Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clarissa Group Read: October Links

Here is the October collection post for our Clarissa Group Read. If you've written a post for Letters 523 - 533 or have comments on your October reading of Clarissa, please let me know in the comments and I'll add your link.



  1. Hi, JoAnn! Just checking in to be sure all is well...

    1. DS - Sandy barely happened here, just some strong wind and flickering lights. My daughter in NYC lost power and had a difficult week, but it was finally restored around 6 PM Friday. She'll have stories for a lifetime!

  2. Challenging reading choice! Never got around to Clarissa but I'd be interested to read the review. How did you get on with Submission, by the way, I'd quite like to read it.

    1. Nicola - I have stalled in my reading of Clarissa and don't expect to finish before the end of the year. Richardson sure could have used an editor! My book club had a very lively discussion with The Submission yesterday. A very compelling read -it's been years since a novel me think like that. 4/5 stars


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