Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Intro: Every Last One

"This is my life: The alarm goes off at five-thirty with the murmuring of a public-radio announcer, telling me that there has been a coup in Chad, a tornado in Texas. My husband stirs briefly next to me, turns over, blinks, and falls back to sleep for another hour. My robe lies at the foot of the bed, printed cotton in the summer, tufted chenille for the cold. The coffeemaker comes on in the kitchen below as I leave the bathroom, go downstairs in bare feet, pause to put away the boots left splayed in the downstairs back hallway and to lift the newspaper from the back step. The umber quarry tiles in the kitchen were a bad choice; they are always cold. I let the dog out of her kennel and put a cup of kibble in her bowl. I hate the early mornings, the suspended animation of the world outside, the veil of black and then the oppressive gray of the horizon along the hills outside the French doors. But it is the only time I can rest without sleeping, think without deciding, speak and hear my own voice. It is the only time I can be alone. Slightly less than an hour each weekday when no one makes demands."
Every Last One 
by Anna Quindlen

I read the first half of this book on our flight home last Saturday, but haven't been able to pick it up since. The characters are all very real, and somehow familiar, to me. From reading reviews, I know something very horrible and violent will occur soon, possibly within pages of my stopping point, and I will need to read the rest of the book in a single sitting - with plenty of tissues nearby.  That will hopefully happen later today or tomorrow.

On a totally unrelated note... Why are UK covers always so much more appealing than their US counterparts? I would much rather be reading this edition.

Tuesday Intros is hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea.


  1. Ah, this book is a good one. A tragic one and hard to read, but oh, so good. I know how you feel. I kept thinking, OK, now, bring it on, bring it on. LOL

  2. Sounds like any mother's or wife's life. I'd definitely keep reading.

  3. I love Anna Quindlen! She is so incredibly detailed and I always feel completely immersed in her stories. I'm going to have to pick this one up soon.

  4. I've got this one on my stacks and want to get to it. I wonder about the difference in covers too.

    Mine is here.

  5. I actually like the US cover better.

    That paragraph you shared was really good. I wanted to read more of it!

    It's probably taking you awhile to get back to it since you know something bad is going to happen.

  6. When the tragic thing is dangled before me, I almost feel a double-dog dare to read it. Just to see if it is as horrible as everyone makes out. I happen to agree with you...the UK always gets the good covers.

  7. Such a good book overall, but so sad. Good thing you have the tissues handy for the second half.

    My first paragraph is here: Quirky Girls Read

  8. I think the US cover is better in this case, I've seen lots of covers like the UK one.

    The extract you posted has certainly hooked me in!

  9. Kay - Exactly! With so much worry with our dog right now, I couldn't face the impending tragedy today.

    Kaye - It really does! I can definitely identify with that passage.

    Stacy - I love Quindlen, too. Haven't read her last couple of novels, so this almost feels like a reunion!

    Nise' - This is a very quick read that has kept me turning the pages. The cover differences always interest me. I usually prefer the UK versions.

    Ti - LOL! It seems like I avoided the book this afternoon because I knew something bad was about to happen. I'm afraid if I start reading now I'll be up way too late tonight...

    Sandy - So what is it with these covers?? I'm sure there have been marketing studies galore to determine what appeals to the masses, but I seem to favor the UK versions more often.

    Margot - I'm pretty sure I won my copy from you, but just getting around to read it now. My comments on Quirky Girls Read seem to go to spam every time, but I did like your intro today.

    Sam - That's funny! Guess we're both cover outliers in this case :-)

  10. I do like the intro, but I must say that I wasn't thrilled with this book. The mother rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

    I love the UK cover so much more.

  11. I love the intro, except I enjoy the morning darkness. I am now listening to audio books in big part because of your awesome reviews. I can't wait until you post your final thoughts. Another one to add to my iPod!! I'm downloading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand right now!

  12. Yep. This is an incredible book. I gave it a perfect 5/5 in 2010. But it's very sad. I sobbed uncontrollably.

    I like the U.S. hardcover art the best.

    And, I quoted the same passage in my review! :)

  13. Diane - I'll be curious so see how this ends. Right now I'm finding it very readable.

    Staci - I'm so happy you have started listening to audiobooks! I've heard Major Pettigrew is great on audio - the print version was very good. My book club loved it.

    Les - I've been posting opening paragraphs for Tuesday Intos, and thought this one was great. Just pages until the tragedy... I'm almost afraid to pick the book up again. It's good to be reading Quindlen again!

  14. This book is such a tough one. I don't think I was crying; more like sobbing. Such a good book.

  15. Natalie - I got to the tragedy... will have to finish the book right away now.

  16. I haven't read any of Anna Quindlen...but I can relate to wanting to escape for a few minutes, or hours. I don't know how the two covers relate to the story, but visually I like the UK one better, too.

  17. Georgia Girls - Excellent point! I think the US cover actually relates better to the story (I've finished now), but still prefer the UK cover visually.

  18. This is the first time I've come across "Tues. Intro", sounds like a great idea. The paragraph you picked sounds like... umm, the calm before the storm. As for book covers, I agree. The ones we get (here in Canada) are usually different from those in the US and of course, in the UK. I'm looking for a good one right now for The Marriage Plot before I buy it. Don't quite like the cover I see here. ;)


  19. Arti - Diane has been hosting this for a while now. It's an opportunity to highlight the opening paragraph(s) of our current read. I'm not very fond of The Marriage Plot's cover either.

  20. I loved this book. Of course I'm quite find of this author anyhow. I can't wait to read your final thoughts on it.

  21. I agree with you on covers! I think it is maybe because they are not trying to entice book bloggers - they already know we would read it regardless of what is on the cover?
    I've only read AQ's nonfiction but love her writing so I look forward to trying this.

  22. Darlene - I finished the book Thursday and will work on reviews today.

    Care - Quindlen's nonfiction is great! This was quite a story, but I didn't LOVE it like most bloggers.

  23. I really liked this one, I found it incredibly moving in a visceral way. Re the covers, I've found that most of my UK bookish friends usually prefer US covers - the grass is always greener!;-)

  24. Lovely Treez - I'm laughing at your cover comment... there really is something to that 'grass is always greener' theory. After finishing the book, I do think the US cover relates better to the story.

  25. The opening is very good, almost suspenseful.

    I read and reviewed this book last year. I'm sorry to say I didn't care for it. It's very harsh at times and I wasn't really impressed by the mother.

    I am interetsed in what you think about it, JoAnn.

  26. Amy - I didn't enjoy it as much as most bloggers and had a few issues with the mother, too.


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