definitely beautiful but, at this time of year, I'm definitely ready for spring!

    Margot - After the big storm on Monday, our temperatures were about freezing for a few days and a lot of snow melted. I'm afraid that 'mountain' may be here until June though!

    Kissacloud - I do have a soft spot for the deer, Claire. They are such beautiful animals...

  28. Oh! That's a long winter you're having!
    I went for a week in Spain and came back to see the sun shining in Ireland. Days are getting warmer, although nights are still a bit chilly. Saying that, weprobably won't be getting a proper summer here...

  29. Em - The temperature has been above freezing most of the week, so those snowbanks are finally beginning to melt.


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