Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will you take the dare?

Have you heard about The TBR Dare?  James from Ready When You Are, C.B.  says:
"This is not a reading challenge.  It's a dare. 
I dare you to pledge you will read only the books in your TBR (To Be Read) stack for as long as you dare starting January 1, 2011.   
One hour, one day, one book, one week, one month, or until the dare ends on April 1.  (I never make open-ended New Year's Resolutions.  Every goal should have a end date.)"

I've accepted the dare.  A goal has been set -  read from my shelves until April Fool's Day(!). There are surely enough books to last the entire year, and this is only three months...  I can do that, right?

Exceptions will be made for book club selections (unless I can convince the group to read what's already on my shelf) and I will continue to use credits for audiobooks already purchased from

Will you accept the dare?  Details can be found here, then click over here to sign up.


  1. I do think I should be able to last for 3 months on the books I have at home. Over 200, at the moment? But I find it too hard to not buy anything for 3 months. I think. Or at least make it official.

  2. Iris - Not BUYING books is definitely the hard part! But now that you mention it, I realize the dare doesn't say anything about purchasing books ;-)

  3. Wow, this is a great idea -- I always SWEAR I'm going to stop checking out books from the library and just read the stuff off my shelves. I think I need to do this (except for my book groups)

    Can I include books I get as Christmas presents? That could be a LOT.

  4. Karen - I think Christmas books are fine... after all, they will be in your tbr pile by January!

  5. It is great that you are joining in. I signed up for January but if it goes well and I'm not going crazy for library books by the end of the month I plan to continue on!

  6. I should be doing this. But, well, I'm not. Good luck!!

  7. Good luck! I really should do this but I pass the library on my walk home from work and I know I wouldn't be able to resist looking in for too long.

  8. Love your snow photo! I should do the DARE, but I'm planning to be challenge free in 2011. Have fun!

  9. Gavin - We'll see how it goes, but I really need to make a dent in my tbr mountain.

    Softdrink - Oh well, somebody has to keep B&N in business!

    Fleurfisher - If I had to pass the library daily, this dare would be nearly impossible.

    Diane - Thanks, it definitely looks like a winter wonderland around here!

  10. I won't be joining the official dare, but do intend to read more of my own books. Our study bookshelves are newly painted, and I've just spent the past couple days refilling them. I put all our nonfiction there, and was quite astounded at how very, very, very many biographies and other nf we have. I am quite sure I can't possibly live long enough to read them all but it is my own personal little challenge to read more during the day. I'm going to limit my computer time, or make little deals like 1/2 an hour this session, and then read. I love to read so much, and yet I do other stuff too much. Oh, that study also has a great lazyboy to sit in to further entice me. :<)

  11. Nan - Limiting computer time is going to be part of my personal dare, too. It's so easy to get caught up in blogs, comments, etc and before I know it an hour has passed! My bookclub met today and we chose Major Pettigrew's Last Stand for January - a book that is already on my shelf. I'm getting a head start on the dare!

  12. This sounds like such a hard challenge but the more bloggers that I see participating, the more I want to do this! Good luck. I'm cheering you on.

  13. It's something I've been doing informally for awhile as I've built up the most delicious selection over the past couple of years.

    And I absolutely agree with your comment to Nan about limiting computer time. The resigned look on Deacon's face when I sit down at the keyboard breaks my heart.

  14. This is one dare I'm taking; I just hope I'm up to it. Good for you, JoAnn!

  15. You can buy all the books you want. But you can only read the books in your TBR stack as of Jan. 1.

    I should clarify that on the official TBR Dare page.

  16. Vasilly - Thanks!

    Darlene - It seems like I've acquired so many books since starting to blog. Now it's time to focus on reading them!

    DS - I think we'll all be supporting each other for this one. Glad you're joining in!

    C.B. James - If we can still shop for books, it makes the dare a little easier :-)

  17. So glad to see clarification here re: buying books! I have an addiction to library sales and Half Price Books clearance sections that would be hard to ignore. But read books from my TBR pile? Sure!


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